So, I only recently came across Rookie Blue and fell in love with the first episode. I've only ever written one fanfic for General Hospital (a work in progress) and hit major writer's block. I thought I'd try my hand at Rookie Blue. I plan on adding to this fic, hopefully before the next episode airs.

I appreciate any and all reviews or suggestions on where to take the story. I am definitely pro-Sandy, but will refrain from completely bashing Luke as he does have his moments of being good.

Disclaimer: I do not own or am affiliated with Rookie Blue, ABC or GlobalTv. This is purely for entertainment purposes.

Andy let herself into the house, dropped her keys on the table in the foyer and tried to avoid the new rug placed over the spot where her fiancé had nearly bled to death. It was surreal to walk where Luke almost died. The cleaners she hired had been able to clean the area, but there was still a stain from where the blood had seeped through the wood grain. She had bought the rug so Luke wouldn't have to see the blood stain whenever he finally came home.

She was tired and disappointed and hurt feelings. She had been trying everything in her power to get Luke to smile since the moment he woke up and so far no luck, but with a few popped balloons and flowers thrown into the trash by his ex and he was laughing and smiling. Andy had been tempted to take Sam's advice and play poker with Luke and watch a little porn, but on second thought she figured that would be something they could do when he did get home. So, she had stopped and picked up a plant with prickly leaves that she thought fitted perfectly with Luke's current attitude. She was going to remove all the flowers he hated and give them to the nurse's station for them to divvy out to less fortunate patients. Jo had stolen her thunder and now Andy didn't know how to handle the situation.

"She all but said she was going to take him away from me," Andy muttered, heading into the kitchen to grab a beer from the fridge.

Andy popped the top and headed into the living room. Her mind was racing. She didn't know what to do. She felt only slightly guilty about leaving the hospital without letting Luke know she had been there. She felt, rather than truly know, that he wouldn't have cared one way or the other. He had already made it clear he didn't appreciate her efforts to cheer him up. She had started to wonder if he blamed her for the shooting. Jo certainly did. She had made it clear when she had handed Andy's business card to her in the hospital waiting room. It had taken Andy a little time to comprehend the emotion and accusation in Jo's voice, but when it finally hit home, it hit hard, especially after Jo's comment in the D's office earlier.

She flopped onto the sofa, leaning against the back. Andy took a long pull from the bottle before plucking her cell phone from her jeans pocket. She stared at it trying to decide whom she could call. Her first thought was Sam, but she thought better of it. He was probably tired of hearing about issues she was having with Luke. He was a great friend and it still felt awkward whenever she brought up Luke. Almost like an invisible wall between them that grew higher whenever his name was brought up, especially since her engagement to Luke.

"Maybe Traci," Andy said and dialed her best friend's number.

On the third ring, Traci picked up.

"Hello?" Traci practically yelled. There was a lot of noise in the background.

"Hey, Traci," Andy replied.

"What? Andy?" Traci yelled again. Traci plugged one ear and turned her back on the table of rowdy rookies. Dov and Chris were regaling Gail and her about their day on the job.

"I was hoping we could talk, but it sounds like you're busy," Andy said, already regretting calling, as Traci sounded too busy to really listen.

"Why don't you come out to the Penny? We're just having a few beers," Traci replied.

"Yeah, I think I'll just stay home. See you tomorrow," Andy said and hung up the phone before Traci could say anything else.

Traci shrugged and pocketed her phone.

Across town, Andy wandered aimlessly around the house. She cleaned up the kitchen, put out the trash and got ready for bed. The entire time she kept thinking about Luke and Jo. She kept replaying the scene in his room, their laughter, her eating the chocolate Shaw had brought, the flowers being thrown out. She wanted to be angry, to be vengeful, but all she could be was sad.

She had chosen Luke with her head and that night as she lay down in bed, she wished she had chosen with her heart instead. Andy cried silently into her pillow, praying tomorrow would be a better day.

To be continued . . .