Japan found himself visiting America several times a month to make sure he was okay. Something kept bothering him as time went on. Alfred would had a panic day where he would stay in his room with the curtains closed and lights turned off, muttering things about terrorists coming into his home. Japan would have to coax his lover out of his panic attack, speaking softly of things he knew Alfred liked and would offer his favorite food and a new video game or even just to sit downstairs and watch an anime together. Most of the time, it would work. When it didn't work, Kiku would lay in bed under the covers with Alfred, letting the worried nation hold him close.

**Deliver Us**

He walked into the kitchen to see Alfred shaking as he was brewing coffee. The withdrawal process was very harsh on him when Japan took away his drugs. Kiku walked over to him, wrapping his arms around his waist and leaning against him. "How are you feeling?" he asked gently.

"Cold," Alfred gasped, wiping sweat from his brow, "and hot…"

Kiku kissed between his shoulder blades. "After you have something to eat, go take a shower. We can go out for a walk to settle your nerves."

Alfred nodded, shaking as he took his mug in hand and poured cream and sugar into the cup. Kiku moved to stand beside him, ready to help him if he needed it. The younger nation grabbed the pot hesitantly, starting to pour the hot liquid into the mug slowly. Kiku smiled when he set the pot down with no problems.

"Have you heard from Matthew-san lately?" Kiku asked, wanting to distract Alfred from his withdrawal problems with conversation.

He shrugged. "He called the other day telling me that the baby is due any day now."

Kiku smiled. "That's wonderful! I'm sure he'll be okay."

Alfred sipped at his coffee slowly, relaxing only a small bit as he closed his eyes. He felt Kiku running his hand over his arm and he smiled weakly. "Can we go to the park?" he asked quietly.

"Hai," Kiku replied, "we can if you want."

When Alfred when to take a shower, Kiku sat in the living room, flipping through channels on the TV, not really watching anything in particular. He heard his phone vibrate before the sound blared from across the room. He got up, walking over to the table to see he was receiving a call from Gilbert.

"Moshimoshi?" he answered, holding the phone to his ear.

"Kiku!" Prussia laughed, "The baby is coming!"

Japan's eyes widened. "Really? How wonderful! I wish you good luck in her birth. Keep us posted!"

"We will!" Prussia cheered, "We will!" He hung up.

**Deliver Us**

Ludwig watched as Italy stood up in the middle of hymn, seeing him feel the voices and song, reacting to it like he always did. The nightmares or visions came regularly; it had been a week since the last one, so they were both waiting for it.

"Liberaci alla terra promessa!" Feliciano sang, lifting his hands into the air in his enlightened state. Ludwig had never seen a person so connected to his faith as he did with his lover. Even Romano was never as deeply connected as Feliciano was. He was at first scared of it, thinking that Italy would leave him for his church. But now, he realized the church gave the Italian a reason to keep his existence; a reason to stay alive in all the times of trouble they faced.

He jumped out of his thoughts when he felt his phone vibrate in his pocket. Quickly, he glanced down as he slid his phone out, seeing it was Gilbert calling him. He slipped out of the pew, almost sprinting to a side room to be able to hear as he pressed the answer button.

"Gilbert, you know I go to church with Fel—"

"The baby is coming!" Prussia laughed, "Today's the big day! My baby is coming!"

"Whoa whoa whoa!" Ludwig coaxed, "Calm down and breathe slowly before you break yourself into two. Now, Matthew is in labor?"

"Ja! Ja!" he cheered, "We're in the hospital now, waiting for the doctor."

"Alright," he said, noticing the church had gone quiet, "well, I need to go back to Feli, keep us updated on Matthew and the baby, okay?"

"Ja, I will!" he chuckled.

When Ludwig returned to the front of the church, he saw the priest standing beside Feliciano as his eyes were closed and muttering very softly in Latin.

"Feli?" the German gasped as he hurried over.

Feliciano didn't respond, still muttering in his ancient language, his body swaying.

"He's been touched by God!" a person cried, "Praise the Lord!"

Ludwig ignored the prayers of the people around him as he spoke gently to Italy in German, trying to coax him to wake up and come back to them. He rubbed his back tenderly, holding and squeezing his hand softly as Feliciano muttered in Latin.

Suddenly the Italian gasped, his eyes focusing and tears flooded and started to stream his face. "L-Ludwig!?" he cried.

"I'm right here," he called gently, cupping his face and making sure that he was the only person Italy was looking at. "What's wrong? What did you see?"

"Death…" he gasped, "destruction…It was horrible!" His fingers found his lover's shirt and clutched desperately, needing to feel anchored. "Ludwig! It was horrible! So much pain and suffering!" He buried his face into Ludwig's chest, starting to sob bitterly.

Ludwig wrapped his arms protectively around Feliciano, holding him close. He pardoned them in Italian, leading his lover to the side room and vanished in the room with him. Feliciano kept sobbing, clinging to Ludwig with a grip of mortal fear. "Shhhh, it'll be okay," he coaxed tenderly, "I'm right here, and we are safe."

"No!" he gasped, "No we aren't!" He looked at him with tear-filled, wide, fearful eyes. "The time is close! The world will destroy itself if we don't find a way to stop it now!" He clutched to Ludwig's shirt, burying his face into the German's chest as he started sobbing. "I wish I knew what to do," he sobbed, "I wish I knew how to end this before our friends start dying! I don't want to lose any of our friends!"

The German started rocking him gently, back and forth, humming softly to the Italian to calm him down. He rubbed his back soothingly, helping Feliciano relax.

"Hey," he whispered, "I have good news."

Feliciano opened his tear-filled eyes, looking up at Ludwig. "What is it?"

Ludwig smiled. "Matthew went into labor, their baby is going to be born soon."

Italy blinked his eyes for a moment before his face lit up. "How wonderful~" he gasped in a shaky voice.

"Gilbert will keep us updated," Ludwig said happily.

"Can we go to see them?" Feliciano asked in a small voice, "I want to see them."

Germany blinked in shock. "Ja ja ja," he said after a stunned moment, "We can leave as soon as we can."

The smaller man nodded, resting his head onto his lover's chest. "Danke," he whispered.

***Deliver Us***

"Here she is!" the female doctor cooed as she carried a wrapped bundle over to the nearly jumping albino, "She's such an easy baby, gave me no trouble."

"That's my awesome daughter!" Gilbert laughed as he took the bundle into his arms. The Prussian went from loose and relaxed to tense and careful. "Wh-whoa!" he gasped, "Sie ist sehr klein!" He looked at the baby, seeing her pale violet eyes looking up at him, big and wide.

Matthew, who was resting in his bed, watched his lover's expression melt from worry to undying love. The Canadian smiled tiredly, relaxing back into his pillow more. Gilbert kissed the baby's forehead gingerly, closing his eyes tightly. "Gilbert?" Matthew called gently, "Are you okay?"

The albino turned to look at his lover, opening his eyes and Canada saw that Gilbert was crying. "The awesome me isn't crying," he laughed, holding their daughter carefully in one arm, "Nein nein nein! I got something in my eyes!"

Matthew chuckled softly. "You can't fool me, Gil."

Gilbert wiped his tears away. "She's so perfect, Birdie!" he gasped, "She's beautiful! A blessing! Mein kleiner Engel!" The Prussian walked over to the bed, carrying the newborn close to his chest dearly as he sat beside his lover.

The Canadian's tired face lit up in joy when he saw the face of his daughter for the first time. The newborn was almost as pale as her father with pale violet eyes and silvery blonde fuzz of hair. She looked between her parents with big eyes, her tiny hands clenching into fists and relaxing. "She's beautiful, Gil," Matthew gasped as he slipped a finger into the baby's palm. Her fingers closed around his own, gripping as tight as she could.

"That's right, little one," Gilbert chuckled, "That's Mutti."

Matthew tenderly pressed his lips to her forehead, whispering lovingly in French. The newborn gurgled softly, her other hand touching her mother's cheek. "Mon ange précieux, Avril.