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AN: Well…the past few months had been devoted to playing Dragon Age 2. It made me neglect my stories, especially See Who I Am, my f!elfMage/Riordan pairing. I finally have the outlines done for the next three chapters and Anders will be making an appearance. Anyway, this little idea plopped into my brain…this will be a series of drabbles/oneshots that will encompass both Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age 2.

These oneshots/drabbles will usually start off with a prompt, a word or a phrase. Also, the background for these will be of my elven mage, Gwendolynne Surana. So, I suppose they would tie into my current story and its planned sequel that will be set in DA2. And I hope that these will make someone laugh, or smile a little…:)

This chapter, the word prompt was 'cake'. Stars Jowan, Gwen, and Anders back when all three were still in the Circle in Ferelden. Anders and Gwen drag poor Jowan on a prank…

Mages and Templars and Wardens Oh My!

Chapter 1 – Everything is better with cake…

"SHHH! Anders, Gwen, I don't want a bloody templar to catch us!"

"Oh stop being such a bleeding little girl, Jowan!"

"I wouldn't be scared if you just told me what we were going to do, Gwen!"


"OW! Anders, that hurt…"

"You know I like to shoot lightning at fools."

There was a flicker of a spell and a soft glow emanated from a dainty hand, gently illuminating the darkened corridor they were in. There was a gleam in the tiny elf's lavender eyes that made Jowan take a step back. He then glanced at Anders and realized that the man had a similar look in his hazel eyes as well.

"You want to know what we're going to do? Oh, just getting some revenge on the Knight Commander," Gwen stated calmly as if what they were about to do was a common occurrence…then again, when Gwen and Anders work together, is was a common occurrence

"WHAT?" Jowan cried out before getting zapped by Anders once again. "Damnit Anders, that sodding hurts!"

The blonde mage just rolled his eyes and grinned at the brunette. "Don't worry your little girl head, Jowan…Greagoir had this coming to him for a long time."

Jowan put his hand on his face in exasperation and sighed. His two best friends were like two peas in a pod in almost everything. "Okay, okay…just tell me what you need me to do…Maker help me…You both are going to be the death of me…"


It was dinnertime and Gwen put her dinner down and squeezed herself between Anders and Jowan at the table the trio usually shared. She glanced around the dining area and grinned as she gazed back at her two friends.

"Anders, did you do it?" she asked as she started to stuff her mouth full of food.

The blonde mage nodded as he took a sip of water from his glass. "But of course, dear lady. I would hate to disappoint such a lovely specimen as you."

"That's because you don't want to be the one she experiments on when she wants to test her fire spells," Jowan retorted, his eyes narrowing at Anders and at the elf.

"Hey! I said I was sorry, Jowan! I didn't mean to burn your eyebrows off!" Gwen protested, bits of food dangling from her lips.

The brown haired apprentice sighed and patted the top of the elf's silvery hair as one would to a favorite hound. Before she could retaliate, Anders shushed the two and pointed to the doors. The Knight-Commander entered the hall, glaring at every mage and apprentice that were present. His hair was bright blue and his beard was a vibrant shade of pink. A few of the senior enchanters were trying very hard not to laugh at the sight.

"I demand to know who did this!" Greagoir bellowed, frightening some of the younger apprentices.

A timid-looking apprentice stood up and pointed. "Knight-Commander ser…your armor…"

Greagoir looked down and a horrified expression appeared. On the front of his armor was lettering that said HIT ME! He had a bad feeling churn in his gut when suddenly a piece of cake hit him in the face, and a piece was smashed into his hair. The templar was about to yell again when a clang was heard and he dropped to the ground in a fetal position. Before he passed out, Greagoir looked down and saw that there was a third piece of cake smeared in the area of his crotch, and that there was a small metal bar hidden in the sugary confection.

Gwen started laughing and that got everyone to laugh as well. Even some of the younger templars laughed as well, including the young Ser Cullen.

"Everything is better with cake!" both she and Anders cry out in unison, causing Jowan to slink under the table as the Knight-Commander finally stood back up and marched over to their table.

They really will be the death of me, the apprentice thought to himself.

AN: Don't ask…just don't ask where this came from… .:hides:.

Anyway, a little bit of background is required, I suppose. In this, Gwendolynne Surana, Jowan and Anders are best friends, despite the fact that Anders keeps trying to escape. When a prank happens in the tower, Anders and Gwen are always the suspects while Jowan was something like a sidekick and straight man. .:laughs:.