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"So glad you could make it, Mon Cher," Francis greeted as he let a scowling Arthur into his home. Today was the day Francis decided that it would be nice to have a small get-together with his fellow European nations, and what was a get-together without the anti-social Arthur Kirkland? Nothing, that's what!

Arthur had only stared in disbelief when he got an invitation to Francis's little party. He had considered shredding the invitation, but decided against it at the last minute, as it had been awhile since he had seen Francis and he actually missed him just a tad bit. Though, he'd would never admit in a million years.

Even though he wasn't looking, Arthur could still tell a certain French Man was admiring his new gold watch. His new French watch. 'Of all the days I could've worn my new watch….' Arthur thought and sighed, just waiting for the stupid comment Francis was bound to make at some point. Though, to Arthur's surprise, it never came. Francis just led him inside like the watch never existed, let alone was being worn by the man who claimed and some point or another that he despised French items, especially clothing.

'Maybe he's taken a new perspective on life,' was Arthur's final thought before he shuffled inside.