Chapter 1

One day after Drew turns 15 he is downstairs playing the wii in the livingroom and thinking that it's time for him to start driving so he tops his game turning it off and makes his way slowly up the stairs and knocks on his moms closed bedroom door.

"yeah...come on in." she says

Drew takes a deep breath and opens the door "M...Mom." he says quitely

"hey hunnie...whats up?" she wonders looking up at him from writting on her yellow writting pad

Drew just shuts the door "nothing." he says looking down at his shoes

"hunniee..." she wonders

"I...I've just been thinking." he tells her

"oh, thinking about what hunnie?" she wonders

"um driving." he barley says

"what was that?" she wonders

"driving, I think I want to learn how to drive." he tells her

" well this is new." she says kind of surprised

"yeah." he says softly

"but if you don't want to that's fine too." he tells her

"oh no it's not that I don't want to because I do but...a...are you sure you're ready hunnie?" she wonders looking at him

"y...yeah I think so." he tells her

she smiles "okay, well lets go drive then." she says and smiles

"okay." he says watching her get off the bed and she messes up his hair then opens the door and leaves the room.

Drew watches them follows her downstairs to the kitchen.

Sarah hands him the keys and they leave the house to go out to the car and get in.