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Author's Note: I wrote a story about the differences between Kelly and little Tony's recitals and decided to do the same thing with McGee and Tony's injuries. As you know Tony had his leg broken by Dr. Pitt during a football game and McGee had to be in the hospital because of his car crash.



Tony sighed as he awoke to another day in the hospital. He had called his father to tell him he was hurt and in the hospital, but he told him that he was busy. A couple of his frat brothers had come to visit him, but no family had ever made their way to see him.

He couldn't believe that his father didn't have the time to come and see him. He shouldn't have been surprised though because his father never made any time for him. He was always too busy to be at his piano recitals, or his football, or basketball games. He remembered the day that he had left him in a hotel room in Hawaii. His father didn't even care that he left a twelve-year-old child alone in a hotel room filled with strangers.

He often wondered what he had done to make his father hate him to not care about him? Why did he hate him so much to disinherited and disown him? All he wanted was to make his father proud of him, but he couldn't even do that right.

Sometimes when the door opened he would turn to see who it was hoping that it was his father, but it never was and he was once again disappointed. He had been a disappointment to his father and he couldn't figure out how not to be one with his father.

He wondered if his father would ever love him, but he thought that he never would. Why would he love a son that he couldn't even bare to be around. He was always sending him to boarding school and camps, so he wouldn't have to care for his young son.

Tony turned to the window watching the birds flutter around in the tree and he could see them chirping because they were happy. He wasn't happy though and he wondered why the birds would be happy when he so clearly was not.


McGee turned from the window and smiled as his Mom, Dad and sister made their way towards the hospital bed. He loved his parents and was glad that he didn't have to be alone in a hospital. He wouldn't know what to do if he was alone by himself with no family around him.

"Hi. Son. How are you feeling today?"

"A little better, Mom."

"That's good."

Sarah was sitting in the chair by the bed. "I can't wait until you get home."

"Yes, Sarah had made a banner for you when you can come back home." His Dad said.

"Thank you, Sarah."

"You're welcome, Tim"

McGee loved his little sister. Yes, sometimes they fought, but they had each other's back. They were brother and sister and they were family. He would do anything for her and she would do anything for him.

They talked a little bit more and then they turned on the TV and watched a movie and then they had to go. His family said goodbye and hugged him and then said that they would be back later in the day and then tomorrow.

When they were gone he turned to the windows and watched the birds chirp and sing. They were happy and so was he. He had lots to be happy about because he had a great family and for that he was glad.