This is my first Twilight fanfic. I'm testing this story out. It's a Bella and Edward story. They are kindergartners. Hope you like it. Note: Stephenie Meyer owns Twilight and the characters. But, this story plot is mine.

Forks Elementary. That's what the sign said as we pulled in. It was my first day of Kindergarten. I wasn't all that excited about it. There wasn't anything that I haven't already learned that they could teach me. I've been able to read ever since I was 4. I'm 6 now. Very smart for a 6 year old. My name, Edward Anthony Cullen. I have messy bronze hair and green eyes. I speak like a wise old man. At least, that's what my daddy, Carlisle, always tells me. I have 4 other siblings. Two brothers and two sisters. My brothers, Emmett and Jasper, are 10 and 9 years old. My two sisters, Rosalie and Alice, are 9 and 4. Rosalie and Jasper are twins. They have blonde hair. They are going into the 3rd grade. Emmett, is a bit of a scary 4th grader. He's a lot bigger then most of them. And then Alice, well she's just starting pre-school. She's a bit annoying too. Oh, how I can't wait til I get out of this car.

Our mom's white mini van pulled up to the drop off zone at the side of the school. I looked out the window and saw what looked like a bazillion kids running around and screaming.

"Okay. Well, here you guys go." our mom, Esme, turned around to look at us. She wasn't going to cry again was she? Emmett, slid the door to the van open with excitement. He tried to get out of his seat, but was jutted back by his seatbelt.

"Calm down Emm. You've got plenty of time." Esme said

"But, I see my friends! I need to go now!" Emmett said. He unbuckled himself and bolted out of the van. Jasper and Rose followed him out of the van. They actually got there seat belts unbuckled before trying to get out.

"Have a good day." Esme said, choking up. She looked at me. "Do you want me to walk you in? Help you find your class?"

"No, I'm sure I can find it. Thanks mommy." I said, unbuckling myself and slinging my blue backpack on.

"Alright. Have a good day. I'll be here after school to pick you up. I love you." she said.

"Love you too." I said back. I patted Alice on the head then left the van. I slid the door closed and then faced the playground. There were so many kids.

I walked over to the playground. Seeing the kids on the swing set, sliding down the giant twisty slide. I was resisting the urge to run and slide down it. I had to find my classroom. I walked over to the doors that led into the school, and opened them. I was met with a blast of cool air. It felt good. I looked around and saw that they had signs pointing kids in the direction of classrooms. I saw a Kindergarten sign that had an arrow pointing to the left. I followed the sign. But, I didn't understand how anyone else would be able too. I mean, it's kindergarten after all. I'm going to be in a room full of nose pickers and glue eaters. I'll probably be the smartest Kindergartner in the room.

I finally found the Kindergartner rooms. Now, the only problem left. Which one was mine. I stood between the two classrooms. I looked in the one on my left, it had a few kids playing with blocks and one kid. . .eating glue. I rolled my eyes. I looked in the one on my right and it had kids also playing with blocks. And coloring. I must have looked confused and lost because the teacher in the room on my left came out and smiled at me.

"Well, hello there little boy. Do you need help?" she asked in that baby tone adults often used with kids. I hated it.

"Hello. I just need to know which room is mine." I said

"Well, what is your name little one?" she said, looking at the clipboard in her hand.

"Edward Cullen." She looked at her clipboard, then smiled.

"Well, your in luck. You're in my class. My name is Miss Denali." Oh great. I was in this creepers class. And the glue eaters class. But, instead of showing my dislike, I smiled and walked in to the room. It was bright and white. The carpet was an ugly orange color. I was already going to hate today. I could tell. I walked over to the place to hang things up and found my name over a hook written on tape with blue marker. I hung my gray peacoat and blue backpack up.

"I'll be fine Daddy. I promise." a little girls voice came from behind me. I turned around and that's when I saw her. She had long brown hair. And chocolate brown eyes. She was the prettiest girl I've ever seen. Next to Barbie. And my mom. But, she was up there. I had to talk to her. She was going to be my best friend. My best friend forever.