AN: Unless stated otherwise assume all events happened the same way they did in cannon. Also I'm not good at writing accents so if I got something wrong with Rogue's, I apologize in advance.

Chapter 2

Rogue tossed and turned in her bed. Once again she couldn't fall asleep; she hadn't gotten a descent night's sleep since that incident with Carol Denvers. Rogue had killed her, but she hadn't meant to, it' been Carol's fault mainly. Rogue could remember exactly how it happened.

Flashback one week earlier

The Institute had gotten a lot more crowded after the X-men defeated Apocalypse; lots of other mutants had found their way to the now famous mansion one way or another. Rogue didn't like it all that much, it was too crowded, she preferred the old mansion where it was possible to get away and be by herself when she wanted to. It had been a particularly rough training session, her uniform was in tatters and she was exhausted. All she wanted to do was take a quick shower and go to bed but Carol had other ideas. Rogue really didn't get what Carol's problem with her was; it had begun the moment she showed up Carol took any chance she got to bother Rogue, like now for instance.

"Better hold your noses girls" she said to the fellow new girls who seemed to follow her around everywhere. "Skunk, road kill just walked in."

"Ugh" Rogue sighed "Carol ah don't know what ya problem is and ah don't care, I ain't in the mood to deal with ya right now." And she tried to walk past Carol

"Not so fast" Carol snarled and grabbed her arm. She either hadn't realized or hadn't cared that Rogue's sleeve had been torn off and her arm was bare. The moment Carol touched Rogue's arm, the absorption process started. Both girls had gasped in pain; Carol it seemed couldn't move a muscle. Rogue tried desperately to get free of Carol's grip but Carol's super strength made it impossible. The other girls just stood there frozen in horror. Eventually, Jean showed up and used her telekinesis to make Carol release Rogue's arm but it was too late Carol Denvers was dead.

End Flashback

Rogue sighed, both the professor and Mr. McCoy, their acting resident physician, had agreed that Rogue was not to blame for the incident and she hadn't been punished but many of the X-men didn't seem to believe it. The new kids especially seemed to believe that Rogue had intentionally killed Carol; things got much worse when it was discovered that Rogue had acquired Carol's powers of super strength and flight. Now they all but ran away when she entered a room and also seemed to believe Rogue had drained Carol deliberately as a plot to steal her powers. Even the older X-men like Scott (she couldn't believe she'd liked him once, what had she been thinking) avoided her; the only X-men who stood by her were Logan, Kitty, and Kurt, which at least made it more bearable then the ostracizing she'd faced after everyone thought she had killed Mystique (or so she kept telling herself at least). Well, to be fair, Professor X and Mr. McCoy didn't avoid her but they were busy with their own stuff so she never saw them very much. She looked at the clock 2:00 AM it read

"ugh" she moaned to herself "at this rate ah'll never get to sleep." Maybe, what she needed was a nice walk in the park to clear her head. Yeah, that would help, things had been quiet (aside from the usual minor run-ins with the brotherhood) since the defeat of Apocalypse, so it wasn't any big deal. Logan wouldn't see it that way of course, but he had to be in bed by now and she'd be back long before he woke up, he'd never know she'd left. Having made up her mind, Rogue quickly put on her clothes and then she grabbed her communicator and stuck it in her pocket, just in case. Next she simply opened the window and flew away (that way Logan wouldn't even catch her scent outside). When she got to the park she landed and started walking along one of the paths, soon something very hard slammed into her.

Alice and Jasper Cullen along with Nahuel and his aunt Huilen were running with Alice in the lead. They had five hours before they had to be back at JFK airport in order to catch their flight to Seattle. Alice thought there was something here in this small town of Bayville, that could help them make their case to the Volturi, possibly another human-vampire hybrid, but she couldn't be sure because she couldn't see it. So with Alice in the lead, the quartet was running through the area trying to find whatever it was in the next few hours. Jasper noticed they seemed to be getting awfully close to a human female, but he didn't worry too much, he trusted Alice implicitly she knew what she was doing. Alice, however, was relying on her future sight to guide her, she was trying to see any hint of what they were looking for and knew her abilities would tell her if she was about to hit anything. Normally, she would have been right about that, however, Rogue was a human-vampire hybrid and therefore Alice's second sight couldn't see her. So Alice ran right smack into Rogue.

At first, Jasper was horrified, Alice had been running at full speed and slammed into the human with full force, she'd probably be hurt and they'd have to take her to hospital and make sure none of them bit her…he didn't know if he could do it. A split second later however, that changed drastically, Alice's bare hand had somehow wound up touching Rogue's cheek, and Rogue's powers responded immediately. Both Rogue and Alice gasped in pain for a brief moment until Alice passed out. Jasper and the others were so stunned it took them a moment to process what happened. Meanwhile Rogue pushed Alice off of her and stood up. By then Jasper had recovered and become completely enraged that this human had hurt his Alice. He slammed her back to the ground and growled out "what did you do to her?" His whole being screamed at him to hurt her, to make her scream for mercy before he finally ripped her to tiny shreds and killed her, for hurting his mate.

Nahuel and Huilen watched the scene play out, unsure of what to do, on the one hand although they didn't understand what had just happened they believed it wasn't the girl's fault; on the other was the fact that getting in Jasper's way right now was probably suicidal and neither of them wanted to die just yet. Besides, she was just a human so she was their natural prey. Jasper and Alice had said that they ate only animals but Nahuel and Huilen found that really hard to understand.

"She'll be fine Jasper, ah didn't touch her long enough to kill her." That probably hadn't been the best way to phrase that, because Jasper's grip became even tighter, as if that were possible and he shouted

"WHAT?" Rogue grimaced Jasper was really hurting her so it took her a moment to gather her thoughts. Just as she was about to speak again Alice moaned. Immediately Jasper released Rogue and raced straight to Alice.

"Are you all right?" he asked her tone gentle and concerned his rage so overwhelming just moments ago had vanished as quickly as it had come.

"yeah, I think so." Then she motioned for Jasper to help her up because she still felt a bit weak. Once she was on her feet again she asked "what happened to me?"

"Ah can answer that" Rogue volunteered by this point she was on her feet again. "It was ma 'power' that did this to ya."

"What power?" Jasper snapped harshly although he was glad that Alice was feeling better, he was still upset about what had happened. Rogue took a breath then pulled off her glove and rose two fingers

"when I touch somebody, I absorb their thoughts, their memories, their abilities and everything else about them." She put her glove back on and continued "ah can't control it, so ah try to keep all ma skin covered but when her hand touched ma cheek…" she turned to Alice "but it wasn't for long, ya should be back to normal soon."

"Sounds a lot like what Aro does" Jasper said

"Aro?" Rogue repeated "ya mean Aro Volturi?"

"Yes, do you know him?" Alice asked wondering how an American teenager (beside Bella who wasn't human anymore) could know a Volturi Vampire.

"No, but ah know of him, he's…ma father" she admitted

"that's impossible!" Jasper protested "Aro's only daughter was brutally killed, shortly after she was born, you can't be his kid!"

"that's what Mystique wanted ya'll to think" Rogue replied "who's Mystique?" Nahuel asked, speaking for the first time

"she's a shape-shifting mutant" Rogue answered "she along with a telepath called Mastermind kidnapped me, days after ah was born."

"Why would she do that?" this time the question came from Huilen

"because Irene, another mutant foresaw that ah would be a powerful mutant and Mystique wanted to make sure she could control meh." Rogue responded with anger in her voice now.

"You keep referring to mutants, what exactly are they?" Alice inquired by this time she had fully recovered from the collision with Rogue

"have ya'll be living under a rock these past few months?" Rogue responded "mutants are people who have an advanced X gene often that means they can do stuff other people can't" Alice knew Carlisle would be fascinated by this revelation and she herself wondered if this X gene had any connection to vampire talents.

Alice was just about to ask a question on that subject when Jasper said

"This is a very interesting story, but it's all fiction. Alice let's just go." Then he moved to take her hand but Alice pulled her hand away and said

"Jasper, I think she's telling the truth." He looked at her incuriously "it all adds up, I ran into her because I couldn't see her, they only people I can't see are hybrids and werewolves. Plus, smell her Jasper, her scent is close to Renesmee's and Nahuel's." it wasn't identical of course; no two people had identical scents, not even identical twins. "Besides, how else could a human knock out a vampire just by touching them? Not to mention that if you look closely, there are some physical resemblances between her and Aro" she continued. Jasper, of course, had never seen Aro and didn't know that but he took Alice's word for it.

Reluctantly he nodded, logically he knew she was right but he wasn't in the mood for logic right now; it was ironic that he could easily control the emotions of other people but he could not control his own. It didn't help matters that he could see where this was going even though he didn't have Alice's gift and he didn't like it, he didn't trust the girl (he'd always had trust issues especially after Maria and they way he and Rogue had met was if possible an even worse way to meet somebody than being turned into a vampire). Seeing that she had Jasper convinced Alice turned to Rogue and said "If you have my memories, then you know why we're here."

"Yeah, your brother and his wife had a human-vampire hybrid like me and Nahuel here but the Volturi, who're the closest thing they vampire world has to royalty, think that Renesmee is an immortal child and plan to destroy her and the Cullens along with them. You've been looking for other vampire-human hybrids to prove to the Volturi that Renesmee is not an immortal child, which is how ya met Huilen and Nahuel, now ah'm assuming that ya want meh to go with ya'll to Forks and testify as a witness." Rogue answered

"yes, that's it, so will you come with us, you won't have to fight if it comes to that." Alice responded Rogue hesitated, Rogue was afraid to face her father, what if he didn't believe her even with the mind thing and decided to make her his lunch, what if the other Volturi didn't like her and decided to try and kill her, and there was another fear she was reluctant to admit even to herself, what if he'd didn't want her. However, Renesmee and the Cullens were good people, who had done nothing wrong; in fact, they tried so hard not to be the monsters that everyone including themselves believed they were, they didn't deserve to die for a simple misunderstanding. Seeing the conflict on Rogue's face Alice said gently

"Aro's your father, you can't avoid him forever" Rogue knew she was right, so she nodded and said

"you're right, ah'll go with ya'll and testify to ma father and the rest." Her tone was one of resolution, it was mostly intended to try and make sure she didn't try to talk herself out of this later.

"So what's your name anyway?" Nahuel asked

"call me Rogue" she replied. "Oh that's a trust worthy name" Jasper thought sarcastically but he had the sense to keep it to himself.

"I think we should probably head back to New York, now. We don't want to miss our flight." Alice said

"okay, but can we stop by a phone first ah got to make a phone call." Rogue said

"here you can borrow my cell phone." Alice offered. Rogue quickly dialed the institute's number; the phone rang several times before finally the answering machine kicked in. Rogue said "It's Rogue, listen ya'll something's come up and ah have to leave town for a while but ah'm okay so don't worry about meh or try and find meh. Ah'll be back as soon as ah can." Then she hung up and handed the cell phone back to Alice

"all right ah'm all set" she said

"okay, then let's get moving" Jasper responded wanting to run so he could think and hopefully clear his head a bit. Then the quintet set off for New York City.