Hey, this is Harry Leferts here in my debut. I got inspired to write this and I can only hope that you guys enjoy.

Disclaimer: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is owned by Hasbro and Harry Potter is the property of JK Rowling.

"Hello"-Normal Speaking

"Interesting..."- Nightmare Moon speaking.

'Huh'- Normal Thoughts.

'All mine...' Nightmare Moon's thoughts

After having been thrown into his bedroom (really a cupboard under the main stairs) a young boy of six named Harry Potter slowly whimpered as the door was locked. Not from pain, because neither his uncle nor his aunt had ever actually hit him, but from something that was just as bad... Loneliness. After all, verbal and psychological abuse also left scars, just not visible ones. As he wrapped the small, threadbare blanket around him, the small boy's green eyes slowly closed as a tear made its way down his cheek. "I... I wish that I had a friend..." Unknown to the boy, at that point the light of the full moon seemed to brighten for a moment as a silvery glow enveloped him as his eyes close...

And reopened to an astounding sight! As he looked around, he saw nothing but gray, powdery ground with large holes in it. It took him a moment for the realization to sink in which was helped by the sight of a familiar orb that hanged over the horizon as his eyes widened. 'Is this... the moon?' A split second after this realization, Harry clapped his hands over his mouth and nose as he ran around in a panic before he tripped on a rock. He laid there for a moment before the he blinked as he realized something important. "I can Breath?" He blinked some more before he got up and then dusted himself off. Harry then cocked his head to the side and scrunched his face up in thought. "Is this a Dream?" Not having gotten an answer, he began walking in random direction.

Not too far away but just a few minutes before his arrival, someone else was also on the moon. A pony with a navy blue coat, a bluish-purple mane, wings, a horn, and what looked like a crescent moon on the background of clumps of clear night sky on her flank. She stared up at the blue-green orb above her and sighed as she hanged her head sadly. 'Sister...' A tear slowly made its way down her cheek. 'Why did I have to...?'

She suddenly stiffened as a silky voice began to whisper to her."Aw... is the widdle Princess Luna sad...?"

Luna gritted her teeth before she shook her head violently from side to side."Leave me alone you! This is all your fault! If you hadn't-"

The Voice just laughed darkly before speaking again, mirth carried throughout it. "If I hadn't what Princess... tried to take our rightful place?" Luna shivered as she can almost imagine as something softly caressed her making her feel unclean. "I did nothing but try to make our subjects love us... was that so bad..."

Luna just grimaced. "You were trying to force them! We... you had no right!"

She suddenly jerked as if struck while the voice venomously snarled in her ear. "No right... NO RIGHT!" The voice seemed right next to her which caused her try to lean away. "We had every right Princess. Our dear sister on the other hand had no right to stick us here... just like she had no right giving us the time when she knew that our subjects would ignore in favor of sleeping... just to hog all the love and attention for herself!"

Luna began to tremble as she shook her head. "N-no! She's not like that! Celly is not like that! She loves me! Go away!"

The voice was silent for a moment before it chuckled. "But I can't go away Princess... because I am you." Luna felt the ghostly touch of a hoof to her cheek before it vanished. "I am every bit of darkness in you... all your anger, loneliness, sadness... hatred... Vengeance! I AM you Princess... it's you, the old you that's no longer real." The voice began to laugh. "You are WEAK! And I am STRONG! You only exist because I allow it! No other reason! You-"

She is interrupted as Luna screamed. "ENOUGH! THAT'S ENOUGH! Now go away! Leave me alone!" Luna collapsed as she held her head in her hooves as she softly cried. "Lea... leave me alone..." She didn't notice a shadow detach itself from her and rush away toward the dark-side of the moon. For several minutes Luna laid there crying as her stomach felt as if it would expel anything in it, if there was anything in it. "I... I wish that I had a friend..." A tingle like an electric shock ran through her for a moment before it dissipated. As she sniffled, she blinked. 'What was that?' After a few moments, she ignored it to focus back on her downward spiraling thoughts. About ten minutes later though, she heard a gasp and her head shot up in time to catch something as it ducked down behind a nearby crater. She blinked as her mind grappled with the fact that she might not be alone. Her eyes narrowed, she turned her head slightly away from the crater and once she saw movement from the corner of her eye, she jerked her head around to see something duck once more. Luna tilted her head to the side as she blinked. 'Okay... there is definitely something there... but what?'

She turned away and waited until it popped up and then ducked down before she took to the air and flying upward a hundred feet while having left behind an illusion of her being there. Meanwhile, in the crater, Harry blinked. 'Was that... a unicorn? With wings?' He glanced over the rim to see it again. "Pretty..."

Unseen by him, Luna silently landed behind him and looked him over in curiosity. 'What an odd creature... It's like nothing I've ever seen... except maybe those "Monkeys" in that book about the south...' She leaned in closer, smiling as she noticed that the being before her is watching her illusion. 'Hm, it's got hands like a dragon, but with no claws or scales and a mane too! But no fur? Is that why it's wearing clothes? It gets cold?' When she heard it say that she is "Pretty" however, she blushed as she's not used to be complimented on her looks except by her sister. She then began to lean close before she spoke in a soft, shy voice in order not to scare the creature before her. "Um... Hello there little guy..." The being stiffened before it slowly turned, not having noticed that the illusion that he'd been watching wavered before it dissipated into a purplish cloud. The two stared at each other before Luna gives it a shy smile. "Hi?" The being's (green, she noted) eyes widened before leaps onto the other side of the crater lip. Taking a step back in surprise for a moment, Luna leaned forward to see the being's wide eyes as it peered over the rim. She smothered a giggle at the sight as she gave it her best comforting smile. "Er... It's okay, I'm not going to hurt you..."

The little being slowly raised its head over the rim and gave her what she took to be an inquisitive look. She blinked though at the words that came out of its mouth. "You can talk?"

Having seen the surprised look on the beings face, Luna cocked her head to the side in confusion. "Um... yeah. Of course I can, all ponies can talk." She then looked closer, her curiosity having overtaken her for a moment. "But I don't know what you are, so I am a little surprised that you can speak." She then cocked her head to the side as she noticed that the being was slightly translucent and had what looked like a silver wire that came from its back and disappeared about a foot from the body. 'Is this another one of Nightmare Moon's mind games? It would be just like her.'

The being looked at her with an odd expression on its face. "But... Ponies can't talk." It then slowly climbed over the rim and sat down in front of Luna. "And I'm a human!"

Luna raised an eyebrow at this. "An Ooman? What's an Ooman?"

The little being giggled some before it shook its head. "Not 'Ooman', a 'Human!" It seemed as if it thinking something over for a moment before it stuck a hand out. "My name's Harry! What's yours?"

Luna giggled some before she stuck her hoof into its grasp, though slightly puzzled as to why she could feel it grip her hoof. "My name is Luna, Harry. Nice to meet you." Harry smiled as he shook her hoof. A moment later, they let go. Luna then shrugged. "Oh well. At least this hallucination isn't as bad as some of them."

Harry just gave her an odd look. "What's a Halli... hallue..."

Luna giggled some more as she waved a hoof at him. "Hallucination Harry. It means that you're nothing but a figment of my imagination."

Harry just shook his head. "Uh-uh! I'm dreaming this. You're the one that's not real!"

Luna just rolled her eyes. "No, you're not real."

Harry gave her a small scowl. "Uh-uh! You're not real!"

Luna shook her head as she poked him with a hoof. "No, I'm real."

"No you're not."

"Yes I am."

"No you're not."

"Yes I am." Needless to say this continued for a bit before finally it stopped with the two having decided that they're right and the other's wrong, but not wanting to argue anymore with a figment of their imagination. After a bit of quiet, Luna decided to just ask something. "Um... Harry?" Harry looked towards her with a smile. "Er... even though you're not real..." Harry crossed his arms at this. "Would you be my friend?" Luna watched as Harry's jaw dropped and his eyes widened. She's about to say something when Harry suddenly hugged her. She blinked as she can feel him as he shuddered against her and could swear that she felt tears as they soaked her pelt. "Harry?"

She could almost "Imagine" his arms a they tightened around her and she almost didn't catch his next words due to how quiet he said them. "I... I never had a friend before..."

She just smiled as she wrapped one of her front legs around him. She continued to hold him for a few minutes before he pulled away. She then laid a hoof on his shoulder. "Feel better now?" Harry just nodded as Luna smiled. 'He may be nothing more than a figment of my imagination... but at least I can experience a little of what it means to have a friend.' She than got shaken from her thoughts as Harry poked her. "Yes Harry? What is it?"

Harry just looked at her with a curious look on his face. "Um... what do we do now?"

Luna blinked at the question, caught off guard by it. She began to think as she considered it. 'What do friends do together anyways?' After a few minutes she shrugged. "I guess that we could... play a game? I don't know what to play, so you can decide."

Harry just looked down as he leaned up against her. "But I don't know any games... Except for Harry Hunting." Luna frowned as little as Harry flinched. After thinking it over and having decided to go ahead with his idea, Harry sudden brightened. "Hey! I know a game! We can play tag!"

Luna cocked her head to the side as she wondered about it. "Um... what's 'Tag' and how do you play it?"

Harry just smiled. "Oh, you just touch someone and go 'Tag! You're it!' and then they chase you, while trying to tag you... Like this." He then tapped her on the snout which caused her to jerk in surprise. "Tag! You're it!"

He then began to run off leaving her as she blinked a little until she realized what he just did. "Oooo! You better run Harry! I'm going to get you for that!" She then lifted off using her wings and started to chase the laughing boy, all the while with the biggest smile she's ever had...