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"Hello"-Normal Speaking

"Interesting..."- Nightmare Moon speaking.

'Huh'- Normal Thoughts.

'All mine...' Nightmare Moon's thoughts

That afternoon after having returned to the castle, the three friends found themselves once more sharing a tea with Professor Flitwick as had become usual. As he looked away from where Nightmare had been examining a knicknak, Harry suddenly remembered that he had a question that he wanted to be answered. "Professor, can I ask you something?"

He just chuckled as he nodded. "Of course you can Mr. Potter, these meetings are for exactly that after all."

Slightly nervous, Harry licked his lips. "Well... I know abit about my Mum's family, but..." He then took a breath. "Do you know if I have any family out there besides the Dursleys?"

Flitwick leaned back in thought as he considered this. "Blood relatives, I am afraid not." He then hummed a bit. "Or at least none close enough to truly count in the way of such things. Now, I do know some of your third and fourth cousins." The teacher then nodded as Harry leaned forward. "Yes, I do believe that Miss Tonks is a fourth cousin, once removed from you."

Harry's eyes widened as he sat back in surprise. "She is? I didn't know that..." Luna then placed a hoof on his shoulders as sadness and confusion filled his eyes. "Why didn't she ever tell me...?"

The charms professor pondered this for a moment before he provided the answer. "She most likely doesn't quite realize this fact." He sipped his tea a little before he reached for a biscuit. "You must remember Mr. Potter, almost all of the pureblood familes here in Britian are releated to the others in one form or another. While slightly less true for the Potters since they also married families from the Continent, still were related to most families. Your grandmother, for example, was a Black and in particular Miss Tonks' great aunt." he then sighed. "For most wizards, anything farther then second cousins aren't really of note."

Luna grimaced and shuddered a bit. "Reminds me too much of the nobility back in Equestria. Ugh..."

Harry, however, looked like he had bitten into an apple and found half a worm. "That means that Malfoy might be a cousin of mine..."

Nightmare sneered in disgust and made a puking noise. "Great, that shall be fueling more then a few bad dreams for a long time..."

Flitwick laughed at the responses from Harry and Nightmare before he shook his head. "I'm sorry Mr. Potter, but the look of horror on your face is simply too much." He then chuckled at the mixture of amusement and annoyance on Harry's face. The professor then smiled. "However, I do believe that we can take comfort in the fact that no matter what, Mr. Malfoy would deny such a connection."

Nightmare then leaped up into Harry's lap and sat down. "So that would be it for blood relatives I suppose then?"

The Head of Ravenclaw gave a small nod. "Sadly, yes for blood relations." He then fell silent in thought as he battled with himself to reveal more for several minutes as he enjoyed his tea and biscuits. Harry, having gotten used to this, just waited to see what he might have said next. Flitwick then looked into Harry's eyes and internally sighed. "You do, however, have four godparents. Though only three of them are known to be alive for sure, and none are in any condition to care for you and one of them is a definete no, even if he was able."

Luna frowned as she crossed her legs in thought as she hovered to Harry's side. "I wonder why that might be now..."

Harry cleared his throat to catch the charms teacher's attention before he spoke up. "Why is that Professor?"

The diminutive professor sighed and shook his head. "Two of your godparents are none other then Alice and Frank Longbottom, Mr. Longbottom's parents." He then looked at Harry seriously. "Has Mr. Longbottom told you anything about his parents or their current... condition?"

The dark Alicorn plush gave him a suspicious look. "Not so much besides that they're unable to take care of him and are in St. Mungos." Her eyes then narrowed some more. "Why?"

Flitwick shook his head and sighed. "Then I shall say no more on that as it is Mr. Longbottom's decision. Not mine." He then grimaced. "However, I can tell you that there are worse things then death and those two live such an existence every day of their lives." The professor's face then twisted in a snarl. "The third is none other then Sirius Black himself."

That name rang a few bells in the three friends' heads as Harry felt as if he was punched in the gut and the breath driven from him. "Sirius Black... as in the Death Eater Sirius Black!?"

Despite being surprised, Flitwick nodded nonetheless. "Yes, sadly." He then shook his head in sight amusement. "A part of me is surprised that you know that."

The younger wizard scowled. "Read about it in several books about events surrounding..." He waved a hand in the air. "That."

Flitwick smiled a little. "Hence why I only said 'A part of me', Mr. Potter." He chuckled as Harry flushed. "No need to be quite so embarrassed Mr. Potter. As I have said before, while you may look like your father, but you have your mother's brain and mindset." He then became serious as he picked up a biscuit. "But yes, Sirius Black is indeed your godfather, though his actions took all those who knew him by surprise." He then frowned as he bit into the biscuit. "Though there is much more to what happened there then is stated in the books."

Flitwick then explained more of the background including the fact that Sirius was not only his godfather, but also the Potters' Secret Keeper. Once he was done, Nightmare's scowl was as massive as the rage that boiled deep inside her. 'Well now, it seems that Voldemort, if he is indeed still out there, is now sharing the top spot on my list.'

As he rubbed his thumb over the teacup's rim, Flitwick sighed. "I am truly sorry for piling this onto you Mr. Potter, but I've always been a firm believer in being truthful when asked about most matters."

Harry swallowed the lump in his throat and shook his head. "No, I understand and thank you for that." He then looked at the professor. "Did... did he ever say why he did it?"

Flitwick leaned back into his chair as he looked over his office. "To the best of my knowledge? No. That is very likely a secret that Black shall take to the grave with him." He then became thoughtful. "There are, of course, many theories as to exactly why he did it. Some say that he was always destined to betray his friends due to who his family was. He was a Black after all." Flitwick snorted in derision. "Pure rubbish I say." He then shook his head. "No, him and your father were like brothers while in school. Not to mention he had despised his family's views since his arrival here at Hogwarts." The charms professor then frowned. "Something though, must have happened to him to cause him to turn to the dark. Perhaps the Dark Lord had something on him or important to him. Or maybe there is more to the rumor that You-Know-Who could brainwash good people through dark magics and potions."

Luna shivered some as she frowned. 'That sounds like what Sombra was capable of...'

He then shook his head. "Whatever the case maybe though, we will likely never know the exact truth behind his actions. After all, Sirius had been found standing in the middle of the wrecked street after he killed Pettigrew and those muggles just laughing and crying at once."

As the lunar Princess winced, Nightmare nodded with a blank expression. "His mind just broke." She supressed a shiver as she remembered the first years on the moon. Nightmare then frowned. "Wait, wouldn't there have been something at his trial?" She then caught the dismayed expression on Flitwick's face. "There was a trial... right?"

Flitwick then shook his head in disgust. "At the time, the people wanted blood and their pound of flesh. While certain Death Eaters managed to get off either through money or influence, those with neither were given what amounted to show trials to placate the public. A bloody disgusting blot on our society if you ask me." He then scowled. "Sirius didn't even get that because he was your godfather." Seeing Harry's surprised expression, Flitwick sighed. "Family here in the Wizarding World is very important. And becoming a godparent is all but a wizarding oath. It is expected that a godparent would protect their godchild at all cost, even if it meant their lives."

Harry pieced it together rather quickly from that. "And because he broke that trust..." He began to feel slightly sickened as did Luna and Nightmare. "Combined with my then recent rise to fame..."

The charms teacher nodded. "He had no chance whatsoever even if he had been given a trial. Even before his mind broke."

Wanting to turn it away from the direction it was headed in (and resolving to do some research), Harry cleared his throat. "You mentioned a fourth godparent though..."

Flitwick gave a smile and nodded, having recognized what Harry was doing and wishing for the same. "Yes, a godmother." He sighed in remembrance. "Her name was Aletia Selicorn. I may have only met her once or twice, but she was a very good friend of your mother's. Perhaps her best friend alongside Alice." He took a sip of his tea. "Her and your mother met during the summer between Lily's Sixth and Seventh years, during which your mother matured a rather lot." Flitwick then gestured with his hand. "Lily at the time was working on an enhanced version of the vanishing cabinets. Lily despised Portkeys and Floo as she had some... issues... with those forms of travel." He chuckled a bit. "So she came up with a enlarged version that was basically a small room from what I remember of what she explained. A 'Vanishing Room' of sorts if you would." He leaned forward some. "You would walk into the room and close the door behind you. Then, you would walk across the room to the door on the other side and opening it before stepping through. Doing so could have you find yourself half way around the world." Flitwick shook his head. "It was a side project of hers since her Fifth year at the least, though I suspect she had started earlier."

Harry's eyebrows raised and he couldn't help the feeling of pride for his mother. "Did she ever manage it?"

Flitwick frowned for a moment before he shook his head. "To the best of my knowledge? No." He then raised a finger. "She had created a mock-up of it to test the theory behind it, but it destroyed itself in a test. A fickle thing the magics behind vanishing cabinets. Beyond a certain size they become more unstable the larger they are."

Since she knew that the other alicorn there was interested, Nightmare spoke up. "If that's true, then how exactly was she going to do it?"

Flitwick steepled his fingers as he answered. "Your mother, much like yourself Mr. Potter, continued her muggle education while she was here." Upon seeing the surprise, he chuckled. "Yes, I know of it Mr. Potter as it was brought up at a meeting." He then continued. "Your mother believed that by using muggle mathematics and physics combined with arthimancy, she could manage it." Flitwick then frowned a little. "Grant you, to this day I still do not know what she meant when she said that vanishing cabinets cross Euclidian space using non-Euclidian corridors and how the work of a Minkowski could help when it came to nDimensional workings..."

Out of all of them there. only Luna had the barest inkling of what that mean due to her reading collage and university level textbooks at the Surrey Library. Harry on the other hand, blinked. "So Mum and this Aletin met while she was doing research?"

Flitwick nodded. "Yes. Apparently her and your mother had crossed paths at one point and found that they were working on very similar projects." He then shook his head in amazement. "Unlike most who would have fallen into fighting, they decided to team up." The old professor then gestured with one hand. "She was quite good with her charms you see. And together with your mother they were a force to be reckoned with."

Harry smiled for a moment before it turned into a frown. "So what happened to her then?"

The charms professor slowly, sadly sighed as he shook his head. "She disappeared around the time of You-Know-Who's fall." He shook his head some more. "She might have gone back to her home country of Canada, though I doubt that. She simply adored you Mr. Potter from the few times I saw her interaction with you when you were a baby. Something about how she, herself, could never have a child of her own. Which, to me anyways, was a tragedy considering how loving and kind of a woman she was."

Nightmare then raised an eyebrow. "Perhaps she simply thought that Harry had died." As Luna hugged Harry, Nim shook her head. "After all, it's not like anyone would expect a baby to survive the killing curse or an attack by Voldemort. She might have gone home."

Once more, Flitwick just shook his head again. "I am quite afraid that, that might as well have been impossible." He then sighed. "At the time, the British Ministry was expected to collapse at any time. So the other magical governments cut off access to the International Floo system. Also, international portkeys were also highly restricted. So, she would have been trapped in England. And even if she somehow managed to leave, the news that you survived the killing curse made headlines around the world.

Harry slowly blinked as his heart felt heavy. "So... she might well be dead then?"

The head of Ravenclaw nodded sadly. "That is, indeed, the most likely possibility." He then leaned back. "One thing that you must understand Mr. Potter, is that while the Dark Lord's defeat did indeed mark the Official end of the war, his supporters continued to attack and raid for another year, though thankfully they were disorganized. In fact..." He quietened his voice a little. "Just two days after his defeat, a group of Death Eaters used Fiendfyre and torched a small island community close to where your mother constructed her test room. Any that tried to escape were killed as they had blocked portkey and apparation travel." He shook his head. "I, myself, suspect that she either died in that or another attack."

The boy wizard sighed a little before he looked at his tea in thought. "What was she like?"

As he poured himself another cup, Flitwick gathered his thoughts as he considered how to answer due to how little he knew of her. "She was, like Lily, a very wonderful woman. She was warm and kind to her friends as well as very helpful. Just the sort of person that any good being would find themselves being friends with." The professor then chuckled. "And that she was stunningly beautiful did help. Her hair charms were quite odd though as I said." As he picked up his tea, he went on. "From what I learned, she was from some important family in some community and loved the fact that she was treated like a normal person by your parents." Flitwick then laughed a little as he recalled one memory. "She was also quite clumsy at times..."

A few hours later found the three slowly making their way back to the Gryffindor Common Room as Harry was in deep thought over what he had learned. He stopped though just past a female washroom when he had noticed that Nightmare was no longer walking. "Nim?"

Nightmare glanced at him for a moment before she waved him on. "Go on without me. I want to check something out by myself."

Harry raised an eyebrow at this. "You sure?"

The plush just waved at him again. "Yes, yes. I'm sure Harry. Now shoo!" Harry and Luna shared an odd look before they continued on. Nightmare waited until they were out of sight before she trotted into the washroom where she had heard soft sobbing coming from someone that drew her in. 'I must be growing soft...' Once inside, she raised an eyebrow as she could not see anyone. After a moment, Nim heard it again and called out. "Are you alright?"

Aside from a sniffle, the response that she got surprised her. "What? What do you care..." Nightmare was about to comment when they continued. "You'll be just like all the others. Seemingly to care, only to make fun of and insult me and talk about me behind my back!"

The dark alicorn snorted at that. "Trust me, if I had come in here to make fun of you or insult you, you would already know it."

Her tone suspicious, the girl spoke again. "So why are you here then anyways...?"

Nightmare shrugged and threw her hooves into the air, though the girl couldn't have seen it."The hay that I know. I heard crying and there was something that told me to come in here." She then felt like being truthful. "Normally I would not have bothered at all."

There was a moment of silence before that was answered. "Oh... I see..."

Once more, the doll shrugged. "So why were you crying in here anyways?"

After a few seconds the girl answered. "Peeves." Knowing what the poltergeist in question often gets up to, Nightmare repeated it as a question. "He was playing mean tricks on my like he always does and said some nasty things."

Despite not really caring, Nightmare raised an eyebrow as she turned to a closed stall. "Such as...?"

Several sniffles echoed through the air before the hidden girl answered. "Things like how even in death, no one would ever like or even care about me... or have a kind word to say..."

Unseen by the girl, Nightmare bristled at the words as she grit her doll teeth before she exploded. "THAT INSOLENT FOAL! IF I COULD, I WOULD MAKE HIM REGRET EVER SPEAKING SUCH WORDS AS THOSE!"

Nightmare snapped out of it as she heard the girl's voice much more clearly. "You... you would do that...?"

The plush scowled as she looked toward the stall door. "Of course I would! Such venomous words deserve nothing less..." She trailed off as she saw the head of a girl's ghost sticking through the stall door. "... You're a ghost?"

The ghost is stunned for a moment before she began to tear up and glare at Nightmare. "Oh? I see! You thought that I was someone else, huh?! Bet that now that you know who I am, you're just going to be like the rest of them and make fun of poor, weepy, moaning Myrtle!" She pulled back into the door as Nightmare started to walk toward her. "Well! You can just go away then!"

And with that, she dove into a toilet. The plush stood there for a moment stunned. "Did she just... did she..." She then began to growl. "YOU GET OUT HERE RIGHT NOW!"

A few bubbled broke the surface of the water as Myrtle's distorted voice drifted up. "No."

Nightmare then snarled. "Then it seems that I'll just have to make you!"

And with that, she began to make her way out of the washroom, slamming the stall door as she left. Meanwhile, Myrtle was squeezed into an elbow of the piping as she sighed and sniffled. 'And here I thought that this time might be different...'

Almost a half hour passed as she stayed there feeling sorry for herself before the washroom door followed by the stall door were slammed open and she heard Nightmare shouting. "One last chance! Come out here right now or else I am going to make you!"

Myrtle sniffed as she pouted. "No." She then blinked as she heard the sound of the toilet seat be thrown back, though her expression became one of disgust as she heard something hit the water. 'Ugh... I hate when people do that...' Her disgust turned into shock as she felt herself be pulled back by a form of suction. "Wha... what!?"

Up above, Nightmare furiously snarled as she pumped the plunger again and again. "If there's one thing that I truly hate... IT'S PEOPLE PUTTING WORDS INTO MY MOUTH!" Despite her struggles, Myrtle found herself slowly being pulled back as the old cast iron and magically reinforced piping prevented her from phasing through them. "NOW GET THE BUCK OUT HERE!" And with one final yank of the plunger, the ghost found herself being pulled from the toilet. Stunned, Myrtle laid there on the floor as she found herself unable to do anything but stare at Nightmare, who had balanced herself on the top of the plunger. "Now then... what do you say for putting things into my mouth? Hmm?"

Having finally shaken off her shock, the female ghost gave the plushy a glare. "Why?! You were going to say that anyway! They all do! HEY!"

Myrtle scooted back as Nightmare hopped off the plunger and stabbed it at her with a growl. "And right there is where you bucking screwed up as I never said such a thing! Nor was I going to!" Nightmare then took a step forward as the ghost scooted back some. "The only thing was that I was surprised as you were a ghost! HOW DOES THAT BUCKING TRANSLATE INTO ME SAYING SUCH THINGS!?"

The washroom lapsed into silence as the two glared at each other before Myrtle's softened. "Yu... you weren't...?"

Nightmare simply growled. "No."

At Nim's continuing glare, the female phantom looked away with a blush that stained her cheeks silver. "Oh... Um..." She then sighed as she pulled her legs toward herself and clutched them to her chest. "I'm just used to people coming here into my washroom just to bother and tease me."

Nightmare found her anger dissipating as it turned instead into confusion. "Your washroom...? What the hay do you mean by..." She then blinked. "You know, I don't even know your name." She then leaned against the plunger as if it was a sword or spear. "In fact, I've never seen you around before..."

Myrtle blinked in some surprise. "My name...?"

The alicorn nodded. "Yes, your name." She then snorted. "And despite how bad some humans are at naming, I doubt very much that your parents named you, and I quote, 'Weeping, Moaning Myrtle'."

Myrtle slowly sniffled some. "No one's asked me for my full name since I died..."

Nightmare blinked at that icredurous "No one!?"

She shook her head. "No one." Myrtle then rose off the ground and tilted her head some with a smile as she gave a slight curtsy. "Myrtle. Myrtle de Winter." The ghost then gestured around them. "As for it being my washroom... This was where I died, it must have been fifty years ago now."

The plush blinked for a moment and looked around. "Hmm... Was a troll involved in it somehow?"

Myrtle pouted some, though she oddly seemed to be happy to be talking about what should have been a sensitive subject. "No... though that might have made me much more respectable as a ghost, if a bit more messy." She then gave Nightmare (who had her face scrunched up at the image) an odd look. "Why would you ask that...?"

Nightmare shrugged. "A... friend of mine had holed herself up in a washroom after some insults. I managed to get her out of it and two hours later a troll had wandered in. If she had been there at the time..." She trailed off as she shook her head. The plush then picked up the plunger and jabbed it in the ghost's direction. "So then, how did you die?" Unknown to Myrtle, Nightmare had her reasons as she narrowed her eyes. 'Just in case...'

To Nightmare's surprise though, Myrtle lit up as she pointed at the stall she had been in. "Well, I was sitting in there crying after Olive Hornby teased me again when I heard a boy talking." The ghost sniffed a little. "Of course, I opened the door to tell him to leave because this was a girl's washroom. All I saw where these yellow eyes and... Poof! I was dead." She then shrugged. "I woke up as a ghost a few hours later as Olive screamed when she found my body."

The alicorn rubbed her chin as she thought this over. "Did you ever find out what killed you? Or take revenge on who or whatever it was?" When Myrtle shook her head, the alicorn frowned. 'So there's an unknown danger then... but what?'

Myrtle then lit up. "But I did use the fact that I was a ghost to torment that awful Olive for all she had done to me. Never let her forget that I had been in the washroom because of her." She then huffed. "Though the Ministry got involved when I wrecked her brother's wedding."

Nightmare leaned back with a smirk. "Using your current state to take vengeance on those who caused you problems?" At the ghost's nod, her smirk grew. "Oooo! I like you..." She then leaned forward with a sparkle in her eyes. "Please, tell me more..."

Harry was looking over some notes when he heard the portrait hole open. "Hey, Harry, got someone for you to meet."

The boy wizard turned and raised an eyebrow as he saw Nightmare leading in a slightly nervous ghost girl. "And who's this Nim?"

She was about to answer when a 7th Year who was staying opened his mouth with a look of dislike on his face. "Why the hell would you invite Moaning Myrtle into our Tower?"

Percy opened his mouth, only to close it as Nightmare grabbed a pillow and threw it into the 7th Year's face with enough force to cause him to stumble. She then glared at him. "One, her name is Myrtle. And two, there are no rules saying that she is not allowed in here. So, in the immortal words of some kids, bugger off." She then held her head up and trotted to where a slightly amused Harry was watching before she gestured at the nearly awestruck Myrtle following her. "I'd like you to meet Myrtle de Winter."

Harry glanced between the two before he gave a small bow. "I'm very pleased to meet you, Miss. de Winter."

Myrtle blushed silver and did a small curtsy. "Um... hello."

Of course, as the holidays stretched on, Myrtle became a common sight in the Tower as her and Nightmare had discussions much to Harry's and Luna's mutual amusement. Of course, when they started hanging out with the twins, the two felt a feeling of foreboding...

Snug where he was sitting between Nightmare's forelegs, Harry finished the rendition of the German version of Silent Night. As he sighed, Harry looked around at the castle hall that Nightmare had created in the dreamscape for Christmas, itself being covered in decorations of both Christmas and Hearth's Warming. "Thanks again for this Nim, I appreciate it."

She looked down at him and smiled as she nuzzled the top of his head. "Think nothing of it."

Luna had to hold back a giggle as the normally intimidating figure of Nightmare had taken on a slightly comical tilt due to her wearing a Mrs. Christmas outfit. "Well, thanks from me as well." Luna crossed her forelegs some. "I honestly enjoy these holiday gatherings of ours." She then looked around with a sigh. "But I do believe that it is time for us to wake up."

Nightmare nodded as the world around them dissolved before they opened their eyes to see the still darkened boy's dorm. As they stretched, Nightmare grunted as she glared at the pile of presents. "Seems that they struck again..."

Harry chuckled as he patted her on the head, to her annoyance. "You'll catch them eventually." He then got up and started to the bathroom. "Though I wish that breakfast was soon. I'm starving and could use a breakfast sandwich..."

The plush chuckled. "Just the one? And what about to drink?"

The wizard snickered. "Why? What else? Egg nog." He then went in, though when he came out he noticed Luna and Nightmare staring at a plate of breakfast sandwiches and a jug of egg nog. "What the..."

Luna just gestured at it. "It just kind of... appeared." She then sniffed it as she drooled a little. "Does smell good though." She then glanced at the grumbling form of Ron as he turned in his sheets. "Though I think that we should go into the trunk to continue."

Harry nodded. "Agreed." It took them several minutes, but they moved not just the presents but also the food into the trunk and shut it. Then they began opening them one by one, though Luna only received items from the two. Harry smiled though as he saw Nightmare open a small chest. "Well, looks like you owe Neville."

Nightmare shook her head in amazement as she pulled out a small silver necklace inlaid with jet from the chest. "You're telling me..."

As she placed it on, Luna floated over a parcel wrapped in some gaudy paper and looked it over with an eyebrow raised. "Odd..."

When he glanced over and saw the package, Harry raised an eyebrow. "What?"

The lunar Princess held up the package. "There's no name to go with it..." Her horn glowed as did the package before she tilted her head, her frown having become more pronounced. "And it's safe, no obvious threats, though it is magical..."

Harry frowned before he took it and opened it, though his eyebrows raised at the sight of a fluid and silvery fabric that slithered to the floor where it laid in glimmering folds. "Definitely odd..." He then picked it up. "Looks like a cloak of some kind..."

Luna gestured at him. "Well? Put it on."

After he did, her eyes widened as Nightmare dropped a present, both of them saying the same thing. "WHAT THE BUCKING HAY!?"

Harry looked at them oddly. "What are you two on about now..." He trailed off as he saw himself in the mirror...

Or rather, just his head floating in mid-air.

Harry pulled it off and looked at it as he remembered something. "A invisibility cloak? But who...?"

Luna herself walked over and examined it closely with more then a little interest. "I've heard of various forms of 'Invisibility' spells and even know some myself. But I never expected there to be an actual cloak of invisibility..." She frowned some. "And I am getting an odd vibe from it..."

From where he was looking himself over in a mirror, Harry turned and looked at her. "A strange vibe? Dangerous?"

She shook her head. "No... not dangerous, just... very odd." Luna then looked at Harry. "You know anything about them?"

Harry frowned. "From what I remember from some of my books, they're made from demiguise hair and that's where they get their properties from." He then shook his head. "Other then that... nothing." Harry scowled a bit. "At least besides there being a book called 'The invisible book of invisibility'..."

As Luna gave him a icrederous gaze, Nightmare frowned, though she picked up a piece of paper that she spotted on the floor and looked at Harry. "There's a note... 'Your Father left this in my possession before he died. It is time that it is returned to you. Use it well...' It then wishes you a very merry Christmas..."

His eyebrows raised as he looked at the note. "That handwriting seems familiar..."

His lighter blue companion rubbed her jaw, before her eyes widened. "Wait a second..." She went over to a set of drawers and rifled through them until she found a note and brought it over where Harry saw it as the permission slip for Nightmare. Luna then compared the two. "That's Dumbledore's handwriting..."

Nightmare then looked between the other two. "But what would he be doing with something of Harry's father's...?"