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Last Night.
Pilot Chapter.

-Raven's POV-

"I love you Raven."

Raven looked up from the book she had been reading. Her eyes widened for a moment before she caught herself, then pulled on her usual stoic face. She stared at her green team mate in outright shock, though she didn't let him know that. His face had reddened and his eyes were full of promise, and how she loved those eyes, naturally she would never admit that. She watched as he took a step toward her and inhaled deeply. Before he could say anything, she spoke. Stopping him in his tracks to save both their embarrassment.

"Beast Boy..." She sighed and closed her book before gently placing the large tome next to her on the lounge. When she looked back up at him, she saw that his ears had drooped and he was no longer standing tall. The way his body reacted to things was always more animal than human. He could just put himself out there so completely.

This had always held her fascination.

"It's fine." Beast Boy's voice came out broken and hoarse, it sounded like a thousand knives in Raven's chest. He sighed as he began to move away from her and out of the room, though Raven gently wrapped her warm hands around his wrist, hoping that he would stay and talk to her. She watched him look down at her hand for a moment before he looked up to meet her eyes. Raven felt her face grow warm,she knew that she was blushing.

"Beast Boy." She said firm but in as kind a tone as she could produce. "Thank you. I know it must have been hard for you to admit your feelings to me." She sighed and looked away from his beautiful green eyes. It was bad enough that she could feel his heart breaking, the waves radiating off him were giving her a head ache, she couldn't stomach the hurt slowly clouding his eyes too. "But,"

The green changeling shifted his weight and eyes away from Raven and focused back on her hand holding his wrist. 'There's always a but.' he thought. Raven tried to soften her voice in hopes that it would make it easier to 'tear out his heart' she thought sadly to herself.

"I'm not sure I feel the same way." When she looked back at him she noticed a small tear had started to roll down his cheek. She stood up to wipe the tear as she moved her hand from his wrist into his hand and squeezed it slightly. As their fingers interlocked her whole body started to feel warm. "Please understand that you are my very best friend." She allowed some emotion to slither its way into her words, this was more than she had even purposefully showed someone else. When he finally locked eyes with her, she smiled at him.

"You're my best friend too. I just thought after last night-"

"Last night?" She cocked an eyebrow and removed her hand from his. Her hand began to feel cold, and inturn her body, Raven felt as though the warmth would never return to her until his hand was in hers once again. He smiled at her and leaned closer to her. Raven wasn't sure what to do, so she just stood there with his face only a hairs width from her own.

"Last night, when we were watching that movie." He swallowed the lump in his throat as he pushed back a stray hair from her face. Raven felt her face grow a darker shade of red as it burned at his touch; "We were talking, you tried to hold my hand and then we-" Raven pulled away from him and raised her hood.

"Last night nothing happened. And I certainly didn't try to hold your hand. That was... the popcorn, and you went for it." She cut herself off, she couldn't believe she was RAMBLING!

"But something almost happened." He wiggled his eyebrows at her, a goofy grin on his face.

"But it didn't. I don't know what came over me. I had a moment of weakness and we were both lucky I realised my mistake before something broke."

"Raven, you break things all the time. Why would this have been any different?" His voice was filled with frustration, this caused her to look back at him in surprise. His eyes gazed deep into Raven's. Burning into her. Today had not been working out the way she had hoped, she had hoped that he would just pretend it never happened the way she was going to. She couldn't very well do that if he was here, pretending like it did.

"Beast Boy." She had lost the compassion in her voice. "I don't want to hurt you. I just..." She began to mumble as she looked away from him again. Afraid of what he would think of her if she did let him in and she found out what she was really like.

"You just what?" He growled. The way he spoke almost frightened her, there was so much anger in his voice.

"I don't trust myself around you." And with that she phased through the floor and away from Beast Boy, away from the love he had for her. She was scared, terrified. She needed to meditate.

-Narrator's POV-

Beast Boy continued to stare at the floor, the spot that she had been standing on moments before. The rest of the team entered the main room, still in the middle of a loud argument. He didn't glance up at them when they called out his name, he just continued to stare. Even when Starfire rushed over to his side to see if he was ok, he just stood still, and stared.

"Friend, have you gone the blind and deaf?" She asked as she looked into his ear canals and then into his eyes. Beast Boy blinked and then looked into Starfire's large green orbs.

"Sorry Star." He sighed and then left the main room. He needed to lie down, and think to himself about what had just happened.

The other titans just watched him leave, confusion written all over their faces. "Ohhhh - Kaaaaay." Cyborg spoke, "What was all that about?" He asked no one in particular.

"I'm not sure. I haven't seen him look that down since... well you know." Robin's voice trailed off, there was no need to say her name. The other two teens nodded their heads and sat down on the couch.

Starfire having sat where Raven had previously been sitting, noticed her book. "Do you think that maybe?" She started and then stopped, thinking for a moment.

"Maaaybe?" Cyborg tried to encourage her further with her suggestion.

"Well, I could be wrong. Your Earthly ways still confuse me so." She tapped a fnger to her chin and then looked up at both Robin and Cyborg. Their eyes told her to continue. "Maybe, friend Beast Boy has the (she raised her fingers up to make quotation marks) 'feelings' for friend Raven?" Both the boys jaws dropped and Cyborg tried not to laugh.

"Star, BB may be stupid. But he's not suicidal. He knows that Raven can't have emotion." Cyborg tried to explain to her.

"Yes but the hurt I saw in his eyes. That looked like the sickness of love. Raven has been here, her cup is out on the counter, and her book is here on the lounge. But she is no where to be the seen. Is it not possible that he has confessed and she," She inhaled and then exhaled. " That maybe she did the turning upside down of friend Beast Boy?"

The boys were both shocked by her ability to analyse a situation. They looked around the room and then at each other before they glanced back at Starfire. "It could be possible. Let's not jump to any conclusions though. We will wait for Raven to come out of her room and we can ask her." Robin said to Starfire.

"I'm not sure that we should pry into this. Let them sort this out. If they need our help, they'll ask for it." Cyborg said as he got up to make himself some breakfast.

-Beast Boy's POV-

"I can't believe I was stupid enough to think that Raven would have feelings for me!" Beast Boy yelled as he threw a shoe at the wall. "It's Raven! She doesn't like anything. I'm so stupid." He balled up his fists and slammed them against his door. He then turned his back to it and slid down to the floor.

"But last night..." a smile crept on to his face. "Last night I could have sworn there was something there." He turned into a cat and jumped up on his lower bunk bed. Curled up into a small tight ball and drifted off to sleep. Memories from the night before swimming around in his mind. The only sound in the room was the soft purring coming from the strange green cat.

End Pilot Chapter

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