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AN: This chapter has the prompt of 'you're the one!' and in the beginning its Gwen, Anders and Jowan at Vigil's Keep. The second part is later on in DA2 with Anders and Shannen Hawke.

Setting: In which Gwen tells a story and later on Anders realized it was about Hawke…

Mages and Templars and Wardens Oh My!

Chapter 8 – You're the one!

"I'm telling you, Anders, that man I met in Lothering was worse than you!" Gwen Surana, the Warden-Commander, cried out as she smacked her hand on the table.

The blonde Warden crossed his arms and raised an eyebrow. "Oh? You mean he was actually more handsome and more charming than me?" he asked, his hazel eyes widening for a moment. "That can't be true, my dear. I'll have you know that I have both women AND men wanting to tear their own smallclothes off when they see me."

Jowan groaned as he heard a deep chuckle and a loud belch. "Anders, can you and your ego just shut up for just one moment? You're just giving Oghren more ammunition to joke with you."

Anders rolled his eyes and stared at his friend. "That's quite alright, you bleeding little girl. We can just prank him the way we've done to Gregoir back at the Circle." He then turned to look at the petite elven mage. "So tell me about this atrocity of manliness, Gwen."

Gwen glared at her friend and then downed the ale that was in front of her, her lavender eyes flashing. "Well, for one thing, he called me sweetness!"

Jowan snickered. "I'd never call you that. You're definitely not sweet, at least not around us. Maybe around Riordan…" He stopped immediately when he saw sparks of lightning around the elf's hand. He then motioned for the Commander to continue with her story about the man she met in Lothering…


Anders sighed as he leaned back in a chair at the Hanged Man, listening to the stories Varric was telling everyone about the Deep Roads Expedition and how they all faced a dragon and darkspawn. He shook his head as he took a sip of his watered down ale and saw Hawke enter the tavern and make his way towards the group.

"Hawke!" Varric said loudly, motioning for the apostate mage to sit next to the former Grey Warden. "We're all telling stories about what we've done in the past. So, tell us if you met anyone interesting in your home village."

Hawke leaned back against his chair and lifted his feet up to the table, his hands and arms crossing behind his head. "Well, I did meet this one pretty elf in Lothering. Very cute and very petite, even for an elf."

That caught Anders' attention as he propped himself up on the table by his elbows. "Oh? What did she look like and what did you say to her?"

The man grinned as his emerald eyes took on a dreamy expression. "Oh, she looked very nice with that silvery hair pulled back in a bun. I bet she's even prettier if she ever let that hair down. Anyway, no amethyst could hold a candle to her eyes…they were even better than any gem. Not to mention those Chasind robes she was wearing at the time showed off every nice curve on that body."

The blonde mage closed his eyes as his hands became tight fists. "Anything else?"

Hawke nodded enthusiastically. "Maker yes! I called her sweetness; she didn't seem to care for that. But damn…I could feel the magic coming off of her in waves and it was such a turn on! I couldn't help myself and said that she had to know magic because she put a spell on me."

Varric groaned loudly and shook his head. "Hawke, I'd rather take your insults than your compliments."

"She then said that I was worse than…Anders…." Shannen Hawke stopped talking to see a rather angry Anders glaring at him. "Uh…You're the one…she was talking about."

"You! You're the one Gwen was talking about back in Amaranthine!" Anders shouted, standing up suddenly. "She told me about this girly man with a girl's name hitting on her. That was the Warden-Commander, you nug-shit! I grew up with her in the Circle and she's a sister to me! You fool!"

"HELP ME!" Shannen screamed as he was chased out of the tavern by Anders shooting lightning at him. Every person in the tavern laughed as the two men ran out.

"This is SO not going in the stories about Hawke," Varric mumbled as he shook his head and downed another mug of ale.

AN: Yes, Anders is very protective over Gwen. *snickers* And Shannen is getting his foot stuck in his mouth constantly…LOL! Who here thinks that he deserves to be struck by lightning by Anders? I think it's interesting that Hawke is still thinking about Gwen, even after a few years went by...LOL

ChampionTheWonderSnail: True, Shannen could have been named Agnes. And no, I wouldn't feel sorry about him…especially in this chapter. XD

Suilven: Yeah, poor Shannen…being saddled with a girl's name and being mistaken for a girl. However, I wouldn't pity him in this chapter…XD

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