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Roughin' It

"I'm cold."

Robin looked over at Beast Boy with a raised eyebrow.

"Then get a blanket."


"I'm hungry."



"Oh, you're real funny..." Robin growled, glaring at the changeling.

"Well, I hate camping!" Beast Boy groaned, throwing himself down dramatically onto his sleeping bag. "Why're we even out here?"

"We're not camping..." the raven-haired acrobat said, brushing a fallen leaf from his blanket. "We're on a stakeout."

"Yeah, well, at this point there's not much of a difference..." the green teen mumbled, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Quit you're whining," Cyborg huffed. "If anybody has the right to complain, it's me."

"What? Why?"

"Because you're made of nature, animal-boy. You should feel right at home in this wild-ass forest!" the cybernetic teen waved his thick arms around. "I, on the other hand, am made of technology, something that is not found in nature."

"Would you both just shut up?" Raven snarled, lowering herself from where she was hovering, attempting to meditate through the rather petty argument. She glared fiercely at the two boys, causing them to shrink back while Robin snickered behind a well-placed hand.

"I quite enjoy the camping," Starfire said, clasping her hands together. "It reminds me of the days back on Tamaran when we would travel to the glor'noff realms."

Robin looked at her oddly before shaking his head and pulling the hem of his sweater sleeves to cover his hands.

"I'm sorry you guys aren't having a fun, but stakeouts aren't supposed to be fun," he said, glaring pointedly at Cyborg and Beast Boy, as Raven seemed to have no opinion and just wanted some peace and quiet. "Though I'm happy you're enjoying yourself, Star." The redhead beamed at him. "This is a mission guys, and you will not leave me here alone in this god-forsaken wilderness."

"That's why you brought us isn't it? So you wouldn't have to suffer alone?" Raven raised an unimpressed brow at the other bird. She knew that their leader could have easily sat on stakeout by himself and merely called for backup if necessary.

"Yes," Robin deadpanned. "I love the joys of nature as much as the next guy, but I'm a bit spoiled."

"WHAT?" Beast Boy exclaimed, throwing his hands up. "Do you know what happens to people who go camping? They get murdered!"

A twig cracked to their left, and Robin suddenly found his arms full of horrified Beast Boy.

"It's okay, BB..." the little bird sighed, running his hand soothingly down the green terrier's back. "It's just a stick. We're not gonna be murdered."

The dog remained firmly rooted to his lap, and Robin just allowed him to lay there for the time being, petting him gently to calm his paranoid shaking.

"How long do we have to stay out here, man?" Cyborg asked, cramming his hands in the front pocket of the hoodie he wore.

"Until we find out what the hell is happening at this factory," Robin said, glancing past the cover of foliage at the seemingly dilapidated building. "I got an anonymous tip that something shady was going down, and here we are."

"If this is a trick by some friendless teenager with no life, I'm going to be pissed," Raven said, wrapping her dark blanket around her shoulders.

"Yeah, me too..." Robin mumbled, hugging the green terrier close to his chest when he began to shiver. Beast Boy, feeling the older boy tremble, transformed into a shaggy Saint Bernard. His thick new coat provided Robin with more heat, but he was quite unable to breathe and move properly under the canine's massive frame.

"Oh, yeah..." he wheezed, draping his arms over Beast Boy's furry form in the hopes to get more comfortable with the beast curled up in his lap. "I'm gonna be real pissed if this is for nothing."

"Rock, paper, scissors, shoot!"

Beast Boy groaned as Robin beat him yet again.

"Dude! How do you do that?"

"Maybe you should try picking something other than rock," the masked hero sighed.

"I would if you'd stop picking paper!"

Robin sighed again, this time joined by Raven, and the two birds looked over at the building they were watching.

"Nothing's happening," the young woman rasped.

"Yeah," Robin said, glancing over at his friend through the darkness. "You think we got screwed?"

"I don't know," Raven shrugged, raising the hood of her cloak as she leaned into her sleeping bag. "Perhaps it's best if we wait it out for awhile longer, just in case. Wake me if anything happens. Goodnight."

"Yeah, goodnight..."

Beast Boy, who was seated across from the Titan leader, yawned widely, sharp fangs glinting in the moonlight.

"Go to bed, BB," Robin murmured, pulling the soft blanket tighter around him.

"You sure? What about watch?"

"I'll be fine," the blue-eyed teen smiled. "The others are already out. You might as well get some rest, too."

"Okay..." Beast Boy yawned again and scrambled into his sleeping bag.

Robin rubbed at his eyes and curled into his blankets as he stared up at the sky, admiring the many stars and naming the constellations in his head. The stars were never this visible in Jump, the lights of the bustling little city always obscuring their glow, so Robin decided to enjoy the brilliant display while he could.

After awhile, his muscles grew stiff and uncomfortable, so Robin stood to stretch, his blanket falling from his slim shoulders. He bent backwards, touching his hands to the ground behind him, and his graceful spine gave a few satisfying pops.

Arcing back to stand, the Titan leader trudged down the little dirt path that was obscured from view and lead to the end of the cliff that they were encamped on. A few minutes of walking and Robin found himself at the edge. He plopped down, bringing his knees to his chest and wrapping his arms around them for warmth. He wished they had worn their uniforms, but his team, minus Raven, who never cared, had insisted that it would be too uncomfortable, and Robin had soon given into their wishes.

He had to admit though, that it did feel very refreshing to get out of his tights. He loved his job, but sometimes all he wanted to do was hang up the cape and be just Robin, not Robin, leader of the Titans. He even went to the point of stripping down to his skin when his teammates were asleep. As embarrassing as it was for him to admit, he did this every night, and it was those times that he felt most comfortable with himself.

Robin sighed and, suddenly feeling restricted, peeled his mask off. He set it on the ground and ran a hand through his hair, a few of the black curls sliding into his brilliant blue eyes.

"Hello, Robin."

"Oh, fuck me..." the teen cursed, rolling his eyes to the heavens.

"Don't mind if I do."

"Slade..." Robin huffed, ruffling his hair irritably as his archenemy sat down next to him. He angled his face away and down so his hair slid down into his eyes. "I'm not really in the mood for your crap right now. Don't you have some puppies to kick or something?"

Slade just snorted, leaning back on his elbows in a calm, laid-back manner.

It took a moment for Robin to realize that he wasn't wearing his usual two-toned mask, and he wondered if Slade was just looking for a peaceful resting spot like he was. He hurriedly memorized the man's features, taking in the surprisingly handsome face, from his strong jaw and nose to his steely grey eye and black eye-patch that shielded the other from view.

"Why are you not with your little friends, Robin?" the mercenary asked casually, and Robin blushed at being caught staring. He turned his face away, allowing his hair to obscure both his eyes and his heated cheeks.

"They're sleeping and I got fidgety..." the boy mumbled.

"Hm," the white-haired man grunted.

They sat in silence for a few minutes, and Robin snuck glances at the man from time to time.

"Am I really that fascinating?"

Robin blushed furiously until he thought Slade would be able to see his cheeks glowing in the darkness. He floundered for a response, and the man laughed at him. Butterflies flitted around his belly, and the small Titan found that he enjoyed his laugh. It was deep and natural.

"You are also quite fascinating, little bird..." Slade purred with a smirk, and Robin found his own lips also twitching up into a tiny smile. "Wouldn't Bruce be surprised to see his ward out camping."

"I enjoy roughin' it every now and again..." Robin grinned, then straightened when he processed the man's other words. "Wait, you-"

"Yes, yes, I know your identity." the one-eyed man looked at him. "Believe it or not, you aren't the only one who can do extensive research. Anyway, even if I hadn't known, those beauties would have given it away in no time."

Robin flushed and turned away, realizing that he had been staring quite blatantly at the villain. He mentally berated himself for being so foolish as to take his mask off, but a hand to his chin broke him from his musings.

"Don't hide from me..." Slade murmured, staring into his blue eyes with such sharpness that Robin felt as though the man was looking straight through him, uncovering his deepest secrets and leaving him feeling helpless and vulnerable. Slade's lips curled into a small, almost dreamy smile. "Nobody has eyes like Richard Grayson, the darling of Gotham City."

Robin blushed and withered, looking at anything but Slade, while the man just chuckled softly. He jumped when the hand that held his chin moved to rest on the back of his neck, and the Titan found that the mercenary had moved much closer.

They drew together, slowly, almost timidly, leaning in until they were breathing the same breath. The atmosphere became one of deep intimacy as Slade stared at him, baby-blue locked with slate-grey. He was so caught up in that deep, dark eye that he didn't realize the man had moved until it was too late.

Their lips connected in a kiss that could almost be called chaste. Robin was startled for a moment, frozen in shock until he gradually melted into the kiss, moving his lips a bit.

Slade traced his tongue along the teen's plump lower lip, asking for entrance, and Robin hesitantly allowed him in. He poked his own tongue out, testing the feeling, and, finding he quite enjoyed it, wound his thin arms around Slade's strong neck. Their tongues battled playfully until Robin submitted and retreated, coaxing Slade's tongue into his mouth.

The white-haired man leaned over him, one hand supporting his heavy frame and the other followed the curve of Robin's side until it came to rest on his hip. His thumb stroked the prominent bone, sending pleasant tingles racing up the teen's spine.

They broke apart when breathing through their noses didn't cut it and the need for oxygen became too strong. They were both panting, Slade hiding his breathlessness better than Robin, whose lips were swollen and red, eyes half-lidded.

"Wow..." he breathed, looking up into Slade's dark grey eye. "That was just... wow..."

"You're welcome," Slade chuckled, dipping his head to nip at his collarbone.

Robin gasped and mewled softly, squirming and tugging the muscled mercenary to lay on top of him. The man complied and settled between his legs, pressing kisses to his neck before trailing them back up to his lips.

"W-what're we doing?" Robin gasped softly, arching into Slade's warm touch.

"We're kissing," he said between nips and licks.

"Well, I know that..." Robin rolled his eyes. "I mean, why?"

"Because I find you to be extremely attractive," Slade said matter-of-factually, sucking a little bruise at the crook of the hero's slender neck.

Abandoning his attempt at finding answers, Robin relaxed into Slade's touches and urged the man out of his shirt and pants.

"You appear to be a bit overdressed, my sweet bird," Slade said, one hand moving down to rub the impressive tent in his boxers.

Robin nodded in agreement and hurriedly slipped out of his sweater, tank-top and jeans while Slade watched him, a wet patch forming on his boxers as he fondled his firm erection through the thin fabric. The teen gasped and goosebumps jumped to attention over the surface of his pale skin as the cool night air enveloped him.

"You are more beautiful than I imagined..." the man murmured.

"Y-you've imagined me?"

"Of course. How could I not? You are a absolutely gorgeous."

"It's almost like you planned all this," Robin laughed airily.

"I did," Slade said, his breath hot as he nibbled the shell of his ear. "I sent in an anonymous tip that there were illegal happenings taking place at this factory in the hopes that you would come here."

"W-wait, that was you?"


Robin lost the will to speak any longer as the man pressed against him and captured his lips in a searing kiss, all cares or questions of the false allegations fleeing his mind. He trailed kisses down Robin's flat stomach, hands sliding down his sides until they reached the waistband of his underwear. He carefully slid them down past his ankles, completely revealing the Titan leader's young, slender body, splayed out beneath him.

Robin squirmed under the intense gaze, and Slade leaned over him, kissing his plump pink lips as his large hands moved down to cup his ass, fingertips ghosting along the crack. He arched and moaned as a finger circled his entrance, the other hand curling around the man's cock. He coated his thick fingers with the sticky pre-cum that leaked from the weeping head.

"Such a pretty bird..." Slade rumbled, pressing a slick finger into Robin's tight hole, breaking a gasp from his lips.

"Oh, g-god..." the teen moaned softly, burying his face in the crook of Slade's neck as another finger slid in next to the first. They scissored inside him, stretching and feeling about. Robin's head fell back when the digits caressed that sweet bundle of nerves inside him, and everything seemed to just fade away, the edges of reality blurring.

Slade kissed him deeply, hoping to distract him from the inevitable pain as he withdrew his fingers and instead pressed his throbbing cock into the boy's heat. Unfortunately, it only worked for a second, and Robin cried out as he was filled, his entrance stretching and burning painfully. Slade froze, allowing Robin to adjust, and he didn't move until the hero signaled to with a hot kiss.

Thrusting forward, Slade aimed directly for the teen's prostate, blocking out the initial pain with a shock of pleasure that caused Robin to moan and arch beautifully. He gradually picked up a rhythm, moving in long, slow strokes. Robin quickly grew bored with this and began to push back against him, their bodies moving in perfect sync as the pace grew faster.

"Mm, S-Slade..." Robin moaned, his fingers curling in the crisp white hair at the nape of the mercenary's neck. "Nghnn... s-so good..."

The boy wrapped his arms tightly around Slade's shoulders, pressing his face into his neck and biting down, his teeth sinking into the tanned flesh. His fingernails scratched up and down his broad back as pleasure rocketed through him, leaving angry red lines in their wake, but Slade didn't seem to mind, just continued to kiss and suck at the bruise he created behind the teen's left ear.

He bent his head, licking at one of the boy's pink nipples. He rolled the nub between his teeth and breathed over it, letting it harden before doing the same to its twin. Robin gasped and squealed at the sensation as the man's hot tongue swirled around the hypersensitive buds, sweeping up and across his collarbone and neck to trace back over the shell of his ear.

Slade grunted and chuckled as he felt Robin's little hands slide down his abs, groping the hard, well-defined muscle. The hands massaged his stomach and chest, running gently over stiff nipples and back down, cupping his own neglected cock.

Robin threw his head back and allowed Slade to suck at his exposed neck as he pumped his dripping cock, using his thumb to swipe up the bead of pre-cum that collected on the tip. Slade raised his head to watch the blue-eyed hero lift the pearl to his lips, pink tongue darting out to lap it up.

Slade groaned at the wanton sight and bucked, a knot tightening in his balls. They drew up close to his body, pulsating in time with his cock. Robin's small frame shook underneath him, slender thighs trembling as his insides grew hot, his skin ablaze with desire. His toes curled and he cried out in bliss as he came, cum splattering against his stomach. Slade came violently at the same time, letting out a guttural groan a he released jets of his hot seed, filling his lover to the brim.

The two collapsed in a sweaty, shivering mass, Slade cradled between Robin's soft thighs and his face pressed into his pale neck. Robin's arms remained wrapped around his own muscled neck, fingers playing absently with his short white hair.

"How's that for roughing it?" Slade grinned, earning a pretty laugh from his new lover.

When the couple awoke the next morning, Slade was still between Robin's legs, his cock nestled inside him.

"Good morning..." the teen mumbled, feeling satisfyingly full and content.

"Good morning indeed..." Slade chuckled, pressing a kiss to the slim neck.

They lay there awhile in the cool grass, basking in the warmth of the now exposed sun until distant calls caught their attention.

"Fuck, it's my team..." Robin grumbled, unable to hold back a sad little moan when Slade pulled away, his flaccid cock slipping from his entrance.

They quickly dressed, and Robin felt a bit cold when he turned to leave, but a calloused hand on his wrist stopped him. Slade pulled him back, leaning down to capture those perfect pink lips in a long, passionate kiss. Robin's arms snaked around the white-haired man, meshing their bodies together. He felt Slade's hands dip into his back pockets, and he shivered as they massaged his ass.

The couple reluctantly parted, and Robin turned, hearing his team getting closer. When he looked back to bid his lover farewell, he found the spot where Slade once stood to be empty, and disappointment bubbled up in his chest.

The Boy Wonder shook his head and pressed his mask on, jogging down the trail and calling out for his friends.

A few weeks later...

Robin grinned as he slung his backpack over his shoulder, adjusting his boots and smoothing his sweater.

His friend looked up at him from their spots on the large crescent-moon couch in front of the television, confusion adorning their faces when they noticed his attire.

"Where're you going?" Beast Boy inquired, and the others nodded in agreement.

Robin grinned at them over his shoulder as he called the elevator, cheeks blushing a brilliant red and bright blue eyes sparkling behind his mask.


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