OK time to start my next fanfiction. I'm gonna remake one of my favorite gamecube games into a novel type thing. Legend of the Eighth Emerald is put on hold and will probably be deleted, at least until I have some more experience with writing fanfictions, I may try to remake it one day. Anyway, the game I am turning into a novel is Luigi's Mansion. This is one of the first games I ever got for my gamecube, and I still play it to this day. I was incredibly excited when I heard about the second one being made for the 3DS! There isn't a lot of text in this game, so I will be making most of it up. The fact that there isn't much in the way of text, I thought this would be a good way for me to get better at describing what is going on around the character since the character himself won't be speaking all that much. Does that make sense? Who cares, I rarely make sense anyway. Time to begin the fiction! This is going to be Luigi telling Mario all the things he did to rescue him, so this prologue is going to be Mario and Luigi talking.

"Do you really want be to tell you about it Mario?"

"What, you to embarrassed to tell me how scared you were?" My little big brother said teasingly.

It was the morning after my encounter with that horrible mansion. Mario had already recovered from his first time inside a painting…well, I guess that wasn't his first time in a painting, but his first time being trapped in one. He's been bugging me to tell him all of what happened ever since we got home. I don't really want to tell it, i-it isn't that I'm to embarrassed about being scared like he's been teasing me about, I was scared don't get me wrong, but not embarrassed. Iy's just that I've been trying to forget about the horrid place. Thankfully I'll never have to go back…right?

I could tell Mario was sick of this and just wanted me to spill the beans. "Come on Luigi, I just want to know what it was like, that was pretty much your first "big adventure" that you had on your own."

"If I tell you," I said wanting to get this over and done with," Will you stop Bothering me about it?"

"Yeah, I didn't realize it would be such a big deal to tell your brother what happened during something like this."

I guess he had a point. At least I had a more interesting night than he did stuck in a painting, so I decided to tell him. "Okay fine, where should I start?"

"I guess you could start from where you found out you won a mansion." Mario said with a tone in has voice that said "'bout freaking time!"

"Okay. So it all started when I got this letter…"

Short prologue is short, I know they aren't supposed to be that long, but dang! I just wanted to write something small to get it started, chapter one will be up some time in the near future so don't worry. This already looks better than Legend of the Eighth Emerald! I think it will turn out great. So stay tuned to see more of: The Luigi's Mansion Novel!