A/N: Hey~ this is set during the Eclipse battle, but it ends differently… This was sad and quite hard to write for me. Hahaha I teared writing it~ have fun!~

They stood overlooking the area where the battle would commence, silently searching the forest for any sign of newborns. He was by her side of course, and she noticed how his eyes always flickered to her. Rolling her eyes before turning back, knowing that he planned to watch her back for the entire battle. That overprotective fool of hers.

Suddenly she was engulfed in bright light. Knowing this was a vision, she let the sensation wash over her, and soon found herself in the midst of the battle. She saw her family fighting the newborns, each had the upper hand so she had nothing to worry about. But where was Jasper? Searching around desperately, she gasped aloud in horror when she finally saw him. She watched as he was circled by seven newborns, all baring their fangs, red eyes gleaming. He was strong, that she knew, but surely he couldn't take on all of them! She wanted to reach out and grab him, pull him away from them, but she couldn't, and heard a strange high pitched sound in the background as he was torn apart. It was then that she realized it was her scream...

"ALICE! ALICE!" someone was shaking her violently, and when she regained her sight, she saw Esme's worried face before her. She had apparently sunk down on her knees during the vision, and the battle had already started around them. She couldn't let the vision happen, not a chance. For once, she prayed fervently that her ability was mistaken. Jasper was already gone, lost somewhere amongst the fighting people, and she soon sprang to her feet and raced after him, ignoring her mothers' cries.
Find him, find him... That was the one thing on her mind, repeating over and over. Where was he? She saw Emmett and Rosalie, Carlisle and wolves but not even a glimpse of her fair haired lover. However she didn't notice one of the newborns had snuck up behind her, and let out a yelp of surprise as it climbed on her back.

"Alice!" despite the situation she was in, she couldn't help but sigh in relief, there he was! He emerged from the battle, looking disheveled but unharmed. She flipped the newborn off her back but it landed on its feet, growling loudly at her. She was about to fight with it when a strong arm pushed her back.

"Jasper!" She hissed, "Let me fight!" he ignored her, turning his attention to the newborn.
All of a sudden, it clicked. The newborn was one of those in her vision! She opened her mouth to warn him, but he was already being surrounded by seven of them, but it was too late.

Without a second thought, she leaped in the middle, catching Jasper off guard and shoving him away with all the force she had. Giving him a sad smile, and a shake of her head, he watched as the newborns grabbed her from behind and started to tear her apart. Enraged, he ran at them, grabbing every piece of flesh he could find and tearing it, ripping it off, sinking his teeth into every part of them. His mind refused to process what he just saw, his thoughts were incoherent- what filled him was just uncontrollable rage and fury.

Finally all that surrounded him was smoldering piles of smoke. The battle had been won, but he didn't care about that. As soon as he dispensed of the last new born, he wheeled around to find her. She had to be around here somewhere! Kicking aside bodies, he muttered strings of curses. How could this happen!

"Jas..." he heard his name being called weakly, and sprinted off in that direction. When he set eyes on her, his heart broke. Her limbs had been torn off, and there was a gaping hole in her chest. He scooped her up in his arms, suddenly finding it hard to speak for the lump in his throat.

She gave him a weak smile, and he in return pretended not to notice when she winced. Instead, he just smoothed her spiked black hair back, placing a soft kiss on her forehead.

"Alice, you can't leave me! You promised!" he could hear his own voice rising in volume, his family murmuring around him, the fear and panic in his tone.

"Sorry, Jasper" how she could smile at times like this, he didn't know.

"You're not going to," he tried to believe what he was saying, "Carlisles going to fix you up, and were going to go to Paris like you always wanted..." at this point, he had to stop as tears filled his eyes.

"We both know that isn't possible," she gave him a patronizing laugh, and he wanted to yell at her, ask her why, why was she doing this to him! Didn't she know he couldn't live without her!

"You saw this." he tried not to be angry.

She didn't answer this time, just stare back at his own golden brown eyes. He knew she was in pain, he could feel it.

"Alice... I'm sorry. " as if it could help her now.

"Shh," she tried her best to give him a exasperated look, "it was my choice to save you. Even if saving you sent me to heaven."

He could hear the next words even before they left her lips, but he refused to acknowledge what was coming.

"Burn me," she pleaded, "please. Kill me"

"I can't!" he looked away, anguish colouring his voice "not to you. You're not dying" oh who was he kidding. She was dying, right here in his arms. And she was in horrible pain, she just wanted him to help her...

Her expression said it all, and as if resigned to fate, he stood up robotically, with her still in his arms, and suddenly kissed her with all his might. This was the last kiss, he knew, and his lips lingered on hers as long as possible till he heard her whimper.

He then walked into the fire, feeling the flames scorch his skin, knowing that this was the end if both of them.