Harry knows Ginny's tendency for weird names.

She named an owl Pigwidgeon, after all, so when he brings up names during her third trimester, he isn't all that surprised to be given a reply of "I think Celadrian would be a lovely name for a little boy."

But he has an out, because the hormones are making Ginny weepy, and so he makes his eyes wide and looks like a kicked puppy and suggests that he'd really like to name his son after his father.

She nods through her tears, and says Celadrian can wait for their next boy.

He supposes he can't really blame Ginny for her weird naming tendencies, because she came by it honestly. Her full name was Ginevra, after all.

He found out later that Arthur had named all the boys, and Molly had decided on 'Ginevra' for her little girl.

Harry truly hopes that his daughter inherits the Potter tendency to name things after random historical figures and dead relatives instead.

By great fortune, the poor young Celadrian is born on the anniversary of Albus Dumbledore's death, and Ginny looks up from their baby's face, smiling gently, to see Harry's hopeful My-parents-and-mentor-were-killed-by-a-Dark-Lord,-pity-me stare.

Albus Severus Potter should be damn GRATEFUL for his name.

He was almost Celadrian Esphalogusia Potter.

Much to Harry's horror, James calls his first pet- a pygmy puff from Uncle George- Azkadeliaotron.

It's genetic. He can only hope his other children are spared.

"Have you thought about names for our daughter?" Harry ventures, rubbing Ginny's feet as she proofreads her latest article.

"I think Argon is cute," Ginny says idly, striking out a sentence and scribbling a new line.

Harry swallows, and his eyes widen.

"…Or we can name her after another dead relative," Ginny sighs, "who is it this time?"


Ginny smiles, "Lily is a great name."

"So we can go with Lily?" Harry asks hopefully.

"I swear to god, Potter, if we have another child, I'm naming it Myfanwy. Even if it's a boy."

"You wouldn't be that cruel."

"Harry, I am called Ginevra. Ron's middle name is Bilius. You have no idea what I'm capable of."

Albus names his first pet- another Pygmy puff from the favoured Uncle George- Apollo, after the God of the sun.

Harry has never been prouder.