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Mori: Are you gonna kill me?

Me: *sighs* I haven't decided yet. Now back to the story,

Mori: *whines* but I'm in a cell!

Me: pretty soon, you won't be….*walks away*

Mori's POV

I was pathetic. Look at me.

I'm Morisana Thanatos Crasse! I shouldn't be dying in a cell at only thirteen years old! What about Reis? And my other brothers? What about Erik and Brian? Oh, gods. I haven't even thought of what this'll do to them. Or Aunt Dina…oh my gods.

"No! Please! It was a mistake!" I jerk my head up from my lap and see two flashes of a brunette and a blonde. I had seen them earlier, in the cell across from mine. The blonde turns her head and her beautiful green eyes meet my black, sky-blue rimmed ones.

Both sets have tears.

I hug my knees and hang my head.

Please, I beg my father again.

He sighs in my head. Mori, I am begging you. Help is here. They just have to complete this part of the prophecy….right about…now.

As soon as he says that, the two skeletal creatures that were carrying the two girls run back down the corridor.

Tears stream down my face as I lay down on the dirty cell ground. Closing my eyes, I think of Nico before I drift off into a dream full sleep.


That's what wakes me up. Afraid it may be Hypnos, I push some hair over my face and close my eyes again.

"Would you be quiet, Stella?" Someone hisses.

A girl huffs and hisses back, "Shut up, Nico! You're just being louder trying to shut me up!"

Stella…Nico…Di immortales! They came! YAY!

Man, if I wasn't dying right now, I might just scream.

Six figures sneak right past my stall. I panic and choke out, "Nico?"

The shuffling stops. "Did you hear that?" I hear Chase ask.

I'm almost positive they nod. Hehe I know them so well…

"Mori?" Carrie calls quietly.

"This was our cell," The two girl come into view and the blondes' eyes go wide when she sees me. She points to my cell and I see my boyfriend rush over.

Gods, I missed him. I missed his shaggy black hair, his olive skin, his black eyes. I missed his muscles and how he always let me sit on his lap, even when it annoys him to no end.

Oh, Zeus.

I am in love with Nico di Angelo.

"Oh, baby," I hear Nico mumble. He draws his sword and chops off the lock on my cell door. Grabbing Stella's arm, he rushes inside. The others follow.

They all look at Stella, who shakes her head. "We need to get her out of here. Now,"

Chase nods and takes off his jacket, covering me with it. I hug its warmth. Nico picks me up bridal style as if I weigh less than a feather; which I'm actually sure I do. Carrie and Stella hold open the door for us as we go through.

"Son of Hades," Nico and the others all whirl to see my worst nightmare: Hypnos.

I cling to Nico harder. He looks at me and I feel safer. Chase and Carrie step in front of us and Carrie says, "How could you do this to your own niece?"

Hypnos laughs full-heartedly. "One quick question; did you four honestly think it would be that easy?"

Easy? Oh, gods. What did they do?

Chase's POV

Uh oh…

I thought everything with Melinoe was easy, but I didn't want to say anything in fear of jinxing it.

I sneak a glance at Mori, worried. Her black hair is loose and matted with dirt and blood, but you can see her streaks. Her bangs cover her forehead. Her eyes are open in slits. I can see her black pupils with that unique sky-blue rim, full of pain and fear. Her usual pale face is now practically pure white. The black jean shorts she's wearing are tore, though I'm sure she'll think it makes them cooler. Her gray shirt with the black lettering is caked with mud; I'm sure it will survive, much to Mori's likings.

She has several cuts, but the only major one I can see is on her ankle. It's a…bite mark. And it's bleeding heavily.

They…feast on her. It's pure torture. Sometimes, we could hear her praying to her father. She begs him to let her die. Jamie's words ring through my head.

Hypnos speaks, "I paid Melinoe 10 drachmas to give you the cure. I figured you all get tragically killed trying to save the girl. Then, I fight off Melinoe for the cure, save Jackson and become a hero. And for once, my children shall be respected. And just for your sake, I'll also take your bodies back to camp, say that Melinoe killed you. That I found my poor niece locked away in a cell, dead. I did all I could." He smiles at his plan.

Stella sneers. "You poisoned Percy just to kill us and become a fake hero?"

Hypnos nods.

Stella starts cursing in Ancient Greece and steps forward, drawing her arrows. I put a hand on her arm and she calms.

"Temper, temper," Hypnos teases. He looks back at Mori, whose breathing is shallow. Hypnos eyes Jamie and Avery behind us. "Huh. I see you two are out."

Avery sticks her tongue out at him, hugging Jamie for dear life. Hypnos rolls his eyes.

"Anyways, I guess I'm gonna kill you now…" He raises his hands and I wrap my arm around Stella's waist. She smiles and kisses me on the cheek. I glance over and see Nico cuddling Mori. Carrie is over with her half-sister, most likely thinking of Scott. (Everyone knows they have a thing!) I close my eyes, preparing for death.

"Hypnos!" My eyes shoot open to see a man in his twenties with jet black hair and deep dark eyes. "How dare you try to kill my son in my own domain?" Son? Oh, so this is Hades. Well this should be fun to watch. If only I had popcorn…ugh. Damn ADHD.

Hypnos eyes Hades. "I was only trying to—"

"Kill my son?" Hades interrupts. "I can see that! You do realize you are about to kill my son, Demeter's son, Apollo's daughter, Thanatos' only daughter, and two of Athena's daughters? Plus a daughter of Aphrodite? That is seven very powerful demigods, Hypnos. And you're trying to frame Melinoe! Be gone, now!"

Hypnos' eyes had gotten wide at Athena's name. He turns into mist and disappears. Nico bows as well as possible with Mori. "Father, thank you,"

Hades' stone eyes soften at his young son. "You're welcome. Now get my friends daughter out of here," Nico nods.

Friend? Oh. Well of course the god of death would be buddies with the Lord of the Underworld….creepy.

Hades snaps his fingers and black mist covers us. Wind laps our faces. We're shadow traveling, I tell myself. Hades sent us…cool.

Instead of landing on our feet, we all tumble onto a forest floor. Looking at Nico, I see he positioned himself to wear he takes the fall and Mori lands softly on top of him. He eyes are closed and her breathing is sharper.

We all scramble up; Nico doesn't even struggle with Mori. He looks around and his eyes widen. "This is our clearing," He says.

Out of nowhere, he takes off running. Nymphs poke out their heads and an epiphany comes. We're in the forest…of camp! Yay!

We break through by the cabins. It's about 6 or 7, so I'm sure everyone's at dinner. Nico must think the same thing because he doesn't hesitate before running off to the pavilion. We can see the campers at their tables.

Stella screams, "Help! Chiron! Reis!" Said centaur jumps up and races over, campers on his tail….wow. What an unexpected pun…

His smile fades when he sees Mori's dying form. Adrian mutters, "Oh dear Zeus,"

Chiron immediately takes Mori from Nico and gently lays her on his back. He races off to the infirmary; Nico, Stella, Carrie, Avery, Jamie, Reis, Drake, Adrian, Aeron, and I running to keep up. Once inside, he lays her on a cot two down from Percy.

Oh, gods. He's worse. His skin is pretty much green and his face is scrunched up in pain. Annabeth's by his side but stands up when she sees Mori.

"What happened?" She cries.

Then I remember the cure. I nudge Nico. "Dude," He nods and rummages in his bag until he finds the flower. With it in my hand, I go to Annabeth. I close her fingers around it. "This flower has the cure." Her eyes widen and she nods. I order, "Take it to my siblings." She nods once more and races out of the Big House.

Gods I hope this works….

Nico's POV

Man, Mori is beat up. Chiron works on her ankle first, where a huge gash lies. To me it looks like a bite mark.

He bandages up all her cuts and pours some nectar into her mouth.

He turns to us. "She's lost much blood. Call a counselor meeting as soon as possible," Aeron nods and runs out to get the campers.

10 minutes later, the counselors are all sitting nervously in the Rec Room. Chiron shushes the whispers. "As you all know, the members from the quest. Nico," He motions to me and I stand up.

I tell them about how Mori got us on a train, about how we got a visit from Phobos and Deimos, how we went to Montrose and got a hotel. I tell them about we walked for hours and had to listen to Mori's singing, about how Hypnos kidnapped Mori. At that, the cabin counselor from his cabin, Jared, gets dirty looks. I continue about how we traveled to L.A. and how we go the flower from Melinoe. About how we met Avery and Jamie and how they led us to Mori. I tell them Hypnos' plan and how Hades saved us. "And then we ran here and you know the rest," I finish after about 15 minutes. Everyone takes an interest in their shoes.

Suddenly, Annabeth bursts through the door, smiling. "It worked!" She exclaims. We all cock our heads, confused. Her smile only grows. "Katie and her siblings got the cure out and we gave it to Percy and, and it worked!" She literally starts to jump up and down as we all smile slightly.

That doesn't help Mori, I think bitterly.

Stella crashes into Annabeth as she runs through the door. "She's gone!" She pants.

Panic fills me. "What?"

"Mori, she's gone!"

I shoot out of my chair. Where would she go?


I race out of the Rec Room, ignoring their calls. I run as fast as I can through the woods until I reach the clearing.

Our clearing.

Sitting against a tree, is Mori. She smiles at me as I sit next to her.

"Do you know how worried they are?" I ask.

She shrugs. "Let them worry,"

I smile. "I love you, Morisana Crasse,"

She returns the smile. "I love you too, Nico di Angelo,"

It is the best kiss I've ever had…

And I do believe that is the end of Surprise, Surprise.

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