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The End of the Age of Swords

Arc I: A Craftknight's Promise

Chapter 1: Welcome to the World!

It was inevitable. A passing phase in the grand scheme of our world. A period of Imperialism seems to be spreading. A time where the weak are devoured by the strong, and the skilled are being replaced by the capable. With the invention of firearms spreading, this will be the final chapter, in the Age of Swords.


"Oh! I'm so hungry!" A young girl complained trudging down a seemingly endless desert pathway. Her torn clothes on the verge of becoming tied together rags. She sat down and began rubbing her feet. "Where's the next town?" She asked herself, staring into the blank sky. Her stomach groaned, causing her to wrap her arms around her belly shortly before standing up and walking again. "This stinks! I'm so hungry that I can barely move anymore. Walking is such a bother." The girl continued to complain to herself, a small spec beginning to form on the horizon of the desert. The girl perked up at this and began picking up her pace, stumbling slightly as she ran.

Her skin was light and fair. This was complemented by her light red eyes and identical hair color. Her hair was long and straight, but was tied into a thin ponytail that ended in the center of her back. Her bangs were short, but tucked clumsily behind her ears. If she leaned forward enough, her bangs would slide out and cover her eyes. This was troublesome seeing as how her awkward running would cause her to fix it every few seconds or so. "Yes! It really is a town!" The girl shouted with joy picking up her pace again as she hurried toward the distant town with a huge smile on her face.


The town was surrounded by flat desert. The town was the shape of two V's with one above the other. About ten wooden buildings were built right next to each other, with another ten parallel and turned toward them. Down the road in the center of the town it sharply curved with the pattern repeating in the mirrored direction.

As the girl walked into the town, she noticed a man standing on a wooden box holding a wooden trimmed rifle above his head with a crowd surrounding him. "...That's right people, this model is the latest and greatest design form overseas! Now, not only is this sophisticated weapon accurate and able to fire off fifteen shots before reloading. It is also based after the original models, created form extracted notes from the great mechanist, Orin! Yes, the man whose research in mechanoids over 100 years ago, paved the way for our modern and industrious era that we live in today!"

She continued to watch the man as she was walking by, now showing off the rifles appearance and claiming it's unbelievable accuracy and how it was greater than any rifle before it. Distracted, she bumped into someone and was knocked onto the ground. "I'm so sorry I-" Flustered she instantly bowed her head and began apologizing before she was cut off.

"Are you alright?" She looked up to see a young man now on one knee with his hand extended. He wore a brown trench coat that concealed his true figure as well as hid his face with a hood. The coat was open and exposed two small gun holsters on the opposite sides of his waist that normally would have been concealed. He smiled at her as he grabbed her hand, which had subconsciously reached out for his. After she stood up he patted her shoulder before walking past her. "Sorry, I'm in a hurry. I'll make it up to you later, okay?" He smiled and waved goodbye to her as he walked through the crowd and turned down the road.

Snapped back into reality, she took a step closer. "Wait! I don't know your name." She trailed off at the end as the man disappeared out of sight.

Two men began walking past the girl from the crowd. "Did you see that gun the dealer was showing off?" The second man nodded "Yeah the design was so cool! We should definitely buy one." The first man chuckled. "With what money? We can barely afford lunch from Moe." The second man rubbed the back of his head before laughing nervously. "Yeah, I guess your right. Oh I know! Lets see how much money we have after our meal and see if we can start saving up for the rest." The girl instantly turned away from the crowd and saw the two men walk into a building with large windows that exposed numerous tables and people inside. Her face lit up as she followed the two inside.


The girl entered the restaurant and made her way to the bar in the back of the shop. A large burly man who was rubbing a glass leaned over and addressed her. "Hello there young lady. What can I do fer ya?"

The girl nervously looked around before slowly looking back at the barkeep. "Um, I would like something to eat." She replied, timidly.

The man grinned at the girls reaction and pulled out a pencil and a small notebook from his pocket. "Well that's something I can do for ya. Now what'll it be?"

The girl looked down as she held her hands behind her back. "I don't have any way to pay you though."

The barkeep's grin faded as he put his notebook down and rested his head on his free hand. "Well then, we have a problem now. Don't we?" He huffed in a disappointed frown.

She slowly nodded, the aroma from all the food around her getting to her as her stomach rumbled in response. Instantly causing her to bow her head in embarrassment. "I'm sorry!"

The man heaved out a sigh before looking away from her. "Man, I am such a sucker for a pretty girl." The young woman looked up still embarrassed as the man pulled a small crate up from behind the bar. "Listen, I can't exactly give you a full course meal without payin', but if you deliver this package to the inn across town for me, I don't see why I can't reward you with a small treat." Her face lit up as she agreed. she picked up the box and bowed before turning and running out the front door of the building. The man smiled to himself, picking back up his glass right before the girl came running back in.

Catching a few customers attention as she hurried out then back in almost instantly, she laughed nervously to herself. "Um, I'm sorry. Where's the inn exactly?" She laughed again, only making matters worse.

The barkeep nearly dropped his glass but caught it before it fell. "Eh! You don't even know where it is?" The girl blushed more as he began to massage the bridge of his nose. "It's at the center of town, it's the biggest building around!"

She nodded and turned back to run outside "Alright, I'll be right back!"

The barkeep sighed again as the girl repeated her actions and ran back outside. "That girl's gonna be trouble, I can feel it already."


The Inn was located on the junction of the two main streets and was two floors high. As she entered from the front door she noticed dozens of tables and a particularly rowdy group near the front bar. She smiled as she met eyes with an older man behind the main desk adjacent to the bar close to the entrance.

"Excuse me sir. I was told to deliver this to the inn." She announced, holding up the small crate.

The old man adjusted his thick glasses before taking the box and putting it behind the counter. He was small. his hands would shake slightly when not holding onto something. Despite this, he held an immovable soft smile. "Why thank you young miss. Maybe it's my eyes that are going, but I don't think we've met before."

Shaking her head, she apologized. "No, you're right, I should have introduced myself before. My name is Alice." She said, finding it easy to smile back at the man.

"Hey, Pops!" The room was suddenly shot silent as the three noisy men from the bar made their way to the front desk. "So old man, whats in the box?" Alice turned to the three men to notice they were all dressed in an identical gray military uniforms with a purple insignia on their shoulders. Each having a somewhat built upon model of the gun she noticed being showcased outside In town, strapped onto their backs. "You're not smuggling anything in that box, now are you, old man?" The man shook his head before putting his hands up in defense, denying the accusation.

The man in the trench coat that Alice had bumped into earlier was sitting in a stool at the opposite end of the bar, sipping a glass of water and watching the scene from the corner of his eyes. The young bartender noticing this, grabbed the young man's wrist and locked eyes with him as he set his drink down. They stared for a moment before the bartender slowly shook his head "Stick to the plan." He whispered under his breath, walking away to the other side of the bar.

"Fine Pop's! We'll just have to ask this lovely young girl here." Alice stiffened up as she backed away slightly from the group. "No need to be scared. Just tell us what was in the package." The soldier up front ordered, roughly grabbing Alice's forearm.

Frightened, Alice started to develop a small cold sweat. "I-I'm sorry. I d-don't know!"

The two soldiers behind him chuckled as he arched an eyebrow. "Eh? You mean you delivered a package and you don't even know whats inside?" Alice shook her head violently as the man reached for her again with his other hand. "You shouldn't lie like that, girl."

Oh there once was a man, a man with no name.

He'd grin and he'd smirk 'cause no day was the same.

On the day that he'd die, he looked up and roared.

He said: "Pick up my hammer! And take up my sword!

Adventure and sorrow, that may await!

But If your a Craftknight, you can't hesitate!

Oh I'm just a man, who's far past his dues.

I've done what I can, now leave the rest, to you."

The entire bar was made silent again as the soldier released his grip on Alice and he and the two other men marched over to the hooded man, who was now taking another sip of his drink nonchalantly. "Hey kid. You know that word isn't allowed to be said, right?" The soldier who grabbed Alice commented, leaning on the bar and staring at the cloaked man's face, only inches away.

The young man smirked putting his glass down, avoiding eye contact by continuing to look straight ahead. "I'm sorry, I wasn't aware singing was a crime." A smug smile creeping along his face shattered any slight hope of an apology.

The soldier laughed rudely. Standing up, he took a few steps back. Pulled his rifle off his back, he instantly pressed the barrel against the side of the man's head. "Hey man, don't you think you're taking the joke a bit too far?" one of the soldiers commented, no real concern in his voice. A wide smile still on his face.

"Naw, punks like this kid need to be straightened out every once in a while." He announced a smirk growing on his face, obviously planning to enjoy this moment further.

"Just so I know, what is the word I'm not supposed to say? Just so I don't make the same mistake twice." The man asked pulling his hood off to reveal short, but spikey black hair.

The soldier sighed beginning to lose interest from his victim's lack of fear. "The word was-" The soldier stopped and his eyes widened as he noticed a weapon handle which was tucked hidden away in between the young man's neck and hood under the trench coat. He went to pull the trigger, but in one lightning fast moment, The man reached for his weapon with his right hand and slashed the rifle pointed at his head in half. The gun immediately broke into pieces, leaving behind nothing but the handle and grip. The soldier terrified, fell down and crawled back, a long and thin sword now pointed at his throat. "Cra- Cra- Craftknight!"

The two soldiers behind him quickly reached for their rifles, but the man still sitting in his stool reached for his holster with his free left hand and just as fast as his sword, pulled out a silver revolver. Before the two could aim there guns, they were instantly shot out of their hands by the man who still was sitting down and still staring straight ahead. "Leave here, now." He ordered, his smirk growing larger. The three soldiers franticly scurried outside, calling for aid as the man stood up, sheathing his sword and tucking away his gun.

The bartender gritted his teeth and jumped over the counter. "Dammit Ryuk! Why do you always do things like that?"

Ryuk rubbed the back of his head and looked away. "What did you expect? I'm a craftknight, It's my job to help people." He defended, looking away and showing the older man no sign of respect.

The bartender grabbed Ryuk's collar and pulled his up close so that their foreheads were pushing against each other. "Oh you're a craftknight? Here I thought you were some cowboy!" Before either could say anymore, three trucks drove up to a stop outside the inn. Everyone but Ryuk, the bartender, and Alice, stood up and rushed out the front door in an organized but somewhat hurried mob.


Up on a massive sand dune overlooking the northern section of the town sat three people in light brown cloaks, and one small mechanoid. The smallest of the three held a pair of binoculars and laid on the edge of the dune examining the scene of commotion in the center of town. "It would seem that all the soldiers are heading toward the town inn." A small girl's voice announced in a monotone with the mechanoid hovering around her making numerous buzzes and beeps.

"Is it Ryuk?" The largest of the cloaked figures asked in a deep voice. The girl simply looked up at him before he sighed in response. "Of course it is. Alright, Sophie, hows it look by your end?"

"All the entrances are clear, were free to move out." The voice of a woman commented standing up from a ridge just below the others.

"Roger! Lets get moving! Anya get ready for the worst!" The man shouted sliding down the large dune with Sophia right behind him.

"Zigbur, get my rifle." As soon as the young girl asked, the mechanoid immediately dug out several large suitcases from beneath the sand behind her.


Ryuk and the barkeep were taking cover by the opposite sides of the door frame as waves of bullets were being shot inside through the main windows every few seconds. "Ryuk toss me a gun!"

Seeming somewhat surprised, he slid his second revolver across the floor. "Way to be prepared, Tyson." He mentioned a wry smile on his face.

Letting out a small groan, he readied the firearm. "Shut it! I wasn't supposed to even be in combat, remember?" Tyson shouted, peaking out the window and shooting several bullets at the ground outside, warding off several approaching soldiers.

Noticing this, the young craftknight held his arms up. "Hey! Hey! I don't have any spare ammo, so be conservative, will ya?"

Tyson stiffened up as he went back behind cover. "I can't believe this! Just how unprepared can one man be?" He screamed across from him again, both trying to speak above the ear shattering gunfire but mostly in annoyance. After this, a bullet flew inside and broke a glass beside Alice, causing her to yelp. Ryuk and Tyson both looked at her before back at each other.

"What's she doing here?" Tyson scowled.

"How should I know?" Ryuk commented. Holding his hand up, gesturing for Tyson to wait a moment, he stuck his head out. "Hey you morons! There's a civilian in here! Let her get out safely!" Ryuk was quickly answered by a continued hail of bullets as he ducked back down just in time. "Sorry, looks like you're stuck with us for a while. Get behind the counter for now! And stay low!" Alice nodded and slowly crept along the floor as she made her way behind the bar.

"Oi! Ryuk, check outside!" Tyson shouted as Ryuk peaked out his window to see several soldiers pulling a tarp off of one of their trucks to reveal a large cannon aimed toward the inn.

"Uh Oh!" Ryuk yelled as he and Tyson darted for the bar in the back and jumped over the counter as it shot the door and destroyed most of the main wall in a gigantic booming explosion. The other soldiers stopped firing as they waited for the large dust cloud caused from the explosion to settle.

"Damn...!" Tyson started. "That cannon's gonna do a lot more harm than good. Ryuk If you don't take it down quick people are gonna get seriously hurt! Quick, summon your guardian beast!"

Ryuk slowly turned to Tyson with a nervous smile. "Sorry, he quit this morning."

balling a fist, Tyson gritted his teeth "You just love screwin' me over, don't ya?" His eyes narrowing in aggravation.

Beginning to react in a similar way as he noticed the soldiers moving in closer, and others in the back reloading the cannon. "What do they think they're doing? This is a town, not some war-zone. Damnit! If only I had more power!"

Alice stopped shaking and looked over at Ryuk. "If you had more power, could you stop all this?" Ryuk's eyes still focused outside, nodded. "L-Let me see your gun." Ryuk was confused, but turned to see Alice sitting beside him. He held out his revolver and Alice held her hands over the gun and closed her eyes, focusing as a powerful red glow began to emit from it.

His mouth dropped as he stared at her wide eyed. "Y-You're a summon creature?"

With the dust clearing, the soldier properly surrounded the front opening. Ryuk rose from behind the counter and made eye contact with who he assumed was the commanding officer of the soldiers. The head soldier raised one his arm up to signal them to stop. "Halt! Will you come peacefully?"

Ryuk smirked. "Maybe next time."

The captain shook his head "I'm sorry to hear that. Get ready men! Take aim!"

Instantly, Ryuk pulled his glowing revolver out from behind the counter and aimed for the cannon behind the soldiers. "FIRE!" Ryuk shouted, shooting his bullet that once exiting his gun, was consumed by a massive fireball that dubbed the size of the cannon it was being fired at.

The lead soldier's mouth became agape with fear. "G-G-GET DOWN!" He stuttered, ordering as he jumped aside as all his men mimicked his action and ran. When the fireball hit the truck, it created a gigantic explosion that blew all the guards around it away, and onto the ground. The force even blew Ryuk back down behind the counter.

Ryuk, Alice, and Tyson all warily stood up, awed by the amount of damage Ryuk's gun just delivered. "Now that, was an enchantment!" Ryuk shouted with a grin as the others smiled in relief. Sadly, there celebration was cut short by the sight of rising soldiers from the smoke. "Uh Oh!" Ryuk shouted, letting out a nervous chuckle.

Tyson arched an eyebrow. "What's the problem, just fire another shot and knock the rest of them out."

Gulping, Ryuk glanced over at him. "Sorry, that was my last bullet." The back unit of soldiers kept aim on the three as the front group began walking in closer.

"Super Ultra Typhoon Shot!" A flamboyant man's voice shouted proudly. Suddenly a giant tornado came out of no where from down the street and the burst of wind blew the remaining soldiers and the debris away toward the town's south entrance. Two cloaked figures stood at the opposite end of the road and were moving toward the inn and south entrance.

"J-Jin! Sophia!" Ryuk shouted, smiling and moving up.

The two looked into the inn and the taller one shook his head. "I take my eyes off him for two minutes and he almost blows up the town." A low sigh able to be heard.

The shorter one took off her hood to reveal long flowing green hair. "Don't look at me, he's your apprentice."

The two laughed slightly as the soldier's captain rose up from the wreckage. "Y-You won't get away with this atrocity against the Deigleya!"

Jin smirked as he held up his shotgun which he had been dragging across the ground. "Would you look at that, Sophie. Some of them are still conscious. Isn't that something? Enchant Wind!" Sophia nodded holding one of her hands over Jin's shotgun, causing the barrel to glow in a green veil of light.

The soldier frowned nervously. "Grab those who are unconscious! We're retreating!"

The man smiled, lowering his shotgun "Wise decision sir. Now move out you little worker ants, get on back to the queen!" Jin mentioned making a fan motion with his left hand.


Anya removed her hood to reveal short and straight blond hair that ended just past her ears. Her bangs rested in a similar fashion, ending right at her thin eyebrows.

The rifle almost completely constructed turned out to be a colossal sniper rifle, just as thick as her and three times as long. Checking through the binoculars one last time to see the soldiers work together to flip over one of the trucks Jin blasted, and piling everyone of them in it before they started driving down the long desert road.

"Zigbur, you can stop building the rifle, it seems Jin and Ryuk took care of the enemy units already." Zigbur began releasing steam and his buzzing and beeping became louder and faster. "Hm?" Anya removed her binoculars and turned to see the mechanoid begin freaking out. "You shouldn't get so worked up, you'll deplete your batteries again."

Unfortunately, at this moment the steam stopped and the beeping ended as Zigbur turned gray and motionless crashing into the sand beside her. "Oh there it goes." She said unworried. "Okay, I'll put away the rifle. You focus on recharging, okay?"


"You sure took your time coming to help us y'know!" Ryuk exclaimed running out from the inn to greet his comrades. Jin made a fist, and without remorse delivered a powerful strike to the top of Ryuk's skull. "Ow! What was that for?"

Removing his hood, Jin revealed a messy brown topknot and matching stubble that followed along the base of his chin "That's for going against the mission and putting people in danger."

Ryuk began to rub his head as Tyson walked up behind him with Alice following closely. "-But I was trying to help someone, that's why I did what I did." He admitted standing tall, still rubbing the top of his head.

Jin nodded and closed his eyes. "Okay I understand." Ryuk quickly smiled. "I could never be angry that a student of mine risked his life to help someone else." Jin opened one of his eyes and while Ryuk was off guard, hit him over the head again. "Just make sure you do it with a bit more finesse next time, would ya? The student is a reflection of his teacher after all."

The young craftknight sat down briefly to recover and one again began holding his head. "Y-You're heartless, Old Man!"

Beginning to feel guilty, Alice spoke up. "I-I'm sorry. I'm the reason he did what he did."

Looking Alice over, Jin stepped closer and grabbed both her hands, clasping them together with his own. "Don't worry, I completely understand now. If I were Ryuk I would have caused twice as- No! 10X as much damage if it meant rescuing such a pretty young maiden!"

Silently floating over to him, Sophia made a fist and mimicked Jin's actions by knocking him onto ground with a powerful blow to the back of the head. "The teacher should take his own advice!"

Groggy, Jin slowly began to stand up with a sheepish grin. "Y-You're right. M-My mistake Sophie, darling."

Alice wasn't sure what was going on, but after seeing Ryuk and Tyson start laughing at the scene, she joined in too. "You people are so strange, who are you anyway?"

Jin put his hands on his hips and smiled. Removing his cloak, he held it over his shoulder in a feeble attempt to make it look like a cape. "Well, the Deigleya may label us as rebel scum, but I prefer the term freedom fighters!" He declared, speaking in a very eccentric manner.

Moving in front of Jin, Ryuk held his hands behind his head. "That's a bad example. That soldier that was harassing you from earlier called me one, remember?"

Thinking for a minute, Alice raised her hand. "Oh, so you mean a punk?"

Ryuk fought the urge to let his confident smile shift to a frown. What was left, was a weak and weary smile. "No, I meant a craftknight."

Speechless for a moment, Alice stood still examining them. "But, what's a craftknight?"

Seeming most taken back by this statement, Tyson looked over. "What do you mean, you're a guardian beast, aren't you?"

Alice shook her head. "N-No, nothing like that."

Ryuk pulled out his revolver and showed it to the group. "Huh? But you enchanted my gun, remember?"

Alice nodded curiously. "Yeah, I remember. I've never done anything like that before though. I was just doing what felt natural."

His eyes widening, Ryuk smiled at her. "That's amazing Alice! That was your first enchantment and it was so powerful!"

Becoming agape, Jin took a step back. "Wait! Your telling me this pretty little thing caused all this damage- Wait a minute!" He died down on his over reactions and faced his apprentice seriously. "Ryuk! What happened to Rexer? Why didn't he enchant your gun?"

Ryuk rubbed the back of his head. "Oh he, quit this morning." Ryuk mentioned turning away back toward Alice and completely dropping Jin's and his conversation.

"Another one? So soon?" He spoke, both aggravated and a little disappointed. "Damn. I don't think there's another summoner for the next town or two either. How are we gonna find you a partner now?" Jin thought out loud, stroking his chin.

Sighing before rolling his eyes, Tyson spoke up. "Why not ask Alice?" Both Ryuk and Alice flinched, taken back at the idea as Tyson went on. "Look at her, she's dressed in rags, she obviously doesn't have anywhere else to go. Besides, you saw what she's capable of, she was made for fighting."

Alice put her hands up in defense before Ryuk spoke up. "It's fine If you don't want to, and you can quit anytime. That's the deal I give all my partners." Ryuk commented putting his hands behind his head again and looking away.

This caused Jin to frown. "Sorry, can't have you doing that anymore." Ryuk arched an eyebrow as he continued. "That habit of yours, almost cost us the mission. And if she wasn't here, a lot of people would have gotten hurt, yourself included. So If she accepts, she won't be able to quit like the others." He said in a foreign seriousness that made Alice stiffen up. She grimaced slightly at this, contemplating his words.

"Stop making sound like enslavement." Ryuk complained. Surprised, Alice turned to him and he did the same. "C'mon, why don't you pair up with me? It'll be fun!" He proposed with a grin.

Alice was confused by his reasoning. "Fun?" Ryuk nodded.

"Sure. Travel the world, meet new people, cause some trouble, and maybe craft a weapon or two along the way." Ryuk added winking at Alice, extending his hand. "What'da ya say?" Alice looked up at Ryuk smiling back at her and as his golden eyes met her red ones, she slowly reached out for his hand, and fully on her own this time, accepted it.

Almost immediately afterward, her stomach growled again and Alice blushed beet red. Ryuk chuckled and put his hands back behind his head. "Oh wow, you must really be hungry, aren't you?"

Joined in on the laughter, Jin smiled. "Hey now, no need to be embarrassed. Its healthy for a growing girl to have an honest body like that."

Shaking his head as Tyson looked over at Alice who was still blushing and looking down in embarrassment. "I can't help but feel sorry for this girl." He quickly thought out loud before lighting a cigarette and walking back into the inn to assess the damages.

Anya now making her way to the rest of the group, the still immobile mechanoid resting atop her head as she carried a suitcase in each hand. Looking over the group she cocked her head to the side and frowned. "What did he do now?"


It was becoming evening and the entire group was now sitting around the center table of the inn enjoying a meal and talking, except for Ryuk, who along with some of the towns folk were pitching in to help repair the inn, to his masked discontent.

"Well, welcome to the group Alice, I'm sure you'll fit right in eventually." Sophia warmly commented as Tyson sighed and began resting his eyes.

"What's wrong, Tyson? Why so glum?" Jin asked stealing a piece of food from Ryuk's unprotected plate.

"It's so unfair, Ryuk's had like ten partners already, and now he gets a pretty girl? Where's the justice in that?" Alice blushed at the comment as Jin decided to take Ryuk's entire plate instead of just nitpicking.

Swallowing a large bite, Jin looked over to him. "Wow Tyson, I had no Idea you wanted a guardian beast so badly. You should've said so sooner."

Tyson's eyes snapping back open, arched an eyebrow. "Guardian beast? I was talking about a pretty girl."

Jin grew a cheeky grin. "Oh I've been there my young friend." Jin admitted before laughing loudly as Sophia hit him again in the back of the head.

Still fuming, she narrowed her eyes and turned back to their newest member. "Alice sweetheart, forget what I said. Hopefully you'll never fit in with these numbskulls." Alice couldn't help but giggle as she began to eat some of her own food in delight.

Jin now apologizing and rubbing the back of his head again as Ryuk rejoined the group from behind Alice. "Okay we rebuilt the front door- H-Hey! Where's all my food?" Anya took a fresh bite, but pointed to Jin with her fork, who upon accusation, modestly looked away. "Glutton. Oh well, Alice let me have some of yours." Ryuk picked up a spare fork and swiped a small piece of meat from her plate.

"N-No way! Get your own!" Alice shouted pulling her plate away to the side as Ryuk frowned. "I would, but Jin ate it all!" Ryuk reminded Jin who shrugged his shoulders as Anya and Sophia shook there heads, the lively argument continuing for the remainder of the dinner.


Ryuk and Alice entered a simple inn room which had two small cots on opposite walls. The cot Ryuk walked over to was a little messy, but Alice's looked brand new. A large windowsill built into the back wall gave a clean view of half the town. A dresser and desk near the door. "So we really get to live here for free?" Alice exclaimed jumping onto her bed as Ryuk nodded.

"Yeah, the towns people here are so generous. Because we help out whenever we can with the soldiers, they always wanna make it up to us. They even offered to give you a fresh set of clothes tomorrow." Ryuk mentioned, leaning back onto his bed, neither of them saying anything as the two enjoyed a long since experienced moment of silence. Suddenly, Alice rolled over and looked at Ryuk who had just sat upright and the two made eye contact. "So, you can't fall asleep either yet?" The two smiled and then laughed before standing up. "Come on, lets go for a walk. We should be tired by the time we get back." Alice nodded as she began following him out off there room and down the stairs to the first floor.

Both now walking down the main road agreed to walk from one end to the other before going back to their room. "So think you'll like working with everyone?" Ryuk asked his hands in his pockets, watching her as she answered. Alice nodded smiling.

"Yeah, everyone seems really nice. I'm just worried I might not get used to being apart of a group." Her smile vanishing as she looked down slightly.

Ryuk looked away and focused on the road ahead of them again. "Oh that's right, you've been traveling alone for a while now, right?"

Alice nodded. "What about you, how long have you been with everyone?" Ryuk smiled. "Well, Jin and I only met Anya a few months ago. She's really smart even though she's only thirteen, And she says she's a decedent of Orin." He said in a matter-of-fact tone.

Became agape, Alice leaned closer to him as they walked. "Isn't he the person who invented firearms?" Ryuk nodded continuing, clearly sharing more than one trait from his less than favored craft master.

"As for me and Jin, we've been traveling together for a few years now. We craftknights need to stick together, after all." He said proudly and eyes shut closed.

Alice tilted her head. "But, I thought you were still an apprentice?" Ryuk frowned and put his hands behind his head again. "Details, details. C'mon, it's getting late, lets hurry on back. Race ya there!"

Ryuk challenged all of a sudden, changing his pace from a walk to a jog. He smirked noticing how flustered she became. Alice attempted to run after but almost tripped. "H-Hold on! No fair, my feet still hurt from this morning! W-Wait!"


I still not sure If I can really do this, being a guardian beast and all. I can tell that the same kind of trouble I got myself into today will most likely happen again. But for the first time since I can remember, I'm part of a team now, and I want to be stronger, for them.

Authors Notes: The End of the Age of Swords (TEAS for short!)

Well guys what did you think, I like the concept so far and feel I can properly develop my characters as this thing goes on. From my half finished storyboard you can expect 8-10 chapters all together. For the record I wrote this imagining I was playing a squeal to the series, and I would like you to imagine the same while reading it.

My Timeline: Summon Night SS 1, 100 years later - Summon Night SS 2, 100 more years later - TEAS. I realize this is never specificity stated, nor is it even inferred or believed by anyone but myself, but for the sake of everything fitting in the same cannon-universe, lets just pretend the games have a 100 year interval shall we? Thinking about it from the perspective that its a fantasy-jrpg with slight dating-sim and steampunk influence, I'm pretty sure just adding 'Wild-West' will not upset the balance too much.

What Not to Fear: (Q & A)

Q: Oh no! You gave everyone guns! That means they're going to start killing people and some main characters will probably gonna die and stuff, right?

A: No.

Q: Since the theme is Wild-West does that mean it's going to be super gritty, realistic and depressing?

A: No, just because the main town is set in a Wild-West theme doesn't mean everywhere the group goes will be dull, drab, and boring. The group will go to forests, jungles, the ocean, and other colorful towns.

Q: Do I need to be a gun nut to like/understand the writing?

A: Not at all, I will not go into the core mechanics of a gun. If you know simple terms you will be just fine. But for the gun nuts, you can expect gun specifics in the Author Notes sections of later chapters.

Q: What's gonna happen next?

A: Next chapter you can expect to learn more about the characters, the Deigleyans, and the current state of the world of Lyndbaum. As for what to expect from the series, over the top Action and Adventure!

See you later and as always, Read, Review, and Enjoy!

- TEAS Chapter 2, Preview: Forging Friendships -

Ryuk gritted his teeth as a wild wolf was making a mad dash toward him with Alice injured on the ground behind him. "Ryuk stop! It's to dangerous to just use a hammer!" Ryuk smirked as he held his smithing hammer behind him with both hands, his eyes focused on the steadily approaching beast. "Oh please! A hammer forges more than just a weapon. It can also forge..." The wolf now close enough, reared it's fangs as it leaped toward Ryuk "...A MAN!" Ryuk roared, performing an upward swing with all his might and knocking the savage animal backward into the air after a direct hit with it's jaw.


"You were amazing back there, master!" Alice chimed only resulting in Ryuk's shoulders to sink as the two continued walking. "H-Hardly, that was the most embarrassing thing I've ever said. I think the Old Man's rubbing off on me." A slight blush present on his face.