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I'm roughly pulled up to my feet by the collar of my shirt and thrown onto the giant bed. Clyde moves behind me and grips my wrists, pinning them together so hard that they'll most likely bruise. Before I know it Craig is lying on top of me, his cold lips meeting mine in a sloppy, drunken kiss and his hands rubbing my nipples through my shirt.

I let out a groan of protest into his mouth, tasting the alcohol on his breath. I wiggle around, trying to get out of Clyde's grasp and out from under Craig but my body is tired and too weak.

"Mghhh!" Muffled screams leave my mouth one after the other, trying to get him to take his mouth from mine so I can breathe properly. His mouth finally leaves mine but immediately bites down on the sensitive flesh on my neck. Tears start to drip down from my eyes and I tilt by head back more to see Clyde wearing a slightly guilty face.

"Wow Clyde…Wh-whatever you gave him did the trick. He's totally helpless." Craig stumbles drunkenly through his words and lets out an evil snicker, grabbing my chin and pushing our lips together again eyes quickly. My eyes widen at his statement, and I look back at Clyde again, tears pouring down, causing a blanket of wetness on my cheeks.

"You…you d-drugged me?" I squirm around, still trying to escape but failing. I can hear the music from downstairs still pumping through the house and I'm wondering why no one is looking for me.

"Yeah I had to…to make this easier…" Clyde speaks in a quiet voice, but I can still hear him perfectly. So Stan was right, he was against me this whole time.

"Nghh…please…please d-don't do this…" My voice cracks as I beg him when I feel him yank my jeans and boxers off. Clyde keeps a firm hold on my wrists as Craig moves lower and lower until I feel his breath against my member.

"Stop! Please…" I kick my legs, trying to get him away from there but he grips my knees, digging his fingernails roughly into my skin and he spreads my legs farther apart. My member is aching with need due to whatever drug Clyde gave me, and I'm desperately seeking release. My stomach pains at the thought of these two being the ones to be doing this to me.

"Kyle…don't struggle or it'll be worse…" Clyde whispers only loud enough for me to hear. I let out a scream when Craig's mouth engulfs my member. He isn't gentle like Stan, his teeth are dangerously close to biting and he's too rough. But heat is pooling in my stomach and groin and my body starts to shake.

"AHHH!" I let out a scream while his head bobs back and forth, but not from pleasure. I want someone to hear me, someone to come and save me. A louder scream escapes my lips when I'm brought to an orgasm, even though it's not a good orgasm. Clyde bends over and covers my lips with his to hide my loud moans. Clyde releases my lips and Craig releases my member and my eyes are burning from all of the tears that are continuing to fall.

"Why…a-are you doing this…? I thought you hated…m-me?" I stumble through my words, trying to talk through raspy gasps.

"Oh Kyle…I totally like…love you, I just act all tough and straight and shit…Stan doesn't deserve you." Cold fingers travel towards my entrance and push in immediately, not even giving me time to adjust.

"CRAIG! STOP!" His other hand comes up and covers my mouth, once again hiding my moans so no one can possibly hear me.

"Kyle…please stop…just…get through this…I'm sorry…" Clyde bends down and whispers into my ear but I don't believe he's sorry for this at all. Stan, I love you so much, I'm so sorry for everything, I think to myself as I feel Craig's fingers jam in and out of my entrance roughly. His fingers find my prostate, and my eyes squeeze together in pure pleasure, even though the fingers don't belong to the one I love I can't help but moan at the wonderful sensation.

I tilt my head back and open my eyes to see Clyde watching the scene intently, still wearing a guilty and I mouth the words help me to him, but he doesn't. Craig's fingers continue their scissoring motions for another few seconds before he yanks them out and grabs onto my thighs, his hard erection barely touching my entrance before I squirm and try to kick my legs free again.

"Stop, stop, STOP! Please don't!" One of his hands reaches up and grabs onto my neck, squeezing it harshly, causing me to have trouble breathing.

"Kyle, if you don't stop struggling…I'm going to make it a lot worse for you…so fuck off." He lets go of my neck and I gasp for air, watching him grab his member and placing it back against my entrance.

"I'm sorry Stan…" I whisper out loud, hoping Craig doesn't hear me but I can't help but let out a joyful cry when the door flies open, revealing Stan and Kenny.

"STAN!" Stan takes a leap at Craig, knocking him off of me while Kenny comes after Clyde, punching him in the face making him release my wrists and he topples over on the ground. My body is too sore to sit up but I look over to see Stan beating the shit out of Craig and I'm pretty sure he's unconscious by now. I take a quick glance over to see Clyde is also lying on the ground, groaning in pain.

"If you don't want me to kick your ass, get the fuck out and leave Kyle alone." Kenny tells Clyde in a very threatening tone, and I watch as Clyde slowly gets up, holding his bloody nose and he rushes out of the room.

"Thanks Ken…" I whisper in a soft voice, too out of it to talk any louder. He runs his fingers through my hair gently, walks over to Stan and rubs his back in a soothing motion before giving me a quick wave and leaving the room as fall from my eyes as I look at Stan, watching him rub his eyes with the back of his arm. He's staring at the bed and I see tiny drops falling from his eyes, soaking the sheets.

"Stan…" He slowly looks at me and gives me a sad smile. "I'm so sorry…" I manage to say before my eyes close and I'm overcome by sleep.


My eyes slowly open and my body feels warm, seeing as I'm tucked under the covers. I awake to an arm around my waist, gentle fingers running through my hair and I can hear small sniffles coming from behind me.

"Stan…" I roll over to face him, watching as his eyes open up to meet mine, and it has suddenly become awkward between us.

"Kyle…" His fingers stop the massaging through my hair and it takes me a minute to remember what happened. Tears immediately build up in my eyes and I regret everything I've done to him, and I feel violated and dirty from what Clyde and Craig did to me.

"Stan…nghh…I'm so sorry for everything…please b-believe me that I didn't want Clyde and Craig to do that…" He nods and the arm around my waist tightens, and he pulls my body closer to his warm one.

"I know…I think I would have killed him if he went farther than he did...how are you feeling though?" I take a minute before answering to find that my body doesn't seem to be as tired as it was, and nowhere seems to be aching.

"I think I'm…okay. What's going on though? Is the p-party still going on? Where's Clyde…and Craig?" He sits up and reaches over to a desk beside the bed to grab a glass of water he must have gotten while I was sleeping. He hands the drink to me, and I quickly gulp the whole thing down within seconds.

"Yeah it's still going on, it's only one in the morning… you were sleeping for about two hours…but they turned the music down a bit and a lot of people have passed out, but the party is still going on. Don't worry, Clyde is downstairs…Kenny's keeping an eye on him…"

I nod, half smiling, knowing that Kenny won't let him come near me again. My eyes widen as a realization hits me suddenly and I remember Craig was probably still in the bedroom. Stan seems to immediately realize why I'm freaking out.

"Don't worry, we called a cab and carried him to it and they took him home. He doesn't deserve us being nice to him, but I think I damaged his face pretty good…I was so mad…to see what he did to you…" He reaches over and wraps his arms around me, pulling me close to him as he cries into my shoulder. I reach up and wrap my own arms around his back, rubbing it gently.

"Thank you for saving me…if you and Kenny hadn't come at that moment…I don't even want to think of what would have happened…I f-feel so gross…how did you know I was up here, though?" He gives me a squeeze before pulling his face from my neck, placing a sweet kiss on my cheek. I flinch slightly, but then I realize that it's Stan, and that he's gentle and wouldn't do anything to hurt me.

"Cartman said he saw Clyde taking you upstairs, but they had it all planned out…they had some of the other football players kind of…guarding the stairs…so it took a while. But if it hadn't been for Cartman seeing you…we wouldn't have known…" Stan starts to break down again and buries his face in my neck, soaking my flesh with his tears.

"I'm sorry Kyle…this is my fault…I knew t-they were up t-to something…I should have d-done something soon…sooner." My fingers move up and into his inky black hair, and I bury my face in it, kissing the top of his head.

"N-no…it's not your fault…" My voice cracks and I start to break down as well, tears soaking his silky hair. "No, it's all my fault…I should have believed you…I was be-being selfish…I love you Stan…please forgive me…"

For minutes we just hold each other, crying against each other and whispering words of love and asking each other for forgiveness. He lifts his head, and his mouth slowly captures mine in a sweet, tender kiss. I'm hesitant to kiss back, still freaked out from what Craig did to me. But I pull away and when I look into those deep blue eyes, they aren't filled with hate or lust, they're filled with kindness and love. It's Stan, not Craig. He's whom I want to spend the rest of my life with. I lean forward so our lips connect again and our tears mix together to become one. I gasp when he flicks his tongue at my lips, but I let him in and our tongues dance arms travel up and wrap around his neck, pulling him as close as possible to me, and he has his around my waist, doing the same until there's no way we could possibly be any closer. Our lips disconnect and I lean forward to whisper in his ear.

"Stan…be my boyfriend again…please?" I pull back a bit to look in his eyes, seeing the filled with happiness.

"Of course…if you'll be mine again." I smile and lean my chin on his shoulder, still holding him tightly.

"I feel dirty…" I mumble into the warmth of his skin.

"Want to go home?" I shake my head and pull away from him again.

"No…I think I'll shower here. I mean the party is still going on…and Clyde owes me a hell of a lot." A frown forms on Stan's face and he releases his grip on me completely, standing up and holding out a hand for me. I take it and hop off the bed, shivering slightly at how cold it is in the room.

"You're…not gonna talk to Clyde anymore, are you…?" I stare at him for a minute before smiling gently at him.

"Of course I'm not going to talk to him anymore. You were right about him." His hand gives mine a quick squeeze and we make our way to the bathroom. The music isn't as loud but voices can still be heard from downstairs. We grab onto each other and slowly undress each other, pausing for a few seconds to stare at each other.

I watch Stan as he reaches inside the rather large shower and turns the water on, adjusting the temperature. He steps in and takes my hand, helping me in so I don't slip. I let out a slight moan at the feeling of the warm water pouring onto my cool skin. He steps towards me and carefully wraps one arm around my waist, while his other hand runs through my dampening hair. I stand on my tippy toes, wrapping my thin arms around his strong neck and I smile at the contacts of our bodies pressed flushed together.

"Let's…do it…now…" I murmur into his ear gently, and my hold around his neck tightens.

"…Are you sure? I don't want to make you…uncomfortable." My head tilts up and I place a soft kiss on his wet cheek.

"It's fine…I w-want you…I need to get the feeling of Craig…off of me…" His fingers tighten in my hair, and pull my head away from him, tilting it up so I'm staring up at him.

"Do…do you want to maybe…do me?" My eyes widen at his question, and I'm so surprised that I can't form proper words.

"Wh…Huh?..." He gives me a peaceful smile, and pulls me back close to his body.

"I didn't know if…me doing you…would be painful or not after what you've been through, and…I love you so much that I'd do anything for you…" A small smile forms on my face, and I think to myself how I've thought of me topping him one day, but another part of me wants to be loved right now.

I give him a small nod before I start trailing kisses down his chest, licking at his nipples before moving to his stomach and then his hardened member. I take his member into my mouth as my hands travel around to his butt, my fingers circling over his entrance. Stan's moans are drowned out by the sound of the serene drops of water splashing on the ground. My nerves start to build up inside of me, and my hands start to shake. I realize that I can't do this, I don't want to make love to him, I want him to make love to me.

"Ngh…Stan…I-I can't…" I grip his hips to help myself stand back on my feet and I hear him let out a surprised gasp. My arms throw themselves around his neck and I bury my face into his shoulder and let out a whine.

"Kyle…what's…what's wrong? Don't you want this?" Tears drip out of the corners of my eyes and mix with the water droplets from the shower.

"I thought I did…but…I want to be loved right now, by you. I'm sorry, I hope that's okay…" He pries my arm off from his neck, and laces our fingers together before pressing his moist lips against my forehead, whispering against my skin gently.

"Kyle…of course it's okay. You know I love when we have sex, it feels great. I love making love to you. One day you might want to switch it up…and I'm okay with that, but I…w-want you to know how much I love…making love to you." My face brightens up immediately after he says that and I lean up to press my lips lovingly against his, whimpering slightly.

"Mhm..Stan…I feel the same…I don't…don't think that day will come soon. It makes me so happy to know you feel the same…and I'm completely satisfied with the things we do…thank you so much…" He releases his hold on my hands and they move to grasp my hips, his fingernails digging into my skin. Our lips connect again in a tender kiss, our hands exploring each other's wet bodies.

"Then…let me…make you feel…good." He whispers in between kisses, and I let out a gasp and it gives him a chance for his tongue to dart in my mouth. I whine loudly when his hand moves down to my of his hands closes around my member, while the other runs over my hardened nipples. His tongue takes the opportunity to slip into my mouth while I'm letting out gasps and moans.

"Mmphhh…St…Stan…" He smirks against my lips before pulling away and falling onto his knees, taking my member into his mouth, sucking desperately at it. I run my fingers through his soaking wet hair and tilt my head back against the wall. I can't help but let out a loud scream when I feel his fingers push into my entrance and scissor around, stretching me out.

"I'm…coming, coming Stan…" My fingers tighten in his hair and I let out a scream while I unleash my load into Stan's mouth. He stands up and wraps his arms around my shoulders, pulling me into his warm, wet body and I wrap my arms around his back, mumbling into his shoulder. We stand there, holding each other peacefully while the water falls over us gently.

"I love you Kyle…please don't leave me ever again…" He whispers into my hair and my heart flutters in my chest, leaving me filled with happiness.

"…I love you, too, Stan. I promise I won't…I never wanted to in the first place." He yanks me up by the waist and I lock my ankles around his hips, and tightly hold on to his shoulders. He reaches down to grab his member, directing it up so it's lined up with my entrance. I feel my hole start to twitch, wanting him to hurry up and put it inside of me.

"Nghh…Stan…just do it…" He thrusts up and pushes into me, my fingers digging roughly into his shoulders, trying to distract myself from the slight pain. He continues to thrust up, my entrance opening and closing around his member, stretching to fit it in.

"Hahhhh…Stan...ahhh!" The pain and pleasure of him inside of me, the warm water droplets against my skin make me moan and writhe in pleasure.

"KYLE!" We both moan into each other's ears, letting the other know how good it feels. A louder moan leaves my lips when he hits that special bundle of nerves inside of me.

"Stan…Stan…harder…pl-please." He grunts and tries to thrust harder, but it sounds and feels like he's struggling.

"Kyle…too tired…let's change positions…" He lets go of my thighs, pulls out and I uncross my ankles, falling back to the ground. His hands resume their position on my hips and he gently lays me on the ground of the shower. I let out a surprised gasp at the feeling of my back against the cool tiles.

"Stan come back inside of me…now." I angrily demand and he smiles at me before plunging back inside. My arms find themselves back around his neck, pulling him down closer to me so I can whisper into his ear.

"Mmm, now harder…" I wrap my legs around his hips and pull him deeper inside of me, moaning and whining when his thrusting becomes faster and he pounds into me harder. His member reaches my prostate again and I can't help but throw my head back in pleasure, drool spilling out of the corner of my mouth.

"Kyle…so tight…so good…do you feel good?" I lift my head so I can look up at him, staring into his eyes.

"Wh-what do you think? Of course…" Both of our faces move closer together so our lips can connect again, our tongues twirling together and our arms holding each other close. I whimper into his mouth, feeling so much pleasure from our sex, but also because it's with him. With Stan. With my lover.

"Ahh…" Moans are drowned out into his mouth before he pulls out of me again, grabs my hips and rolls me onto my stomach. I rest my head on my forearms and he grabs my hips and my ass is left in the air before plunging back in.

"Stan…what…why…?" I bite my wrist as his thrusts become even harder, slamming into my prostate and I feel my orgasm pooling around in my lower stomach.

"Kyle…coming…" He reaches around and grabs my member, pumping it in time with his thrusts.

"Me…too, Stan…mhmm…" His lips place soft kisses on the back of my neck as I release my seed into his hand, the rest being lost in the water going down the drain.

"Ughhh…" I feel my entrance tighten around his dick and he lets out a groan against my skin.

"Come inside…inside me, Stan." His chest presses tightly against my back as he comes deep inside of me, filling me up to the brim. I fall to the floor and he collapses on top of me and I wince at how heavy he is. Our breathing is heavy, but he rolls off of me and collapses down beside me. After the water turns cold, we giggle and get up before giving each other a quick kiss and get out of the shower. We quickly get dressed due to the chilly air surrounding us, use Clyde's blow-dryer to dry our hair and head downstairs, our fingers laced together to find most people passed out on the couch and floor.

"Wow…good thing there really aren't too many people still up…I think you were pretty loud." I turn to Stan and punch him lightly on the arm, slightly embarrassed that he's absolutely right.

"Asshole." We chuckle when we see Kenny passed out on the couch with his arms wrapped around two passed out girls. We step outside into the bitter cold air, our hands tightly laced together still. I look over to him to see him looking down at our connected hands. My eyes widen when he suddenly stops, yanking on my hand and I end up facing towards him.

"Stan…? What's going on?" I instantly become worried when I see a nervous expression take over his face. I watch him as he reaches into his pocket and pulls something out, hiding it within his hand.

"Kyle...the day you broke up with me…you threw this on the ground," He opens his hand to reveal the small, silver promise ring I tossed back at him that day, "And since we're back together again, I thought maybe you'd want it back…if you want." A huge smile forms on my face and I take the small ring from his hand and put it back on my ring finger before stepping towards him and tossing my arms around his neck.

"Stan…of course I want it back! I never wanted it off my finger in the first place! I was just really angry that day…and ever since I broke up with you I've been trying to figure out how to talk to you and apologize. I love you, and I never want to be apart again. Okay?" He grabs my face with his hands as tears begin to trickle down his cheeks, and I reach up to grab his cheeks with my own hands.

"Kyle…I never want to see this ring off of your finger again…okay? I love you…please just stay with me forever…" Tears start to pour down my cheeks as well and I stand on my tippy toes to press my lips against his in a loving, desperate kiss.

"I promise…I won't take it off again." I mumble against his lips and we end up holding each other for the longest time in the peaceful night, watching tiny flakes of snow falling from the sky over each other's shoulders. After moments of silence, hugging each other we finally decide to head back to our houses, our fingers laced together once again.

"Can I…come to your house for the night?" I lean up and whisper into his ear, watching and grinning as his cheeks turn a light pink.

"Yeah…f-for sure." We smile at each other, and before we know it we reach Stan's house, heading upstairs right away to his bedroom. We slowly undress until we're both in just our boxers before crawling under the warm, protecting sheets. We immediately cling to each other before Stan whispers something in my ear that makes my whole body feel warm and tingly.

I crawl on top of him, maneuvering myself so I'm sitting on him, straddling his hips. I strip him of his boxers, and I throw mine on the floor beside his. I grab his member and slowly begin to move my hips down, sitting myself down on it.

"Kyle…what are you-" I cut him off by leaning down and giving him a sweet, simple kiss. I can't help but groan when his member is completely buried inside of me.

"Shhh…this time…it's for you…" I lift myself off of him before letting myself fall back down, tilting my head back and moaning as I do this. I keep grinding down on him for a bit, trying to get him to hit my prostate before leaning down, rubbing my hands over his chest and whispering into his ear.

"I love you so much…" Our cheeks are pressed together and I can feel him smile.

"I love you, too." I let a big smile take over my face and I pull away and stare straight into Stan's deep blue eyes, enjoying the love coming from them. I've never felt happier in my entire life. Being back together with my boyfriend, making love together like this and the fact that Stan promised we will get married someday. My heart is filled with happiness and love, and I never want to be apart from him again.

I couldn't ask for anything more.


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