I Just Want You Back

Summary: You think you've got perfection, and a second rips it all away. A confession, a kidnapping, and a rape. How do you rebuild a shattered, perfect world- more than once? Yuuram. NOW BETA-READ BY THE CODEBREAKER AND REPOSTED :D

Rated: T

Warning: OOCness

Thanks to my beta reader, THE CODEBREAKER!

She had helped me do a good job! Now, you may read a new and improved story!

Yuuri POV

I was sitting in the garden, amongst Cheri-sama's gorgeous flowers. I looked in the direction of some Beautiful Wolframs and smiled to myself.

Lately, I had been having thoughts about Wolfram- mostly about how I was starting to see Wolfram in a new light. Yeah, I knew that I was already falling for that Little Lord Brat. Wolfram would kill me if he knew that…My moment of peace was quickly ruined by a familiar voice.

"Wimp! What are you doing over there?" It was Wolfram being his usual self.

I smiled at him and shrugged.

"Nothing Wolf. Just admiring these flowers."

Wolfram 'hmph'ed at me and asked, "Since when does a Wimp know how to admire a flower?"

I just shrugged again before speaking to him.

"Wolf, I want to tell something important this night. Meet me here after dinner. Could you please do so? " My voice was a bit serious and I felt nervous.

Wolfram looks at me worriedly and nodded. I guess he still worried that I wanted to break our engagement. Happily, it's not what he thought. Tonight, I'm going to tell Wolfram about my feelings. How I've loved him since a while ago. Tonight will be my best night. I smiled at the thought.

Dinner tonight was silent all around.

Wolfram was quiet and never spoke to anyone at all, including me. Everyone was worried and looked at us, but I just smiled my usual smile and continued eating. It's not like I want Wolfram to be sad, but I really couldn't tell him now. I only wanted the two of us there when I confessed my feelings. After my confession, I knew Wolfram would forget his sadness.

I went to the garden, waiting for my fiancé. After a while, I heard footsteps and looked up. Wolfram was coming. I smiled my usual smile and waited for him to come near me. He was quiet and I could see that he looked sad. It broke my heart, but I knew he would smile after this.

"Wolf," I said, trying to get his attention. Wolfram looked up to me.

"What, wimp?"

"I want to discuss our engagement with you." I took a deep breath and focused my eyes on Wolfram. He looked so vulnerable... Oh, how I wished I could hold him.

"What? Do you want to dissolve our engagement?" He couldn't hold his tears anymore and let them fall.

"Wolf, listen to me first-" I tried to talk.

"No! I don't want to! If you're trying to break it, you should not have proposed to me first." He started to cry harder.

"Wolf." I hugged him. Wolfram was shocked and startled. I hugged him tightly and whispered to his ear, "Listen…first, I don't want to dissolve our engagement, and second, I want you to know that I love you…"

Wolfram's eyes were wide, he pushed away from me and he looked at me in disbelief. I knew I needed to give him assurance, so I leaned forward and placed my lips on his. It wasn't a passionate kiss, just an innocent one, brushed between our lips.

At first he went stiff, then Wolfram started to relax and he hugged me back. Tears are still in his eyes when he asked me, "I love you too…but, Yuuri, since when did you fall in love with me? After all these times you always tried to ignore me or deny our engagement…" His tone saddened on the last sentence. Hearing him made me feel terrible.

I answered him.

"I realized my feelings 2 months ago. It's just… I didn't have enough courage to tell you that I loved you." I continued, "I still confused at first when I discovered my feelings and tried to deny it but I couldn't. The more I denied it, the more my heart hurt and the more I hurt you." It was my turn to cry, and I felt tears dwell at the brink of falling.

Wolfram looked at me and wiped away my tears before he started to look much more pleased than before and began knocking my head.

"Wimp! That's what you get for making me cry." He was back to his usual bratty attitude, even 'hmph'ing at me.

I started to laugh and grin, looking goofy. I gave him a peck on the cheek. Wolfram blushed and I smiled.

Our little peaceful time was interrupted by the sound of bushes rustling.

Wolfram instantly unsheathed his sword and stood in front of me to protect me.

From out of nowhere, five men appeared and started to attack us. Wolfram tried his best to protect me.

Suddenly, all five of them brought out stones that I recognized to be esoteric stones. Wolfram fell to his knees and I tried to help him but the esoteric stones made me weak. I wanted to "go Maou" but the effects of the stones were just too powerful. They made Wolfram unconscious and me unable to stand.

One of these five people took a hold of me and I slowly lost my consciousness. The last thing I saw was my fiancé's unconscious body.

"Wolfram," I muttered before falling into darkness.

My best night turned into my worst nightmare…