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Chapter 1

Bella POV

"It's too good to be true" … I can relate!

Have you ever sat there and watched shows like The Oprah Show or Doctor Phil, and thought "that's never going to happen to me" "I'll never be that girl!"

Well last week I was that person! I had everything anyone could have ever wanted; I was Isabella Cullen, daughter of Renee Cullen and Carlisle Cullen. I had a fantastic boyfriend, the most amazing friends, and despite the fact that my father was never home, I had a great family.

It never would have crossed my mind that something like this could ever happen in my family.

Emmett and I practically raised ourselves; Renee always put her career ahead of us. Don't get me wrong, she always had our best interest at heart but she was a child raising two more. She only had me at the age of 17, Emmett following shortly after. She had her whole life ahead of her, dreams to fulfill … which she did, during Emmett and mine's childhood!

By the time I was 3 Renee's acting career had taking off. She made sure we had everything we ever needed and more! Money was never an issue at our house, we had attended privet schools since the age of 3, had the best nannies money could buy, the best toys, designer clothes, everything. But what's money when you don't have your parents? I guess you can say we started to rebel. Nannies came and went, everyone knew about the Cullen kids, but no one wanted to take the chance, no matter how well the salary was.

While our mother was busy gathering Grammies here and there our father was quickly making his way up the ladder in the medical field, little by little trying to reach the top. With hospital recruiting him from all over the country, from California to Florida, from Maine to Texas it's safe to say my father is one of the best doctors in the country. This also means he was never home, we usually saw more of Renee then we did of Carlisle.

But it wasn't always that way! You could say Carlisle was the housewife while Renee was the hard working husband. Until I turned 5 my dad was always there, driving us to school, attending school functions, talking to our teachers, taking us out, and all though there was always a nanny around he was always there watching us.

Once I turned 5 my parents took a complete 180 turn, it was like the older we got the harder they worked.

Mom was accepting jobs left and right and Dad was flying from state to state. But while they were out working the Cullen kids did nothing but get in trouble, talking back to teacher, causing riots in the school playground, driving our nannies insane the list goes on forever! The point is after having every nanny run out on us our parents thought it'd be in our best interest to move to a new place, to start fresh somewhere where people hadn't heard the warning about the Cullen's kids.

So off we went, from Tallahassee, Florida to this isolated little city in Washington where everything is green, and the sun never shines. Forks, Washington was where my parents had grown up, as well as my grandparents and my great grandparents before them. But just because the scenery changed doesn't mean anything else did.

It's difficult to break a habit, especially a bad one! Our parents hated Forks almost as much as we did, but here in Washington we had something we didn't have in Florida; Family! I had people I knew I could count on to be there for me!

This is where everything started to changed, things actually started to look up for us.

Our parents found a nanny that was willing to put up with our "horrible behavior" as they had so sweetly put it. She was the sweetest kindest woman Emmett and I had ever interacted with; she treated us as if we were her kids. Helen became our mother figure, our shoulder to cry on. She was this 42 year old Cuban ray of sunshine! No matter what was going on she always woke up with a smile on her face. She was the first and only nanny we had at Forks, I still remember my first day of 1st grade and how she helped me into my plaid skirt and collared shirt while telling me I was going to blow them away.

Helen stayed with us even after Renee came back. Yes that's right, she came back and this time she came back pregnant. On July 25 Lucia Megan Cullen was born, Emmett immediately fell in love with her, finally happy he had a little sister to look after. I was 13 at the time, after Lucia's arrival Renee put her career on hold and finally began to look after her family. I guess Lucy was that extra push she needed.

With our mother being the famous Renee Cullen everyone we met was only interested in us because of her.

We only really talked to a handful of people. Mary Alice Swan, or as she preferred Alice, had become my best friend from the moment she sat next to me in 2nd grade and demanded to know why I was the only girl in our class that wasn't wearing pig tails. She insisted she was very smart, given on the fact that she was a year younger then everyone in the class. And sometime in between finger painting and nap time Alice and I had become inseparable!

And the day I met Edward, after constant nagging from Alice's part, I had finally decided to wear pig tails. The day was going fine, the teacher had complimented on my hair and Alice was ecstatic, that is until we got to recess. I was never a one to encourage a fight let alone start one, so imagine my surprise when I'm sitting on the swing and someone yanks me off the swing by my pigtails. Tears formed in my eye, I was never really a crier, but I felt so hurt that the only thing I could do was cry. Alice came immediately and I allowed myself to look into the eyes of, who was at the moment was the meanest person in the 2nd grade. He had green eyes, wore braces and he had the rarest shade of bronze colored hair. I also noticed he wasn't in our class, and just as I was about to get up to give him a piece of my mind little Alice jumped up and grabbed him by the ear, pulling him down to her height.

"I told you to leave my friends alone! Didn't I Edward?" she was screaming so loud and she looked so angry I was actually feeling sorry for the kid. He didn't respond all he did was nod his head and walked away, I later found out that Edward was Alice's older brother! That afternoon when Alice came over to play Edward came along to apologize. I introduced Emmett to Edward hoping to get them out of our hairs and they immediately became the best of friends

Every afternoon after that were spent the same way, with Alice and Edward over at our place. We were attached at the hip! But our group only got bigger. The week before starting 4th grade, meet the teacher week, was when we met the twins Rosalie and Jasper Hale. They had moved to Forks from New York, their mother was a model and their father was the photographer and owner of R&J Photos.

Jasper and Emmett were in 3rd grade while the rest of us in 4th.

While the parents, or in our case nanny, spoke to the teacher Ms. White, Edward being Edward decided to mess with Rosalie, who was writing her name on her desk tags. He grabbed a bottle of red paint and threw it all over her paper causing it to spill all over her pretty white blouse. Once again Alice had come to the rescue and helped Rosalie remove all the paint from her hands offering to get her another shirt and helped her start a new paper all the while yelling at Edward. I can you can say Edward was the glue that stuck us all together. After that everything just fell into place! I don't know what I would do without those 5 we've been through everything together!

So here I am my feet digging into the sand at 3:25am, with a bottle of whisky in my hand watching the waves crash at the shore, wondering what ever happened to being happy. Whatever happened to being faithful and honest?

You're probably a little confused though you see in life everything happens for a reason, everything had a purpose! Life is full of surprises and you never know what's coming at you! I certainly didn't see it coming, everything was perfect! That is until I found out my father's secret!

Tell me, what would you do in my position? What would you do if the love of your life turned out to be your brother?

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