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"Here's the plan: I'll teach you to deal with ghosts so you can rescue your brother."



He hooked up my flashlight with some strange backpack and showed me to this room. The room was inclosed with no windows and only one door leading in and out. There were five holes in the ground, wonder why.

"That's the vacuum cleaner I engineered to catch ghosts. I call…this is genius…the Poltergust 3000!"

"Yeah, real clever."

"It can suck up all kinds of things. Let 'er rip! Use the button right there on the front of it to vacuum."

"Do I really need to learn all of this? Mario's pretty strong."

"No matter how strong you think your brother is, ghosts are mysterious beings…they can't be caught using conventional means. So you'd better use this! It's the only way to foil 'em! This is the only thing they fear!…Or something to that effect…"


"Ahem! Well, how's about we start your training?"


"Ghosts seem to like darkness, and they avoid the light. So if you hit 'em with a flashlight beam all of a sudden, you can stun 'em momentarily! Then it's vacuuming time!"

"Sounds simple enough."

"When you see your chance, pull as hard as you can in the opposite direction of the ghost. Just give it a try. You'll learn more that way than just listening to me yap about it."

The lights went out a strange light came from one of five holes in the ground. Out popped a small orange ghost. It was pretty simple to get it in the vacuum. it didn't even try to run or attack. Then again it was a practice ghost…

"Ok, so all I have to do is start vacuuming when I see the heart, right?"

"Remember, as soon as you see a ghost's heart, that's your chance to vacuum 'em up!"

I think his hearing was starting to go.

"Keep going."

It was pretty much the same thing throughout the whole training session. Only after a while, he started adding more ghosts. All the way up to five. I figured out that I could get more than one ghost in my grasp at a time if I did it at just the right moment. I managed to get all five ghosts in one suction, and while I was sucking up the last five I asked him:

"Hey, how'd you manage to get all these ghosts in here?"

"Why yes, these glasses are smudgy."

Yep…definitely losing his hearing.

I missed a few ghosts in training, but I didn't do too badly.

"Whoo-hoo! Nine ghosts! Excellent, Luigi!"


"I'd say you're ready to look for your brother now!"

"But, I've only had one training session, and I still don't completely understand how-"

"Fine, fine. Looks like you worked up quite a sweat there. How about a little cool-down in my gallery? I'm quite proud of it, you know…"

"Yeah, sure. I'll look at your gallery."

"Off we go!"

The gallery was right outside the training area, it looked pretty nice! Nice walls, nice space. It even had these angel statues in the front of it which were a nice touch. It looked really good!…Except for the fact that there weren't any paintings…

"Hey, Egadd."

"Are you done appreciating are for today, Luigi?"

"That's actually what I was going to say, what art?"

"Well, the last ghost I caught was No. 22, Boolossus, but there are lots of Boos, and King Boo rallied them all to take revenge upon me! They used the same machine I used to turn them into paintings to free Boolossus from his painting…then they went and turned all my other portraits back into ghosts, too! As if that weren't enough, they built a mansion in front of my lab in the space of a single night, and then they all hid inside! If I told anybody else this stuff, they'd probably have me committed!"

"ZzZ-*snort* What?"

"I'm sure my portrait ghosts are somewhere inside the mansion. I just have to get 'em back!"


"So, are you done appreciating are for the day?"

"Yeah. Let's head back to the lab."

I guess I should take this time to explain something that Egadd gave to me along with the backpa-I mean, vacuum. It was product placement at its finest. It was shaped like a gameboy color, it even had the same buttons and everything. But instead of reading "Gameboy Color" under the screen, it instead read "Gameboy Horror". If I pressed one button, a map of the mansion would show up and the rooms I had already been to would change color. It showed locked doors, unlocked doors, and would even show where keys I found went. It was a pretty useful tool. If I pressed the other button, a crosshair would appear and I could scan stuff around the room. Egadd said I could "scan ghosts hearts" or something with it. Which doesn't make sense since ghosts aren't living beings and therefore have no need for a heart. But we're talking about a midget with swirly glasses and one strand of hair who lives in an outhouse and makes his living as a wannabe ghostbuster, so I don't think common sense is the best way to approach this. Anyway, we made it back to his lab, I did a few more tests, and we decided I was ready to go after my brother in the mansion. I went up the stairs and to the door. I opened it, but this time, I was prepared and ready to fight for the only family that I know about!

"Hang in there Mario, I'm on my way."

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