Students of Chaos


Chaotic! Insane! Perverted! Naruto x Terra


Story Start


Grunts and groans echoed from the Dojo, accompanied by the sounds of flesh smacking against flesh. Sweat dripped down their bodies as a moan escaped the blonde's lips. His hands caught her by the wrist as he restricted her movement. Terra's technique had definitely improved the past year.

Tara Markov, unknown to many was the illegitimate daughter of the King of Markovia. The youngest of three siblings the girl soon found herself under the care of a woman by the name of Dr. Helga Jace.

"You're definitely proving rather limber today." Naruto remarked, sounding rather pleased as he continued his motions.

The experiments she forced to take awakened a latent metagene of sorts giving birth to her powers to manipulate Earth. Shortly afterwards her father requested that she leave Markovia for the United States, to prevent the scandal of the king having an illegitimate daughter from becoming public.

Even to this day Terra, born Tara Marakov had no idea who her birth mother was or if the woman was even alive.

"So hard!" Terra groaned.

"You're going to have to get used to it."

The past eighteen months had seen growth in Terra. She was no longer an awkward, gangly looking teenage girl. Gone was the frail, almost anorexic frame and in her place was an athletic, fit young woman. An improved diet and training had seen her transform into a lovely young woman. That also meant her sensei's teasing about one aspect of her life was now finally over.

"You've grown quite talented Terra. Not so many people can easily bring me to my knees." Naruto complemented. "Then again, I was still able to get you on your back a few times. You're going to have to work on that." He said as a faint pink appeared on Terra's cheeks.

Naruto definitely did not slouch in the teaching department. Terra had the callouses and bruises to prove it. None of that chivalry or women were delicate wallflowers belief. She was a student of chaos, meaning she had to deal with every trial, every blow, and every situation that he had too.

The two bodies moved around, the sound of sweaty bodies colliding echoed throughout the room. And with a single motion Terra was pinned. "Come on, you'll never get me off at this rate."

"I still have a few tricks up my sleeve." Her legs tightened around his waist.

The elements of Earth and Chaos were now her domain. Her former abilities were already formidable, but adding in the latter abilities, the Geomancer became a force to be reckoned with.

In a single motion Naruto found himself pinned under Terra, a kunai aimed at his jugular. "You've done well. That's enough for today." With that Terra slid off her master and began dusting off her clothes.

"Naruto-sensei, when am I going to pass beyond the stage of Apprentice?" The last time her master had mentioned her progress was six months ago. Surely she had progressed since then?

Naruto silently pondered his student's words. She definitely inherited his desires for thrills and actions. "So tell me, what do you know about the Teen Titans?"

"The Teen Titans? Who on this coast doesn't know about them. There's Robin, Batman's former partner and then there's that alien girl Starfire…" Terra began only for Naruto to quickly cut her off.

"Yes, yes, that's all well and good. I know them quite well, Jump City's Heroes and such. I was thinking about taking a visit to the city. If you accompany me, we just might meet them."

Terra lit up in excitement. The past few months her master had been rather secretive, going on trips without her and suffice to say it stroked her curiosity. Not to mention it usually meant she was restricted in this old shack until he came back. You cause one riot at an Aquarium and apparently you couldn't be left alone in the city without the fear of a repeat incident.

So of course she wasn't going to say no to going on a trip. Knowing her insane master, it would be for the best that she dressed casual. So she threw on a pair of denim shorts, a light gray long-sleeved shirt, and a dark gray crop top with black sleeves over this. It was comfortable and suited her tomboyish nature. Once she laced her hiking boots and placed on her thick brown leather gloves she was ready to go.

"We're going to take a little shortcut of course." Naruto remarked as he snapped his fingers as a spark of magic escaped his fingers. A portal had materialized against the wall, shining an array of psychedelic colors. "Keep up, the creatures in the dimension we're jumping through can be quite nasty." Naruto remarked as he walked through the portal.

With a sigh Terra walked over to the portal. Leave it to her master to make everything as theatrical as possible. She was only two steps in when she had to avoid the strike of a tail. Recovering from the sudden assault Terra looked up at her opponent which was essentially a giant scorpion. A smirk formed on Terra's face as she began channeling her power only for the ground to stir. For a moment Terra was confused until she realized that the majority of the terrain was sand in different states and she still had difficulty controlling sand. With that one thing came to Terra's mind. 'Ah crap!'