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"Hello"-Normal Speaking

"Interesting..."- Nightmare Moon speaking.

'Huh'- Normal Thoughts.

'All mine...' Nightmare Moon's thoughts

"HOW DARE YOU!" Traditional Royal Canterlot Speaking Voice

Once they were inside, they looked around in curiosity. Harry soon spotted Fluffy where he laid. 'There you are...'

Tonks also spotted him and turned to the others. "Okay... there's the dog." She then frowned as she saw something else. "And that harp must be how the thief must have put Fluffy to sleep then."

Beside her, Hermione nodded as she gestured at the trap door. "And there's the way down-" She was cut off as the door slammed shut behind them and they turned in time to see it shimmer. "Oh no..." The others rushed over and Neville tried to open it only to jerk his hand away as if burned. "We're trapped in here..."

Neville nervously looked around as the witches used every spell they knew of to open the door, while at the same time Myrtle called through the door that she was going to get help. "Did he expect us...?"

As the harp started up with a high pitched shriek, Nightmare scowled. "And we walked right into it..." It was then that Fluffy leapt to his feet and growled as it shook it's three heads in anger and pain. "Dammit! It's drowning out the flute!"

While his hands shook, Harry kept trying to keep up as the Cerberus growled and yelped. In his panic, he hadn't noticed as his magic built up like it had during his earlier episodes of accidental magic. 'Go back to sleep... Go back to sleep... Go back to sleep...'

Suddenly his eyes widened and then closed as his fingers moved and caused the flute to release a different tune, one of a lullaby. From where she was, Nightmare stiffened and then began to sway as the harp seemingly fought with itself and then switched to the same tune as Harry. The plush then closed her eye as she began to sing.

"A twinkle in the night sky far far away.

A golden star I gaze upon in my dreams.

On a sleepless evening I sing alone,

Tomorrow I'll sing with you on the wings of a dream..."

Hermione hummed the tune for a few moments alongside the other three until she noticed Harry tilt his head toward the trap door. She then shook off whatever magic Harry had somehow cast (though she found it hard) and shook the other two. "Guys, while it's asleep!"

For a moment, Tonks blinked and then got a hold of herself. "Ri-right..." She rushed over to the door and flung it open and looked down it with a frown. "I can't see the bottom..." The Seventh year then glanced at Harry and noticed the sweat on his brow. "Though I don't think that we have a choice..." After she took a breath, she nodded. "I'll go first..."

The older student crouched and then hopped into the open trapdoor and after a few moments called out that it was fine. Neville soon followed and Hermione was about to when she stopped and hissed at Harry. "Come on!"

Harry nodded and slowly moved to the trapdoor and reached it seconds after his bushy haired friend jumped into it. He then shared a look with Nightmare and Luna who had been singing the lullaby before he scooped up Nim and leapt into the trapdoor. To him, it seemed like minutes before he hit something soft. "Oof!"

As he shifted, he looked over at where Hermione was. "We must be miles under the school..."

While she frowned, Nightmare looked up at the opening in time to hear the Cerberus as the harp started up again, though it was soon silenced with a crash. "I highly doubt that we are. No... I think it is something else..." It was then that she noticed something out of the corner of her eye and she turned. "Horsefeathers, look out!"

The others soon realized what was the problem as the plant began to curl around them. Out of them though, it was Neville who realized what they were dealing with first. "Devil's snare! Okay, just relax everyone..." As they stopped struggling, Neville reached into his pocket and slowly pulled out what looked like a miniature lantern. "Dies."

Almost immediately, the area was filled with warm, bright light as if it was daytime which caused the vines to pull back and the group to fall to the floor. Together, they stared at Neville, though it was Tonks who gave voice to their question. "How..."

Having realized what he had just done, Neville blushed. "I... have some devil's snare at my house in the greenhouses along with other nocturnal plants. They hate the light and heat as they normally grow where it's dark and damp. As for the lantern..." He looked at it in sad fondness. "It was something that belonged to my mother. From what Gran told me, two of her friends created it for her and she liked to garden." He then shrugged as he placed it back into his pocket. "I use it to keep control of some of the nocturnal plants and on cloudy days to give my plants some sun." Neville then rubbed the back of his neck. "I have trouble with the wand lighting charm, so I brought it along in case we needed it..."

The Seventh year chuckled and leaned forward. "Good thing that you did." She then gave him a kiss on the cheek which caused him to go red as she mock swooned. "My hero!"

Harry just shook his head before he felt his pantleg get tugged and looked down to Nightmare as she looked up at him. "Something the matter?"

Now having gotten their attention, Nightmare gestured at a still flustered Neville. "No, but would you mind turning that lantern on to drive away the plant again?" At his confused nod, she sighed and then looked up at Harry. "I'd like you to then float me up to the shaft." Having seen that he was still confused, the alicorn plush smiled. "I want to have a quick look at the shaft while we catch our bearings." A few minutes later, as Neville extinguished the lantern again, Nightmare nodded. "I knew that there was something more to that shaft."

As he frowned, Harry raised an eyebrow. "Oh?"

She just nodded however. "The shaft walls are inscribed with runes, can't see what they're there for, but judging about things, I suspect that the time we spent falling was a illusion anchored by them."

Hermione just nodded at that alongside Tonks. "That... makes sense. After all, if we had fallen that far then even the soft landing on the plant wouldn't have saved us." She then shook it off. "Anyways... we've wasted enough time as is!"

The group then made their way down the hall and slowed as they heard what sounded like a soft rustling and clinking from up on ahead. Harry frowned as he stopped at a corner. "Is that a ghost...?"

After she shared a look with Luna, Nightmare shook her head. "No... it sounds more like wings and metal clinking together..."

With a frown, Tonks conjured a mirror and used it to look into the room. "I'm not seeing anything... except a door and what looks like some brooms." She then noticed movement near the top of the mirror. "Wait... there's something flying around in there."

Neville looked over her shoulder and frowned in confusion. "Is that a... flock of birds?"

For a quick moment, Harry poked his head around the door and looked before he pulled himself back. "No, not birds... they look like keys."

From where she stood in the doorway, Luna scowled as she watched them flitter to and thro. "And considering that there's a door at the other end, want to bet that we need a specific one to get through it?"

Harry grimaced and shook his head slightly as he muttered to her. "No way am I taking that bet, not with our luck." He then turned to the others and gestured before he repeated what Luna had said before he added his bit. "That must be why the brooms are there. You have to catch a specific key."

As she stared up, Tonks frowned a bit. "I'm going to try the door just in case..." Before any of them could have stopped her, she ran across the room and reached the door before she started to cast spells at it. Finally, she shook her head and shouted back. "It isn't any use!"

While he watched the keys, Harry walked across the room followed by the others before he glanced at the brooms. "Well... it looks like we only have one way then." He blinked though as Nightmare grabbed a broom herself. "Nim?"

She just snorted at him before she smirked. "You're going to need as much help as possible, and I can fly."

From where she had been examining the door, Luna nodded. "She's right, the more people you have helping the easier and quicker it will be." She then frowned. "And judging by this lock, you're looking for an old fashioned key, probably silver since that is the color of the handle and most of the keys that I can see are gold."

After Harry repeated what she said, the group took off. It did not take them long with Harry's practice at Quidditch having come in handy to find and grab the key. Once they had gotten on the other side of the door and shut it as the other keys all beat on the door, Harry let out a breath. "Well... that was fun..." It was then that he caught sight of the room that they had entered and could just see shapes in the darkness. "Now what...?"

It was then that the lights came on and revealed that they were on the edge of a giant chess board on the black side of it. Tonks then groaned. "Don't tell me that we need to play across the board...?! COME ON!"

With a smirk, Nightmare stepped forward. "Well now... now this I can do..." She then looked over her shoulder. "Now, just do what I say and we'll get past this." She then walked up to a rook and tapped it which caused it to come to life as the horse pawed the ground. "We each take the place of a piece, correct?" At it's nod, Nim frowned. "Each of you follow my directions..."

As the other headed for their position, Harry frowned. "Why are you making me the King, Nim?"

She just gave him a raised eyebrow before she shrugged and took the Queen's place. "Because it's the most important piece." Nightmare ignored the eye rolls that she had gotten for her response while she finished it in her head. 'And thus, it is the most well protected and safest piece in a game such as this...'

Myrtle ignored the footsteps just behind her as she rushed to the door. "They were checking out this room when the door slammed on them and-"

At just that moment she touched the door and there was a flash of light before she was violently flung back. McGonagall winced before she walked up to the door and frowned as she waved her wand at it. "This is rather dark magic..." She then looked down the hall where she could just see Filtch's legs where they stuck out into the corridor. "I wish that Fillius had talked to me about this..."

The transfiguration professor turned as she heard a groan and spotted a slightly smoking Myrtle as she floated out of the wall. "Ow... That hurt!" Myrtle then blinked and looked herself over with some confused awe. "That... actually hurt..."

With a wince, McGonagall turned back to the door and began muttering as she cast spells at it, all the time having ignored the growls. 'I can't imagine how it must be when getting hurt is something to be in awe of...' She then scowled as her eyebrows furrowed while behind her, Myrtle asked what was wrong. "Whoever placed these spells was much more knowlegable then I am..."

A slightly panicked expression crossed Myrtle's face. "You mean that you can't get through!?" Having received a nod, she floated downward, a stricken look on her face. "They're trapped in there with a dark wizard and it's all my fault..."

McGonagall glanced at her and sighed as she shook her head. "It's no more fully your fault then it is mine. I should have listened when they came to me, just like they should have tried to contact me or another teacher before they went inside..." She then turned and began to stride toward Filtch's motionless body. "I shall contact Albus and drop off Argus at the infirmary on the way..."

As Harry reached another door, Tonks tried to keep her eyes from wandering over to what was at one point a large troll as her stomach churned. "Ulp..." After a moment, she closed her eyes and took a deep breath as she conjured her third glass of water and passed to Neville as he finished puking. "Here..."

He gave her a thank you as Harry opened the door and glanced inside with a frown. "It's... a table." His frown then deepened. "And it looks like there's potions on it..."

Hermione looked over her shoulder and shook her head. "This must be Snape's test..."

From her position on Harry's shoulder, Nim cocked an eyebrow. "Is anyone else getting a Alice in Wonderland vibe from this...?" At the odd looks, she blinked. "What?"

Beside her, the bushy haired witch opened her mouth to say something and then stopped. "Actually... now that you mention it..." Hermione then gave a slight smirk. "I'll tell you one thing, if there's an opium smoking caterpillar, I am out of here."

Harry just shook his head and just as him, Nim, Luna, and Hermione had stepped over the threshold, a wall of purple flames shot up in the threshold of the door they had just walked through while black flames covered the other doorway, trapping the four between them. Harry looked back as he could just hear Tonks yelling for them over the flames. "Aw, bloody horsefeathers..."

Beside him, Luna winced. "Lovely, I knew that I had forgotten something..."

After having glanced at her, Harry looked to where the potions where as Hermione walked up. A moment later, she waved him over. "Harry, come here."

The plush doll leapt from her perch on Harry's shoulders and raised an eyebrow as they reached her. "What is it?" She then frowned a bit as she read the scroll. "Wait a moment..."

With a nod, Hermione grinned. "It's brilliant, isn't it?" She looked it over with something that approached awe. "It's not magic at all, but simple and pure logic in the form of a puzzle. Even for all their intelligence and power, many of the greatest wizards don't have an ounce of logic between them. They'd be stuck here for ages just scratching their heads."

Nightmare grunted as she looked it over. "And, thankfully, we got everything that we need to solve it right here." She then shook her head as she continued with a tone that was almost respectful in her voice. "And I must admit, this is rather clever."

As she nodded, Hermione frowned. "Now then, if you'll give me just a moment..." She narrowed her eyes and muttered under her breath as she pointed to individual bottles before she finally sighed and clapped her hands. "I have it." The witch then pointed smallest one. "That one will get us through to the other side of the flames, to where the thief is. And that one..." She pointed to a rounded bottle at the right end of the line. "Will get us back to where the others are." Hermione then scowled. "Problem being that the one to get closer to the Stone barely has enough for one swallow."

Her attention was then caught by Nightmare as she shook her head. "Not quite. You're forgetting something." She smirked as Hermione gave her a raised eyebrow. "The thief has already been through here which means that they took a drink already. So, either the bottle shrinks each time someone drinks some, which is rather doubtful as anyone going through here would drink as much as possible, or..."

Harry's eyes widened. "Or it refills itself as time passes..."

The plush gave a nod as she gave him a look that was filled with pride. "Exactly."

From where she examined them, Luna frowned. "That only helps us so much though." She caught how the two that could see her glanced in her direction. "We don't know how fast it refills, which leaves us at a disadvantage. It could be within a minute or two or an hour." The alicorn then scowled. "We just don't know..."

While she had been speaking though, Hermione examined the potion bottles. "That would mean that all we would have to do is wait until the other refills and then meet up with you."

For a moment, Harry was quiet and then he spoke up. "Hermione, I'll go on ahead, you head back and explain things to Tonks." He then turned to her. "Once the flames die down, she should be the first to follow me." Having spotted the annoyed expression on her face, Harry moved to calm her down. "No offense, Hermione, but it's just that Tonks is a Seventh year with a focus on DADA, she just knows more then either of us when it comes to fighting dark wizards."

As she swallowed deeply, Hermione took a step forward. "But... what if You-Know-Who is there...?"

While he shrugged, Harry gave her a weak smile. "Well... he's tried to kill me before and failed." When she told him that he was a great wizard, he just shook his head. "No I'm not. Not compared to you and the others."

Hermione then hugged him strongly and pulled away. "Oh Harry... What do I have that's so great? Books? Cleverness?" She shook her head as something glistened in her eyes. "You and Nightmare have taught me that there's so much out there that's greater. Friendship... bravery... and..." She then picked up Nightmare and gave Harry another hug, this time with the plush included. "Oh, you two just be careful over there."

After having hugged her and waited until she had left, Harry turned to Nightmare and Luna. "So... what is the plan then?" He raised an eyebrow. "There's not enough for two of us, let alone three of us."

For a moment, Luna looked over the bottles until she shook her head. "Your right, and to complicate matters I would need you here to channel your magic to allow me to drink the potion..."

Their attention was caught by Nightmare as she grunted. "I think that you two are missing something here." She then tapped her chest. "Mainly that if I can possess Luna's body, then very likely it can work in the opposite direction and she can... inhabit the same one that I am currently." She then huffed. "Just don't expect it to be a common thing, and I am only doing this because the situation calls for it."

With his eyebrow raised, Harry spoke up in a dry tone. "And how exactly does that help us with the potion issue...?"

It was Luna, however, who came up with a solution as she pointed to his waist. "Your money bag. The flames likely won't effect whatever is inside it and me and Nightmare could ignore the coins on top of us, giving us more protection from the flames." She then waved a hoof. "Then all you have to do is to drink the potion and walk through."

Harry frowned for a moment. "Wouldn't that have been thought of though?"

After a bit of thought, Nim shook her head. "No, she's right." She gestured at the potions. "Remember what Hermione said about wizards and logic? This... is rather logical, so likely not." The plush didn't bother letting him know the rest of his thoughts. 'And it's rather doubtful that even if my current body was destroyed that it would do more then send us back to the moon...'

As he nodded, Harry watched while Luna came down and seemed to step into Nightmare's plush body which shivered. After a moment, he frowned. "Is that... everything?"

One of the doll's eyes then opened to reveal a rounded pupil as it nodded and spoke in Luna's voice. "Yes." An element of strain then entered it as it shivered again. "But I don't know how long we can stay like this... This doll was never made to contain both of our essences..."

It was after Harry had picked them up and placed them in his pouch, having waited to hear the jinging of coins to signal that they had dug in, that he grabbed the potion that Hermione had pointed him to and drank it. He held back a shiver as it felt as if his veins had been filled with ice before he took a step into the flames. As he had expected, while the flames licked at him, he could not feel them. His eyes widened as he spotted who was there. "Professor Quirrell!?"

The teacher just chuckled and shook his head as he turned away from the mirror. "Ah, Mister Potter... I was actually hoping to see you soon." When Harry muttered that he knew that it wasn't Snape, the professor smirked. "Yes, Serverus does seem the type to do so, doesn't he?" Quirrel then laughed lightly. "And who would have suspected po-o-or st-st-stuttering Profes-s-sor Qui-r-r-ril?" He then sighed. "Such a shame that after all he has done to protect you, it seems it was all for nought."

Harry narrowed his eyes at that. "You were the one who tried to knock me off my broom... weren't you?"

He outwardly ignored how Luna slipped out of the bag in his pocket and came to float beside him as she glared at the professor. "Harry... be careful. I don't know what it is, but something is wrong with him."

With a belly laugh, Quirrel spread his arms. "Ah, yes! Pity that he used a counter-curse to save you." He then narrowed his eyes. "Though I must admit that was not the only time that I failed to kill you."

The visible alicorn looked around as she watched their surroundings. "Keep him talking Harry, the longer he goes on the more likely that we'll get some backup." She grimaced. "We just need to keep him distracted."

As he watched, the professor smirked and then snapped his fingers as ropes came out of nowhere and bound Harry. "Along with how nosy you have been, I'm afraid that all of Serverus' efforts shall be in vain as tonight, I'll kill you." He narrowed his eyes. "After how you managed to throw out much of my effort on Hallowe'en, I knew that the chances were that you would come for the Stone at some point."

His teeth gritted, Harry hissed. "So you were the one who let in the troll."

Quirrel coldly smiled as he nodded. "I must admit, I do have a way with trolls..." When Harry growled out about the one guarding the Stone, the professor gave a unrepentant shrug. "The dumb beast decided to be a bit uncooperative, sadly for it."

Inside the pocket, within the money bag, Nim slowly reached out and grabbed a small pocket knife that Harry had, one which Tonks had cast a self-sharpening charm on. 'That's it... keep talking...' When Harry mentioned how Snape hated him and Quirrel replied that it was his father that he hated, Nightmare frowned. 'And with how much Harry is always told he looks like his father...'

Meanwhile, Harry watched as Quirrel walked around the mirror and muttered as he tried to figure out the trick. It took a few moments, but Harry's eyes widened a slight amount as he whispered to Luna. "That's the Mirror of Erised, isn't it?" She looked herself and then nodded. "And if the Stone is hidden inside..."

The alicorn smirked. "If it's hidden inside then if we need to do is look into it. We want the Stone, but not to use..." She gave a glance to the pocket and frowned. 'Well... Harry doesn't want to get the Stone to use...' Luna then looked toward Quirrel as he called out for his master to help him and quickly swung her head around as she tried to spot who else might be in there. 'Where is...' She then heard another voice tell the professor to use Harry and looked at him with a sinking feeling as she felt sick, a feeling that she shared, unknown to her, with Nightmare. 'He isn't...'

Before Harry could have done anything, he was yanked forward with magic and made to stand in front of the mirror before the ropes that bound him fell away. As he had spotted Harry's hand twitch, Quirrel glared. "And don't even think of drawing your wand or knife, boy. You'll be dead before you manage to reach for it halfway." He then sneered. "Who would have thought that Dumbledore's Golden Boy would have such a dark object in his possession or that he would use it."

Harry stiffened a bit. "Oh?"

For a moment, Quirrel grimaced before he pulled up one of his sleeves. "Yes..." Harry and Luna both realized that it was the arm that Harry had stabbed on the creature when they were in the forest. "After all... this is a most troublesome curse."

The young wizard had to force himself not to freak as he finally seen exactly why the sleeves that the professor had was longer then his arm for the past few days as it came into view. For most of the forearm around the stab wound looked as if it had been mummified somehow. 'Amakirah's knife did that...!?'

As he scowled, Quirrel gave him a push closer to the mirror. "Now then... what do you see, Potter?" He then went behind Harry, while, unseen to him, Luna's horn began to glow as she concentrated. The young wizard barely held back a shudder as he felt the professor's breath on his neck. "What... do you see!?"

After a moment, Harry saw himself, pale and ashened faced, in the mirror. His reflection's expression then changed from the fear it showed to a smirk as it held up a red stone before it opened it's pocket and dropped it inside. Harry for his part felt the Stone as it dropped inside his pocket. Unknown to him, Nightmare also noticed it and grabbed it before she pulled it into the moneybag, still unable to escape while they were so close to Quirrel. She then glanced at it and then at the small knife and winced as she looked up and closed her eyes. 'I so hate this, and the things that I do...'

Outside, Harry gulped before he searched his memories. "I see... myself standing in front of the school. I just got the Quidditch cup and have a beautiful girl on my arm..."

Enraged, Quirrel clinched his fist and threw Harry aside as he once more stared into the mirror. After he glanced at Luna, Harry slowly began to crawl back toward the door. Suddenly, all movement stopped as that the unknown voice once more spoke up. "He lies... The boy saw something..."

Quirrel whirled around and glared at Harry as he stalked toward him. "What did you see? TELL ME!"

He stopped once more as the voice spoke up once more and told Quirrel to let him see it. It was not much longer before Quirrel turned his back on Harry and unwrapped his turban. Once that was done, both Luna and Harry felt like they were going to be sick as there, on the back of Quirrel's head, was another face. It's expression was one of pure distain and hatred. "Harry Potter... and so we finally meet..." The young wizard so wanted to take a step back, but found that he was rooted to the spot. "See what I have become because of you? A being of mere shadow and vapor... who only has form when he shares a body with another."

As he continued, inside the moneybag, Nightmare dropped the knife as she dry heaved. "Oh... Equestria no..."

Harry finally found the strength to break free of the strange hold and stumbled back which caused the face to sneer. "Don't be a fool. Better to save your own life and join me now and join me while I am feeling... benevolent. Or else you will face the same fate as your parents and die as you beg for mercy, much as they themselves did."

As beside him, Luna's horn grew brighter, Harry growled. "Liar, my parents faced you standing up and unbowed!" He then smirked. "And my Mum kicked your arse."

Voldemort's expression became one of pure rage as he shouted. "SEIZE HIM!"

And in that moment several things happened. One was that Luna finally let loose with her spell which grabbed one of the benches and flung it at Quirrel which caused him to duck. Another was Nightmare finally having leapt from the pocket, her mouth around a knife. And, finally, was Harry as he jumped behind a piller. Once there, he took a breath. "Okay Harry... you got some kind of freaky, horror movie reject coming for you... lovely."

He ducked as several spells shot out and hit the pillar and blasted chunks off it. "Come out Potter... you know that as a first year you have little chance against me..." Voldemort spotted something out of the corner of his mouth and smirked. "Or would you like to see your little stuffed friend destroyed..." He flicked the wand and in a moment Nightmare was flung from where she had hidden among the benches dropped in front of him, moments before he froze her in place. "Such an interesting little thing..." As his veins filled with anger, Harry threw himself around the pillar and flicked his own wand as he used the levitation lessons that Luna and Nightmare had taught him to send chunks of rubble toward Voldemort, who simply once more flicked his wand and caused them to avoid him and slam into the mirror, cracking it's surface. "Temper, temper, Potter."

Harry only had time for his eyes to widen before he was yank toward the dark lord and felt a hand close around his neck. In that moment, he felt as if his head was splitting and his blood was on fire and nearly missed that he was dropped. "Master! My hands!"

As he shook off the pain, Harry noticed that Quirrel's hands seemed to have been burned badly as they blistered. 'What...?'

His eyes wide, Voldemort began to snarl. "SEIZE HIM! SEIZE HIM NOW!" Quirrel tried again as he pinned the young wizard under him only to pull away after a few more seconds as his hands smoked. "THEN JUST KILL HIM YOU FOOL AND BE DONE WITH IT!"

It was then that he heard something and Voldemort noticed Nightmare as she jumped onto Quirrel's back and ran up it. "LIKE TARTARUS YOU SOMBRA WANNABE!" Before Quirrel could react, Nim smashed the piece of rubble in her hoof across the back of Quirrel's head which caused him to let go, though as he struggled, he flung her off him and Harry lunged and grabbed Quirrel's head as three voices screamed in agony. "HARRY!"

Despite the pain, Harry was focused on one thing and one thing alone and that was to stop Quirrel. He only let go as he felt Luna trying to yank him away and let go as his teacher collapsed to the side. The young wizard then looked and immediately wished that he had not as he saw the skin on Quirrel's face was blacked and falling off which caused him to scramble away. "I... I..."

Nightmare walked up beside him as she watched the professor slowly breath his last in one final death rattle before he stilled. "It's done..." Her eyes widened though as before their eyes, Quirrel's body seemed to mummify and then disintegrate into dust. Then a shadowy ghost-like figure grew from it as it glared at them with red eyes. "Oh, just bloody lovely."

It then rose to it's full height as it hissed at the two. "Potter..." It then caught movement from the corner of it's eyes and turned. 'What is...'

A moment later it's eyes widened as it saw a blurred, shadowy figure moments before Luna slammed into him at full speed, a snarl on her face. "IT IS NOW OUR TURN YOU BASTARD SON OF A TROGLODITE!" As he was flung away from her, she grabbed the very end of his spirit and yanked it back before she smashed her hoof into his "Face". "HOW DARE YOU LAY YOUR FILTHY TOUCH UPON OUR FRIEND!? OUR HARRY!?"

She then swung him around and slammed him into the floor. To Harry's and Nightmare's surprise, instead of going through it like the spirit that he looked like, he instead broke the tiles around the impact before Luna yanked back and slammed him into the floor on the across from it. Harry just gulped as he felt his strength fade. "Remind me... to... never... have her... angry with me..."

With widened eyes, Nightmare nodded as she spoke with a tinge of awe as she watched Luna lay into the wraith. "Agreed..." She winced as she watched as Luna, while she roared, went from the floor to the ceiling in a matter of seconds and reversed suplexed Voldemort's "Head" into it, not having noticed the shimmer around the impact point. "And I think she may be enjoying this..." She then noticed that Harry was barely conscious. "Harry...? Harry! Stay with me!"

Harry's head lolled to the side to look at her as he slumped. "So... tired..." Her eyes widened as she noticed that his hands were badly burned and that there was a slight amount of blood that leaked from his scar. His eyes slowly closed as she crossed the gap and placed her hooves on his chest and began to channel magic into him as she ignored his labored breathing and pale face. "Mmm..."

As she grimaced and began to channel her magic into him. "Harry...? HARRY! Stay with me!"

And despite how much he tried, the darkness at the edge of his vision crept up and the last thing he heard was the door being blasted open...