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Warning: BoyXBoy! Don't like, don't read!

Gilbert sighed and looked over to the body that lay next to him. His face flushed red as memories from last night flooded his mind.

It had been a peaceful night, but he had a difficult problem. He being Gilbert, and this problem being he was losing a certain feeling. The feeling of feeling unique. It's the only thing he considered to value beside Gilbird and some other unesscicary things. But enough of his problem. Someone in front of him was catching most of his attention, making him lose his train of thought every few minutes. It was actually rather annoying.

This man was mocking him by just sitting there, drinking coffee and eating cake. Of course, it wasn't the man's intention. He was just sitting down like normal. Legs crossed, drinking coffee and eating cake. Nothing out of the ordinary. But, somthing about that man made Gil go insane.

"Gilbert?" The Austrian finally spoke, just to geting silence in reply.

"Gilbert?" He spoke a little louder, and got a nod in reply this time.

"What time is it?" He asked, not taking his eyes off his coffee.

"It's... nine in the afternoon." Gilbert smirked and leaned back in his chair.

"...E-excuse me?" Roderich asked, looking up an the possibly insane male sitting across from him.

"Ya heard me. Nine in the afternoon." His smirk growing and he said this rediculous notion in the most nonchalant way.

"There's no such time." Roderich sighed, as if he had repeated that phrase millions of times.

"Sure there is. Now come on. We're gonna go somewhere." Gil got up and grabbed the others hand, succesfully dragging him to his car and shoving him in the passanger seat.

"Gilbert! What are you doing?" The surprised Austrian demanded as he sat up straight.

"Just shut yer mouth and trust me. I always know what I'm doing." Gil replied as he got in the driver's seat and fired up the engine.

Soon they were zooming through the city only to come to a sudden stop at a street.

"Do you remeber?" Gilbert asked.

"R-remeber what?" Roderich said, gripping the seat, still trying to catch his balance.

"This is the street... The street where it all began." Gil replied, taking a side glance at the man next to him. A blush crept upon his face as he slowly took the hand of his lover and looked him in the eyes.

"Ich liebe dich." He said softly before kissing Roderich gently and sweetly.

Needless to say, he got somthing that night gave him the feeling of feeling unique, and he very much enjoyed it.