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Last Night.
Chapter 7.

-Narrator's POV-

After they had popped Starfire's shoulder back in and everybody was all cleaned up Raven began to discuss at length with Robin and Cyborg what she had seen through Starfire's eyes.

"It was horrible. The smell of burnt ash and flesh. I couldn't really see much, it seemed to happen so quickly at first. I saw what ever it was come out of the crater and then it was gone. And then the two of you were gone. Then it attacked her, when it bit her, I felt, well actually Starfire, she thought she was dying. And all I could feel was constant needles in my hand from where it bit her. It just kept slashing at her..." She started to trail off. "How much longer do you think it will take to analyse that fur she ripped from the creature? And the poison from the bite?" Raven looked at Cyborg.

"Maybe another hour or so before the computer finishes scanning and processing it. The fur's not of this world, that's for sure." He had his hand underneath his chin. He inhaled deeply before shrugging.

"And the poison Cyborg?" She encouraged.

"I don't know. I don't even know if it is poison. It doesn't seem to be attacking her. It only affected you."

"Hmm, well that is curious..."

"It just doesn't make sense." Robin's eyes grew narrow as he concentrated. "None of it. Why would Red X try to help us and then just leave like that?"

"That's what you're still hung up on man?" Cyborg's voice was shaky, he was sitting on a bed facing Starfire's sleeping form. His arms resting on his knees, back slouched, his face grim. "Red X?" He sighed as he looked down.

"Well surely there was a reason for him to attack us when he did?!" Robin's voice was almost excited, the way it gets when he's been focusing on something internally for hours, days, weeks.

"Why?" Raven's voice croaked. They both looked at her. "He was taking advantage of us after what happened down town. He knew it would have shaken us, and the citizens and the police force. We weren't prepared. What does it matter what he was doing or if he really was trying to help. Maybe he was just curious, wanted to savour the taste of our defeat first hand." She was now looking at Starfire. Watching as her chest tried to rise, right side expanding better than the left. She would have to heal it again when her strength recovered some more. She still hadn't even healed Beast Boy. Her eyes grew large suddenly, before her face grew serious.

Robin watched Raven. Saw her brain at work, trying to think up a solution for what she described to the rest of them team. "Robin?" He hadn't noticed that her eyes had shifted to him. He wasn't quite sure what he could see in them, but he knew it didn't look good.

"Yes, uh" he choked, "Err, Raven?" His hand moving up behind his head and started rubbing the back of his neck nervously.

"Where's Beast Boy?"

"Where's who, I'm sorry?" Robin tried to chuckle, but it got stuck in his throat and ended up sounding like a pre-pubescent teenager snorting.

"Robin!" Flames suddenly appeared in her pupils as she stood up, half floated, half stormed towards him before she picked him up by what was left of his collar. "I'm not kidding," she hissed. "I am capable of regrowing tissue, would you like me to show you what it looks like in reverse?"

"Raven! Put him down before you hurt yourself!" Cyborg, ever the big brother, stepped between the two. He took Raven's shaking hands into his and looked down at her face. "Listen, we aren't exactly sure right now." She made a weak noise and tried to pry her hands free from her teams mates iron grip. "But we are doing everything we can to find him." He said soothingly

"Everything you can?! What do you mean?" An over head light burst, "Here the two of you are, not looking for him. I mean bird brain is over there thinking about Red X for Trigon's sake!" She was finally free from Cyborg when one of the medical beds was ripped from the floor and flew straight up into the roof.

"Raven, calm down." Cyborg backed away slowly, he looked at Robin and then Starfire and nodded at her and then Robin. Robin knew what he wanted and made his way to Starfire, picked her up and took her out of the medical room, Cyborg staying with Raven and what was now a small tornado in the middle of the room. The cabinets on the walls started to shake and all the supplies inside them started jumping around, trying to free themselves from their glass cage.

"If you don't stop you're going to tear this place apart and we will never find him!"

Just as suddenly as it appeared, it was gone the wind died down and when it cleared Raven was sitting on the floor looking up with big wet eyes at Cyborg. "This is why you didn't tell me huh?" She tried to laugh, but how could she? Beast Boy was out there. "So much for 'control'" she said more to herself than to Cyborg.

End Chapter 7

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