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Chapter 3

Inside the great structure of a house, maids and servants scurried about restlessly. "Interesting," Teirin noted.

She looked up at him with interest, "Where do you stay?" This seemed like a touchy question to him, but he answered anyway. "I stay in the basement." She shot him a terrified look. "Are you an experiment or something here?" He merely shrugged, "Sort of. Tenjoh tries to see my memories at times."

She was frowning now, "How could he do something like that to my Mutsuki? Now, I'm really going to punch that filth in the face." Mutsuki wore a face of annoyance and surprise, "Yours?"

Her whole face flushed red as her hands shot to her mouth, What did I just say? I'm sorry!" He rolled his eyes, "Your room is this way."

They stopped at what seemed like a random door. All of the doors looked alike, large and white with detailed designs. There was an endless hall of doors, so Teirin wondered why they had halted.

Seeming to understand her confusion, Mutsuki opened the door, "This is your room." She almost fell over. "Th- This is inhuman!" her eyes were large. The dark-haired young man sighed, "You're being delusional." He left down the hall, but she didn't watch him. Smiling, she walked into her room. Upon shutting the door, her face melted to a frown.

'I can't believe that he can't remember me.' She put her school bag on one of the exquisite chairs by the door. Clomping over to the other side of the room, she plopped down on the giant soft bed.

Kicking her shoes off, Teirin began to feel sleep drifting over her. Everything suddenly and gradually faded to black. Then, she dozed off. The reason may have been due to the effect of sleeping in a coffin for a while.


"Mutsuki, are you going out?" Mitsuru poked his head out of his study. Mutsuki glared at him, "It's none of your business." The white haired person chuckled, "If you don't find any Arcana cards tonight, it'd be a shame for Lady Anis to have to punish you." Mutsuki simply kept on down the hall. He now donned a dark black high-collared coat over his school uniform. He would soon blend into the dark night.


***All was mixed in black and gray. A short figure, a boy, floated by some buildings in the night. He was grinning and, in the silence, a screech roared, splitting the air.***


Teirin jumped up from her bed in a panic. Sweat dripped from her brow and her skin turned paler than it usually was.

Finding the large bay window in the white and pink colored room, she ripped back the curtains. It was a far ways down to the bottom floor, but she could make it. Gravity defied her jump, letting her land slowly and gracefully as she pleased.

Upon reaching the ground, she sprung up and flew away toward the city. Little did she know that Seiran was watching from behind a bush. His eyes widened at the sight. In awe, he dropped a small box he was carrying and ran away before he was caught.


"Hee-hee!" a masked boy giggled, "She's getting closer." He held his index fingers to his lips, grinning just as he had in her dream.


"Ah," Teirin landed in front of a clothing shop. There were some long coats displayed in the glass. A particular black coat caught her eye. 'I'll borrow it just for tonight.'

The store was closed for the night, so the door was locked. She jiggled the handle anyway with a mischievous look in her eyes. When it wouldn't open, she took out to pins to pick the lock with. It was an easy little task for the young Dark Stalker and she got the coat she needed.

After that, she was on her way to find that figure from her dream. She pulled the coat on and buttoned it up. Once that was done, she floated up to a rooftop and skipped quickly across many others. She went over many houses and occasional stores on the way, keeping track the whole time of where she was.

A jolt of shock made her freeze in her tracks when she heard a voice ahead of her. "Ah, Teirin is here at last." The boy from her dream ascended from the side of a building. "You?" she commanded needles and spears toward him that materialized in the air with a flash.

"Too slow, Darling," he sang as a large skeleton appeared out of nowhere and slapped the weapons away. Teirin frowned, "You killed y family, Yocteau!" He smiled. "But I kept you and Quess alive. I thought you loved me. Why the sudden outburst of anger?" "Shut up! I never had feelings for you, Traitor!"

She began to strike again when the skeleton thrust its hand out, making her fall off the building. "Oops," Yocteau chuckled, watching her fall.

'I'm so winded, I can't even fly!' she thought morbidly. 'I'm going to-' "Oof!"

Long arms wrapped around her, lifting her up before she hit the ground. She kinked her neck to see Mutsuki out of the corner of her eye. They both lifted up and floated lightly.

"Aw, she didn't die," the Gray Rose whined. "She's my toy, Quess. You ruined the fun." Mutsuki held onto her tighter and glared up at his older brother, "She's MINE." The boy began laughing hysterically, "I've never known you were so possessive, Little Brother."

Mutsuki simply kept a straight face as his sibling attacked. "Ha!" the boy stretched his hand forward and the monster did the same. Teirin gripped Mutsuki's jacket, "Watch out! It's moving faster than it looks!" He jumped away, but not in time. He whinced when it slashed into his left arm and part of his face.

Teirin dropped from his embrace and felt that she had regained her ability to fly. She took his other arm over her shoulder and glanced at the skeleton which sent spears at the monster, turning it to dust now.

The two sped off together through the sky toward the Tenjoh residence. Teirin blamed herself for Mutsuki's injury, hoping she could make it better again, somehow.

"I'm sorry, Mutsuki." He didn't respond. The chilled air made Teirin shiver. She hoped they wouldn't freeze to death on the way back and be known as the last of the Dark Stalkers to go extinct from such a stupid thing. Of course, there would still be Yocteau, so they wouldn't be the very LAST of their kind to die.

She shook her head vigorously, 'I can't be thinking dumb things like this. We've got to get back before Mutsuki is in a serious condition.' A tickle on her face made her come back to reality; it was his black hair. She faintly smiled at the memories she recalled from when they were children.


BAM! The door boomed loudly when the Dark Stalker duo entered by the front door. "Ah, get that thing off of my threshold!" Mitsuru told his servants. Mutsuki's wounds were dripping profusely with blood.

"Threshold? You're worried about that? What about Mutsuki?" the girl frowned dangerously at the White Rose. He sighed, "Well, whatever. Just bring him in already." He pouted when they brought Mutsuki past the front door. "My beautiful carpets—ruined…"

Teirin growled as she stomped off with the servants. Mitsuru suddenly pulled her back. "Hey! I have to help take care of him!" she exclaimed. He grinned while cracking his knuckles, "Don't worry. I'll personally take care of healing those wounds." Teirin was fearful, "Your face sure doesn't show it. You look like you want to kill him!" He shook his head, "He'll be just fine. Like I said, don't worry." She watched him leave down the corridor and disappear around a corner.

The girl stood in aggravation, grumbling to herself as she began to wander around. 'Just who is this Mitsuru Tenjoh?' She kept walking up and down the halls, unconsciously counting each identical door as she went.

Without really thinking, she opened a random door. Inside was unbelievable. 'What in the world?' There was a whole room dedicated to the girl she had met at school today. There were wigs, costumes, rugs, curtains, statues, frisbies, dishes, televisions, and all manner of memorabilia related to Anis Yamamoto, as one or two engraved signs in the room displayed. All this filled up the whole room and was piled to the ceiling.

'It's that girl from school! This guy's crazy! Is she his girlfriend or something?' she constantly thought the same thoughts over and over the more she stared. The doors were quickly slammed shut. Now, she was curious about what was behind the other random doors in the mansion. She reached for the handle of one such random door cautiously.


"Why are you so reckless?" Mitsuru stood over the Dark Stalker, "You make this an annoyance for me." Mutsuki grimaced, "Don't go easy on me." Shut up. I definitely won't."

Mitsuru formed a magical healing ring around his hand and it formed more circles and symbols with it, cross-shaped ones among them. First, he began mending the torn flesh on the injured arm.

Mutsuki frowned as it healed. "That wound goes almost all the way to the bone," the healer commented. "Tsk," his opposite scoffed.


"Eh? This is odd…" Teirin hung on the doorpost to look into the dark room. In a far corner of the room was a coffin sitting on its back. She wandered over, closer to it.


***"Mutsuki?" a younger Teirin stood before a younger Mutsuki by a Sakura tree. He looked empathetic as always, "I need to do this, because I care deeply for you." She was surprised, but smiled, "Okay, but let's make a promise to protect each other." She closed her eyes as they both spoke the same lines together, "In one black night, With full moon's light, We stalk the darkness and mist. Chilled young air, Hence will ne'er tear, Our bond of our ancestors. Bodies not of human flesh, Outstanding heights we reach, Never rotting, Never dying, Living on as stone walls we breach."

The memories faded away with her getting into a coffin just before Yocteau came in. She heard some of the others in the room scream as they were killed. She covered her ears and eyes, waiting for her hiding place to be discovered. She suddenly heard Mutsuki come in and yell at his brother. She also overheard a brief conversation that sounded as if Yocteau was defeated. After that, she fell asleep when all went quiet into silence.***


Shocked, she pulled away from the wooden case. 'Mutsuki,' she placed her hand on her face, feeling sad about these memories. "I can't ever forget."

Down a dark hall she walked after leaving the coffin room. She searched for the basement. It had been a couple of hours already since they had returned and she was getting nervous about Mutsuki's condition.

She began to go into one direction when she noticed a barely visible doorway. Following her instincts, she entered the new passageway. Through here, the dark stone walls were gray, which was in great contrast to the building's wide-spread white interior.

Finally, after searching through the dark, she discovered a lone iron door. When she opened it, she was filled with mixed feelings of joy, relief, astonishment, and terror. Was he still alive? She had found what appeared to be his abode. He slept face up, but it wasn't apparent that he was breathing or even amongst the living. He was so pale and still.

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