I'm back! Anyways, this is a tribute to one of the hottest chili peppers in the world: the Naga Viper. I encourage you to punch it in on Google.

This is a Luck-shipping one-shot, only this time it has a twist.

Disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon, Super Mario, or the Naga Viper, but I wish I did. All credits go to the following:

Pokemon: Satoshi Tajiri, Ken Sugimori, Game Freak, Nintendo, and P-USA

Super Mario: Shigeru Miyamoto and Nintendo

Naga Viper: Gerald Fowler (pepper-producing maestro)


"Damn. It's hotter than a magma chamber out here," muttered Lucy. She was currently watering her pepper plants in her garden. She wasn't used to 90+ degrees Fahrenheit, though it was perfect weather for her pepper plants and pineapple bushes. Speaking of pineapple bushes…

"You can come out Brocko." Lucy hollered towards a pineapple bush where Brock was hiding.

"How did you know it was me?" Brock sheepishly responded.

"It's a piece of cake. I can always recognize you and those beautiful eyes of yours," replied Lucy. She was sporting a black Rolling Stones T-shirt with a long beige skirt.

"Um what is that?" Brock pointed his finger at a purplish habanero-like chili pepper.

"This is a Ghost Seviper Pepper. It is a hybrid produced from an Enigma Berry, a Spelon Berry, a Habanero pepper, a Scotch Bonnet pepper, a Bhut Jolokia Pepper, mustard, and horseradish."

"I never knew you were such a connoisseur with spices Lucy." Lucy smiled at Brock's comment.

"My Seviper devours these peppers on a regular basis; they enhance her Flamethrower when she's up against Steel-type Pokemon. You're welcome to try them if you want, but I warn you: it is not candy. I ate one yesterday and it burnt a hole in my stomach. Noland and Tucker had surgery on their esophagi after eating them."

Brock took Lucy's advice … well sort of. He ate only half of the pepper.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAGH!" Brock unleashed a giant fireball at the nearest tree and reduced it to ashes. He then torched 80% of Lucy's pepper garden with a Flamethrower.

Lucy blushed at Brock's reaction and puffy lips. "Have some Moo Moo Milk Brocko. It'll nullify the effects of the capsaicin." Brock snatched the cup of Moo Moo Milk from Lucy's hand and emptied it in one gulp.

"How do you feel now? I told you it was spicy." Lucy told Brock as her Milotic put out the flames.

"I feel much better. Now I know how Ash felt when he ate a Tamato Berry, although this felt like eating 40 of them in less than a minute." He then noticed that Lucy's plants were burnt into charcoal. "Uh, I'm sorry about your pepper plants Lucy."

Lucy chuckled. "You have nothing to be sorry about Brocko. If anything, I am thankful that you reduced my workload. These pepper gardens can be quite a burden, and I already plucked the peppers off of them and stored them." She then stood up and grabbed Brock's arm.

"Come on Brocko. Let's get some milkshakes to cool ourselves down."

2.718 seconds later, Mario appeared out of a vortex.

"Okey-dokey. Now where did Bowser send me?" Mario then noticed a Ghost Seviper Pepper lying next to her.

"Are those-a-mushrooms?" Mario popped the pepper into his mouth.

"Mario! Don't eat it! It burns!" Brock warned Mario in vain.

"MAMA! HOO HAH HOO! WHOA! WHOA!" Mario unleashed multiple fireballs into the air before jumping into a nearby lake and sucking it dry.

'Water only exacerbates the burn.' Lucy thought.

"Mama Mia! That's a spicy meat-a-ball!" Mario shouted as Lucy's Milotic refilled the lake.

"You said it Mario." Brock told him.

"I-a-am-a-out-a-here." Mario hopped into another vortex to return to Mushroom Kingdom.

Brock and Lucy went off to drink milkshakes.

To be continued...

N.B.: Capsaicin is the substance in spicy foods and chili peppers that burns the tongue.

Mario: You-a-are-a-flipping-a-sadist Lucy!

Lucy: Don't point your finger at me Mario! I didn't write this story! Besides, don't you understand that water only makes it worse?

Brock: If anything, Mach68 is the sadist.

Me: Whatever. I thought this story sucked.