Prompt: Vacation


The smell of pancakes greeted her as she stirred to consciousness.

She grinned as she watched him pour batter onto the skillet. "Sir?"

"Defying orders again, Lieutenant?"


He turned to her and shook his head. "You're still quite the handful, even on vacation," he chided.

She rolled her eyes.

"This calls for punishment," he mused, a wicked gleam filling his dark eyes.

"That hardly counts as rest, Sir," she mumbled into his lips as he pressed them against hers.

"The pancakes will burn," she protested.

"Already turned off the fire," he reassured her, guiding her back to the bedroom.


A.N. - Of course I would start off with RoyAi! This collection is the result of my 100 Drabbles of Summer challenge, so these will be strict 100 word drabbles. I hope you enjoy them! Also, you will see a lot of not oft written pairings.