Epilogue – 5 years later


Andy barely registered the hand wrapping around her forearm before being pushed through the door to Observation One. The click of the lock sliding into place registered loudly, but she couldn't do more than gasp. Sam had a hand wrapped around her neck and the other on her ass in the next second. His lips assaulted her, licking slowly and deep.

He walked further into the room, forcing her backwards, towards the table in the center. The back of her thighs connected and she fell against the wood with a thump and giggle. He groaned low, bent his knees to keep their mouths together then hoisted her up onto the table, pulling her legs apart and stepping up between them.

"Sam!" Andy whispered, her arms tightening around his neck, mainly to keep from falling backwards with the force of him leaning over her. "What are you doing?"

"What does it look like I'm doing." He tore his lips away from hers and moved down her throat, his hands busy at the knot of her wrap dress. She didn't normally wear dresses to work, but today had been hectic and she'd left the house with a change of clothes in her workbag. This particular dress was one of her, and Sam's, favorites. It wrapped around her body like a second layer of skin and tied at the waist in front. With a deft flick of his fingers, the whole contraption could fall apart.

As it did now. Sam parted the dress and gazed reverently on Andy's black lace clad breasts. He ran his hands up her thighs, over her waist, and cupped her breasts, lowering his head to kiss and suck at the top of each mound.

Andy tipped her head back to give him room, opening her legs a bit wider to allow him to step even closer to her. She rocked her hips into his and marveled at how quickly his body responded to hers. She cupped him through his jeans and squeezed. He groaned against her skin and bit down on the soft flesh. Andy pumped him in retaliation. As much as she enjoyed his attentions and teasing him herself, she was very aware of the door and the one-way mirror into the interrogation room – currently dark and silent, but who knew when it would be in use again.

"It looks like you're trying to get something started we can't finish."

Sam grinned hard and fast. He reached up and slipped the dress from her shoulders and then stroked his hands around her to undo the clasp of her bra. He didn't give her a chance to protest, but claimed her mouth again and tugged the bra off and dropped it onto the table beside them. His hands roamed across her body sparking goose bumps up and down her arms and back. He stroked along the slightly raised edge of her scar, up between her breasts and cupped her face lightly.

The feeling of being nearly naked against his fully clothed body ratcheted up the heat and desire pooled in her belly. Andy shifted back to get more balance before wrapping her arms around his waist and pulling their bodies flush together, her hands gripping his rock solid ass.

"We're going to get caught," she whispered caution into his ear. "Frank came in when I did and is most likely waiting for me in his office."

Sam pulled back a little bit to look at her, his gaze raking across her body like a brand. He kissed along her throat, biting gently at the thin skin behind her ear – the one place he knew got to her every single time.

"Frank can wait. I haven't seen you in two weeks, Andy," he replied huskily, his voice in a timbre she only ever heard in the bedroom.

"You've seen me," Andy replied with a grin. "I've just been asleep when you have."

"Funny." He spoke low. Andy's eyes widened when she saw his hands reach for his belt buckle. The clink of the metal jarring in the silence; the slow rasp of his zipper as he opened his jeans. She licked her lips and grinned at him.

"Really?" She was surprised, more than a little turned on and deathly afraid of being walked in on.

Sam nodded. "Uh huh. I'm cashing in my once-a-year-fool-around-at-work card."

"Are you absolutely sure, Sam? Cause, you only get the one and it's not even April yet. There's still the whole rest of the year to go. What if we're stuck on a stake out somewhere in November and you want to keep warm?" Andy giggled while thinking up every scenario they could find themselves in during the rest of the year.

"McNally," Sam's voice was a warning. He had already shoved his jeans and boxers down far enough for business. He stepped back up close to her, slipped a couple of fingers under the elastic of her panties and stroked lightly. "mmmm, it feels like someone wants me to cash in." He murmured low into her ear, his breath tickling.

She whimpered at the feel of his roughened fingertips lightly touching her. She needed him to press harder, but he kept it light, teasing, circling around her clit before stroking from top to bottom. She wiggled against his hand, pulling him down to get her mouth on his. She moaned into his mouth, sucking on his tongue, biting at his lip. She rocked her hips chasing his fingers. He dipped one into her gently, barely to the first knuckle, then slipped out and firmly stroked her heated flesh.

"Yes, please, Sam . . .Hurry," she pleaded against his lips, her own hand sneaking down between them to grip the silky length of his cock.

He pulled her panties to the side while Andy lined him up. They both groaned as he sank in slow and deep.

"God, I've missed you, sweetheart," he whispered feverishly, his lips pressed against her forehead.

Andy leaned back enough to allow her legs to wrap high around his waist. She already knew her tailbone was going to get a beating, but she didn't care. It had been too long since the last time she had seen him. Since the last time they had had this.

Sam kept his thrusts slow and deep, the lace edge of her panties cutting into his sensitive flesh. If anything, the rough edge kept him from forgetting where he was. Which was at work and not in the privacy of their house. He kept one arm wrapped around her waist to hold her up and the other flat against the hard top of the table to brace him.

Her moans urged him on to a faster rhythm. He kissed her, drinking in her sighs of pleasure, licking deep, tasting the mint of her toothpaste, the cherry lip balm she'd taken to using during the winter.

"Sam . . .Sam . . . please," Andy begged, her breath misted over his face, her eyes heartbreak big on his. "I'm so close, please, baby."

As he kept his hips moving, Andy laid down against the tabletop, arching her back to get the right angle. Sam hissed at the image of her laid out naked in front of him. Her dress was the only thing between her and the hard wood. He stroked his hands up her belly and cupped her breasts, leaning far over her to suck at the hard tips, first one and then the other. They didn't have time for what he really wanted to do to her, so he grasped her hips tightly and thrust harder and faster against her, his hips jarring against her pelvis with enough force to move the table an inch.

"C'mon, sweetheart, help me out," Sam urged her. "Let me see you."

Andy tightened her legs around his waist and reached between them, her fingers circling her clit hard. Sam looked down to watch her, his breath catching in his throat the way it did every time she touched herself for him.

The orgasm hit her with no warning. She could only gasp and arch her back to chase the feeling, her fingers a blur between them. She watched on helplessly as Sam's hips crashed into hers, his arms tensed, fingers digging into the soft flesh of her hips, a deep groan working its way from the depth of his chest.

He slumped forward and over her. He trailed his lips from the base of her throat up to her lips. He kissed her languidly, a gentle gliding of his lips against hers. He smiled wide at her when they broke apart.

"Best ever," he declared breathlessly. His hands loosened their hold on her hips; he brushed his thumbs lightly over the sharp hipbones, tracing soothing circles as they both calmed their racing hearts.

Andy arched an eyebrow. She stroked her fingertips along his shoulders and down his back. He sucked in the fingers of her left hand when they ventured toward his face licking her taste from them.

"Not to ruin the moment, but . . ." Andy trailed off, wiggling a bit underneath him.

"Sure, McNally."

It took only a minute to pull them back together. Andy's ruined panties safely ensconced in Sam's pocket. As Andy went to the door to check the hallway, Sam spun her around, pinned her against the door and kissed her.

He wrapped his arms around her waist to hold her tight against him. Andy sank into the kiss, returning it eagerly, sighing quietly when they broke apart. Sam rested his forehead against hers.

"You ready for tonight?"

Andy nodded vigorously, knocking her head against his.

"Are you?" She gave a hint of a smile before breaking out with her megawatt one.

He squeezed her sides and laughed while she struggled to get away. He loosened his grip, but kept his arms around her.


"With my dad. I promised breakfast with both of us tomorrow morning, so this better go swiftly and smoothly tonight."

"It will. You've done an amazing job, Andy. This bust will be a walk in the park. Even the rooks can't mess it up," he assured her.

She sighed.

"You know you just jinxed us, right?"

"Nah, I know my girl, there's nothing you didn't think through about this. You know every single detail of where this bust is happening, right on down to the nearest bus stop and underground parking garage tunnel. No one is getting away tonight."

She stared at him surprised all over again by the faith and trust he had for her and in her.

"I love you."

"I love you too."

Sam bent his head and kissed her lightly. "Now get out there and get changed. Frank is probably searching for you."

"Yessir!" She saluted mockingly with an easy grin.

She unlocked the door, did a quick glance to check the hallway and then ducked out the observation room, smoothing her hair down. She peered over her shoulder to see Sam stick his head out to watch her. She blew him a kiss before turning the corner to the locker rooms.

Luckily for her the locker room was quiet and empty. After that unexpected interlude in the observation room, she really needed to take a shower. A glance at her watch showed she had little to no time for it though. She still had to meet with Frank to discuss the fine details of the bust. At least she had packed deodorant and her favorite body spray.

"Hey! Where have you been? Frank is going ballistic!" Traci asked, sweeping into the locker room on sexy red pumps.

"Are those new?" Andy asked pointing to her best friend's feet.

"What?" Traci looked down and then back up at her best friend. "Yes. You got here nearly twenty minutes ago. Why aren't you changed?"

Andy blushed and quickly toed off her sandals. She pulled on a pair of skinny black jeans, having to go commando, since she hadn't figured on needing another pair of underwear.

"Were you in the observation room with Swarek?" Traci hissed the last part as two young women walked into the locker room, obviously part of the newest batch of rookies.

"Shhh, keep it down." Andy waved her hands emphatically between them, a little spastically too. "Yes."


Andy frowned at her friend.

"What? I just figured you would . . . .you know . . . at home."

Traci watched silently as Andy unbelted her dress and hung it up in her locker. Andy pulled on a tight black tank top and then a fitted black jacket over it, the sleeves rolled up to her elbows. Sitting down, she took out knee high black boots.

"We haven't seen each other in two weeks. Opposite shifts. Late nights. Body drops, you know the drill," Andy finally explained. "So he cashed in his card."

"Fool around at work card, huh?"


"Way to go, Swarek."

They shared a laugh. It wasn't until they fell silent and Andy was zipping up her boots that they heard exactly what the two rookies were discussing a row over from them.

"C'mon and be serious, Melody! He's married."

"I am serious! He may wear a ring, but the guy has no pictures of his wife on his desk. He never talks about her. It's like she doesn't exist."

"So? That gives you the right to just, what, exactly?"

There was only silence for an answer. Andy and Traci looked at each other with silly grins, both trying to figure out whom they were talking about.

"Melody, it's wrong. You can't just break up a marriage."


"Please, just, leave him alone."

"Julie, I'm going to get a piece of his tight ass, if it's the last thing I do."

At that moment the door banged open and Noelle strode in, full uniform and a fierce scowl on her face.

"Fischer and Grimes! Get your skinny asses to Parade. Now!" She hollered. "Hey, McNally, glad to see you." She smiled warmly at Andy and Traci, pointed to the door and tapped her foot until Fischer and Grimes scampered out the door with their heads down.

"See you in Parade." Noelle said and marched out after them.

"Any idea who they were talking about?" Andy asked Traci, she strapped on her hip holster and badge, looking every inch the badass guns and gangs detective she was.

"None. Melody Fischer. New rookie. Best in her class this year. She's like Gail in snark and Diaz with rules – aside from husband stealing, of course," Traci explained.

"And Grimes?"

"She's a solid cop, good instinctive skills, acts quickly. She reminds me a lot of you."

Andy grinned and they parted ways at Frank's door. Traci continued into the D's office, where Andy could see Sam on the phone looking every inch like a sated male. He looked up and smiled at her.

It only took five minutes to prepare with Frank. Then they both headed into the Parade room. It was packed with people. Frank had ordered overtime for any cop willing to work the bust with Guns and Gangs. Most veteran cops had volunteered. Shaw and Noelle sat in the back of the room, with Traci and Chris with them. Chloe and Dov leaned against one wall.

Andy noted Melody Fischer watching the door fervently. It wasn't until Sam walked in and Fischer's smile widened that she figured out whom the rook was trying to have sex with. Sam greeted Shaw and slipped onto the table next to him. He nodded to several of the cops in attendance, and Andy noticed his nod toward Fischer. If she hadn't just had amazing sex with him thirty minutes ago, she might have been worried about that little nod and the answering blinding white grin. But Sam didn't even notice it. He had already turned to respond to something Noelle had said. Andy saw it. She also saw the frown on Fischer's face and the determined scowl to replace it.

"Better keep an eye on that one."

Sal stared straight ahead, his eyes raking over the entire assembly, yet Andy knew he meant Fischer. Sal had become her partner a year ago and they worked well together. Best of all, Sam had no complaints about her partner and trusted him to get Andy home safe each night.

"So it seems."

"She's young and determined. And he is a sexy beast."

Andy burst out laughing. Several heads turned towards her and she flushed a bright red, more from the laughter than embarrassment. Sam caught her eye and winked.


There were two things Melody Fischer knew for certain after her first shift at 15 three weeks ago: she would be a homicide detective and she would get in Sam Swarek's bed.

His was the first friendly face she met on her first day. She literally ran into the guy as he walked out of the D's office. He had been talking on his cell and not paying attention. It had felt like walking into a stone pillar. She had grabbed onto his biceps to stop her forward momentum and he had steadied her with a hand on her hip. He smelled of musk, clean-shaven, a scar just under his left eye, short black hair, soulful brown eyes and the straightest whitest teeth she had ever seen. And she had fallen hard for him.

She didn't care he was over forty and wore a wedding ring. She had seen him without it more than with it on. She could only assume his marriage was like every other cop statistic – doomed for failure. Half of the men in the division were either divorced or on their second or third wife. The only true marriages were the ones between officers. It was a known fact that civilians couldn't handle being married to cops.

Melody had taken every opportunity to help out the D's on their cases. The more time she spent in the D's office, the more evidence she gathered about Sam. His desk was the cleanest in the office. He didn't have pictures of his wife littering it. His desktop wallpaper was of the beach at sunset. He always kept his cell phone in his pocket, there were only two ringtones, one she recognized as a Who song from one of the CSI shows and the other some Spice Girl song, which always caused him to grin.

He always took lunch at his desk or at the Thai place down the street – usually with Shaw or Nash. His work relationship with Nash was fascinating to watch. He always played bad cop to her good cop. He was snarky and sarcastic, witty and droll. He had a ready smile for his co-workers and a cup of coffee first thing in the morning. He didn't share much detail on his private life. He worked long hours and spent only a few nights a week at the Penny with the rest of 15.

She was fascinated and intrigued by him. He was easy to converse with and even though she knew he had been a training officer in the past, he didn't let his time as a detective stop him from giving advice for working the streets.

For three weeks she had fantasized about him at every chance she got. She spent more time at the Penny than she had ever expected to before joining 15, just to get a glimpse of him. She had tried to buy him a drink one night, but he had left before she could muster up the courage to approach him.

Julie was the only one who knew her plans and what she wanted from him. Except now, she worried Nash and the other woman in the locker room had overheard her. In fact, she guessed Nash already knew and had purposefully kept her from helping the D's on their last case, just to keep her away from Sam.

And now as she sat in Parade and saw the other woman up close, she felt her throat close. The woman was absolutely beautiful. The gun and badge on her hip gave her away as a detective. The burly black guy beside her had said something in her ear and she had let out a peal of laughter. Melody glanced back at Sam and saw him wink at the other woman. She stared at him a moment and then looked over at the other woman, who was still giggling though trying to hide it behind the guy's shoulder. Melody shrugged and faced the front in time to see Sergeant Best walk up to the podium.

"First, I'd like to thank every one who volunteered for tonight's op for coming in. I know this takes time away from your families, GnG and I are grateful for your sacrifice." Best gave a nod towards the officers gathered. "I'm going to turn over the floor to Detectives McNally and Salvador, they are with Guns and Gangs and running lead on this. We are here to help them however they want and stay out of the way, if needed."

There were whoops and hollers as the other woman and the black guy made their way to the podium. Melody exchanged a glance with Julie, who sat next to her and grinned. She was excited to participate in an operation with Guns and Gangs.

It turns out the woman was McNally and from the sounds of the catcalls, the rest of the division knew her personally. Salvador kept to the back and supported her with photos of the major players, where the op would take place and where support teams would be.

Melody was impressed with McNally's ability to turn off the girlish giggles to become focused, driven and no-nonsense, it took Melody by surprise how quickly the grin was gone from McNally's face and grim determination in its place. She wore form-fitting black from head to toe, including knee high boots with killer heels. McNally was everything Melody wanted to be – a detective, gorgeous and commanding a room full of skeptical male cops with one look. And it chafed to know that most likely McNally knew Sam Swarek on a personal level – if the wink he threw her was any guess to go on.

Melody missed the rest of the presentation as she was too focused on Sam and where he would be during the operation and if there was a possibility of being on his team.

"Time to go," Julie said and nudged Melody hard in the ribs.


"We have to go. The bust is taking place in two hours. We have to be in position in an hour. Jeez, weren't you paying attention?"

Melody nodded briskly and followed her friend out of the Parade room determined to find the D's.


After Parade, Sam headed towards the weapons room. He had been so focused on getting Andy into the observation room he hadn't taken the time to stop and get his service weapon. The only thing on his mind had been getting a moment alone with her, to get his hands on her, to just breathe in her scent before all hell broke loose during the operation. He knew she would be busy once they got on the streets and she needed to stay focused, so he wanted to take his chance when he could.

He couldn't help the smirk taking over his face. They had always had a healthy sex life and had had sex in more than one interesting place during their years together, but he didn't think they would ever top the observation room. Usually fooling around at work entailed a heated make out session in the evidence room or a quick kiss at the coffee machine.

"What's with the smirk, Sammy?" Oliver asked from the doorway of the weapons room, shaking his head at the blissed out look on his friends face. "You get lucky in the locker rooms?"


Oliver stared at him, his jaw dropping open slowly as the implication dawned on him.


"Shut it, Shaw." Sam quickly dry fired his weapon, holstered it on his hip, and checked for extra rounds, all while avoiding Oliver's eyes. He didn't think he'd be able to hide anything from his best friend at the moment.

"Oh hey, Shaw!" Melody said as she ran into just inside the doorway. "Oh! Sam . . . "

"Fischer, how can we help you?" Oliver asked solicitously, casting Sam a warning look before turning to Melody.

"I . . .uh . . just wanted to see if the D's . . . needed any help . . . . tonight," she stammered, looking between them as the attempted to have some sort of stare-off with each other.

"You're in luck, Fischer," Oliver stated, resting a heavy hand on her shoulder. "You're with me tonight."

Melody visibly deflated and shot Sam a stricken look. Oliver caught it and turned her around to walk out the room with her. "Don't worry, Fischer. You will still get to see the action happening."

Oliver shot one last look over his shoulder at Sam as he guided Fischer down the hallway. Sam sighed, rubbed a hand over his face and took off the other way.

Years ago, when he and McNally had first gotten together, they had broken up spectacularly. The entire division and probably TPS knew their business, what the fight was about and how it ended with Andy taking a six month undercover stint when Sergeant Houseman had approached her with news of a new task force. Sam had tried to move on with a new T.O. that came from SWAT – failing spectacularly at that as well.

When they finally got their shit together and worked their way back to each other, they both agreed to keep their personal life out of the division doors. Andy had instigated the once-a-year-fool-around-at-work card when it became obvious they had trouble keeping their hands to themselves. It made those times when he did cash in an interesting treat for them both – especially when he made a goal to outdo himself each year. So far they had managed: the shower stall in the ladies locker room, the alley outside of the Penny (not technically at work, but nearly everyone they knew was inside at the time and now the observation room.

Keeping professional while on the job had worked out well for them. While Sam had adjusted to being a homicide detective while Andy was gone, he was able to focus and stay objective when she finally got back and out on the streets again. He had figured out a way to be with her and still stay true to his job.

Their professional lives had gotten more demanding in the last year when Andy took her detectives exam and transferred to Guns and Gangs. Sergeant Houseman had groomed her especially for the team and Andy flourished.

And with Andy out of the division and over at headquarters, it was easy to keep professional. She rarely made it to the barn. And this particular operation was her first and had been in the works for nearly nine months.

What Sam had not anticipated was the new rookie class. Melody Fischer had made it plain as day what she wanted from him and was willing to do anything to get it. He wasn't as clueless as Shaw thought him to be. He just didn't know how to handle it besides avoiding her at all costs.

"Hey, penny for your thoughts."

Sam looked up startled to see he was back in the parade room with Andy right in front of him.

"Nah, not worth that much."

"You sure? Anything you want to add to . . ." she waved her hand behind her indicating the white board.

"It all looks good, Andy. You planned this well."

Andy crossed her arms and stared at him. She knew he had been thinking about something as he walked into the room. His eyes had a glazed look to them.

"Fischer wants to have sex with you."


"You don't look surprised."

Sam rubbed a hand against the back of his neck. How the hell was he supposed to respond to that?

"Look I'm not jealous or anything, I'm just stating that she wants to fuck you. Rather badly. So make sure she doesn't get distracted tonight," Andy said with a wry shrug.

"Jesus, McNally! You can't just say something like that right before we head out there!" Sam finally managed to growl out.

"What? I overhead her and Julie talking in the locker room about it as if it's a done deal or something. Like, right after you fuck my brains out. Kinda threw me for a loop. She knows you're married, but doesn't care," Andy explained with a half-laugh.

She wasn't jealous or looking to start a fight. She was genuinely concerned about the girl's focus to do her job.

"Okay, I heard you. As long as you know there is no way that will ever happen, right," Sam said softly, his arms wrapping around her waist, drawing her closer.

"Sam." Andy warned in a low voice. It had been months since they had allowed themselves this type of touching within the barn.

"I don't care. Let her see. I've heard the rumors. I just ignore them. She can fantasize all she wants. I only want you." Sam stated plainly, pulling her tighter against him.


Sam nuzzled his nose against hers before smacking a kiss to her lips.

"Now, let's get out there and get this over with. I can't wait to get you home and into a bed." Sam announced, tapping her on the ass.

"Oh really?"

"Or against a wall, on the couch, the stairs," Sam supplied with a smirk. "Anywhere really. Doesn't matter to me."

"Bust, breakfast and then bed. Definitely bed," Andy agreed.


Melody found the bust to be anti-climatic, most likely due to Oliver keeping her away from the action. She watched from a safe distance as the GnG unit, led by McNally, head into the worn down apartment complex in the shadiest part of town. Even though Sam was a homicide detective he was closest to the action and went in right after McNally and her team, backed up by Williams, Collins, Diaz and Epstein. Peck was with Julie on the other side of the block.

Within moments, shots were fired, shouts could be heard from inside. Then everything went silent. Not ten minutes later McNally's team was leading out the first perps, hands cuffed behind them.

Melody watched as Sam exited the building pushing a perp ahead of him. He stopped briefly to say something to McNally at her SUV before heading straight towards Melody. Her eyes had squinted in the dark of the street to see what he might have said to McNally to cause a blinding white smile from her.

"Shaw! I got one for you," Sam hollered. "He tried running from McNally."

"That so?" Shaw said with a huge grin. "You should know better, buddy. McNally will take you down every single time."

Shaw took the guy from Sam, Melody held the door opened and waited for Shaw to guide him into the backseat. She saw him lean his head against the back of the seat and close his eyes. He didn't look like he cared he was caught red-handed during a drug raid.

"McNally wants him booked first and put in Interview One immediately," Sam said in a low tone to Shaw.

"But? Shouldn't he go directly to holding after booking?" Melody interrupted incredulously.

"Usually. Not this time." Sam replied. "Shaw."

"Got it, brother. See you back at the barn."

It took them longer to get back to the barn because Shaw wanted a sandwich and then he had to stop for a coffee. Melody was already dragging by the time they made it back to the barn. Shaw took over booking the guy, while Melody headed to her desk to complete some paperwork from the previous shift.

It wasn't until nearly six in the morning before she managed to get away for a coffee break. She hadn't heard any of the other officers come back from the bust and Oliver hadn't asked her to go back out on patrol with him.

As she was walking back from the break room she glanced into the soft interview room and stopped in her tracks at the sight that greeted her.

Sam sat on the couch, a leg tucked under him and facing McNally who leaned back against the opposite armrest, her head resting against the back of the couch. Sam's arm extended along the back of the couch, his fingers playing with her hair. They both were talking and laughing at each other.

Melody sucked in her breath and willed the tears away. She couldn't stop watching even as her heart started breaking.


"Thank you for being there tonight," Andy said softly, her eyes closing as Sam's fingers carded through her hair and rubbed at her scalp.

"Wouldn't be anywhere else, sweetheart."

"I know it wasn't easy for you to see me go in first without you at my back."

"Believe it or not, I actually trust Sal to have your back in there. And I trust you. I did train you," he added with a grin.

"I miss this. Working together."

Sam hummed in agreement. He slid a bit closer to get his other hand on her. He pulled her into his lap as he invaded her space. She settled down with a sigh and a soft kiss to his temple. He wrapped a hand around her nape and an arm around her waist, holding her tight against him, trailing his lips lightly over her neck, half hiding his face in her hair.



"You already played your card."

"This is just me loving you for a moment."

Andy let out a small giggle and relaxed in his hold. She stroked a fingertip over the shell of his ear, tugging gently on the lobe.

"My dad will be here soon. For breakfast." She reminded him.

Sam nipped her throat with his teeth in acknowledgement. She moaned low in her throat and tried to pull away from him.


Andy shifted to get more comfortable in his arms. She draped one leg over his and scooted further into his lap. She wrapped her arms around his neck and leaned back enough to detach his lips from her neck. Sam looked up at her, brushed her hair off her forehead and leaned in to kiss her. Their mouths met hungrily tongues sliding effortlessly against each other.

"We need to get out of here." Andy was breathless and her cheeks rosy pink.

"Definitely. Breakfast." Sam agreed before leaning in for another kiss.

It took everything in Andy to pull away and put a couple of feet between them. She ran a hand through her messy hair and grinned sheepishly at him.

"You need anything from the locker rooms?" Sam asked her. He stood up and faced her, having to adjust himself in the process. Andy's grin widened and she licked her lips in anticipation. "Later," he promised in a husky voice, his own eyes heavy lidded.

"I've got everything I need right here," Andy replied with a nod towards her duffel in the corner.

She had stopped at headquarters on her way back to the barn to pick up Sergeant Houseman who had been unable to be there for the actual bust. They had debriefed Nick in Interview One first, allowing the rest of the drug cartel to hang out in general holding. The sergeant would handle most of the interviewing and transfer of the perps to headquarters. Then she had found Sam in his office with Traci. They had made their way to the soft interview room to talk and come down from the high of a successful drug bust.

He held out a hand to help her to her feet. He pulled her into a tight embrace.

"Love you."

"Let's get out of here. I want breakfast and then bed."

"You got it, McNally."

In the dawning morning light, Sam led his wife out of the barn and into the parking lot. They waved goodbye to their friends on the way out, both too wrapped up in each other to really care who watched them leave. Sam kept an arm firmly around her waist, her duffel slung over his free shoulder.

"Hey, brother! You headed to the Penny for breakfast?" Shaw called out from across the way, his arm against the door of his car.

"Yeah, you in?" Sam yelled back, Andy slipping away from him.

"Sure! See you there."

Andy had already unlocked the truck, cherry red, the silver having been totaled in an accident two years ago. Tommy was already there, throwing a diaper bag into the back seat along with a stuffed giraffe that had already seen better days.

Sam looked over in time to see Andy raise their nearly two-year-old son Thomas high into the air and blow a raspberry on his exposed tummy. His little chubby hands clamped onto her head, his face against the top of her head and he curled his entire body into her, giggles erupting.

"Andy, knock it off, I just got him to settle down," Tommy said with a gruff tone completely belied by the huge smile on his face. Tommy was nothing if not totally enamored of his pint-sized namesake.

"You coming to breakfast with us, dad?" Andy asked, bringing Thomas back down and into her arms. She kissed at his head.

"Nah, Amy is waiting for me. We're going to head to the cabin for the weekend," Tommy answered. "How was last night?"

"It went good, Tommy, you'd be proud of your girl," Sam said, taking Thomas from Andy to toss him up.

"Always proud of her."

"Thanks, Dad."

"Go get some food. Little guy will probably take a nap later for you. I tried to keep him up late last night so he'd take an early nap this morning."

"Thanks, Tommy."

It wasn't long before Andy had the baby settled in his car seat in the back, so they could head to the Penny to meet up with the rest of the gang for breakfast. They didn't normally take the baby to the bar, but ever since they started serving food all day like a real restaurant and not just a cop bar, they occasionally took him.

Sam glanced into the rear view mirror to check on Thomas, who was happily chewing on the giraffe's tail. He squeezed Andy's fingers and raised their joined hands to his mouth to kiss the back of her hand.

"Ever think we'd be married with a kid?" Andy asked him.

"I thought you'd be the death of me. Constantly being shot at and all," he answered.

Andy glared at him with no heat and punched him in the thigh with their joined hands.

"Honestly? It was the only thing on my mind when we got back together." He replied quietly, rubbing a thumb over her knuckles. "I told myself if you ever took me back, if we ever forgave each other, I promised I would marry you, give you as many kids as you wanted, a house, whatever you wanted."

Andy looked at him in surprise. They didn't often talk of their feelings. They just knew how important the other was. They hardly ever went to bed angry preferring to stay up late and get the argument over with, sometimes one or the other leaving in a huff to cool down. But, when Sam did open up, he always had just the right words to let her know just how much he loved her.

"As many kids?" She reiterated quietly.

Sam parked outside the Penny before turning to Andy fully. She looked at him nervously, her bottom lip caught between her teeth.


A slow grin appeared on his face. He gripped her hand harder willing her to say the words.

She nodded slowly, her cheeks turning pink.


"I found out yesterday."

Sam's breath caught and he choked back a laugh.

"I couldn't make any changes for the bust and I had to be there. I promise I was careful. Houseman already knows, so I'm only working behind the scenes now." Andy promised fervently, praying he wouldn't be mad at her.

"Andy, calm down," he said, grabbing her hands and pulling her across the console. "We're having a baby?" He asked once she was back in his lap.

Andy nodded with a huge grin on her face. He leaned up and caught her lips, kissing her with every thing he had, the giggles and babbling in the backseat doing nothing to distract me.

"You're not mad?" Andy asked a little incredulously.

"Are you kidding? I'm ecstatic, Andy. So happy." He whispered against her lips.

This amazing life together she had given him was all he had ever wanted.

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