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Chapter 14: I Just Want You Back [FINAL]

"Yuuri, you wimp! Don't you ever dare let that guy or other guys and beautiful girls kiss your lips again!"

"Wolf… it was not my fault. I didn't know that Gerard would kiss me" Yuuri said, trying to defend himself.

"Yeah! But you looked like you enjoy the kiss!" Wolfram glared at the double black.

"I'm not! Beside, I have you and I'll not let other guys kiss me again" Yuuri said quietly and he blushed at his own words.

Wolfram fell into silence and he stared at Yuuri. Yuuri felt the atmosphere was uncomfortably quiet, looked up at the blond soldier, "Wolf?"

When Yuuri looked up at his fiancé, Wolfram had already closed the distance between his face and Yuuri. Yuuri was stunned at his place and couldn't move when he felt a soft pair of lips was pressed against his own. Wolfram lets his lips lingered for a minute before he pulled back and smiled lovingly.

"Remember Yuuri… your lips belong to me and all parts of your body and heart are mine. I'll not let other people take you from me again" Wolfram caressed Yuuri's face softly and gave him a peck on his cheek.

Yuuri still stunned, just nodded his head and blushing furiously. Wolfram found it was cute of Yuuri to blush after they kissed and he couldn't resist hugging the double black.


"Shhh… just keep quiet. Let me hug you."

Yuuri kept his mouth shut and let the blond soldier hugged him. They savored the moments before a bald Darcascos was interrupting their private time.

"Heika, Lord Bielefeld! Lord Voltaire is calling for you in the office!"

Both of the Royal Couple looked at each other and separated. Yuuri blushed furiously and Wolfram imitated a cough, covering his red face.

"Thank you Darcascos. We'll be in there." Wolfram said and grabbed Yuuri's hand.

Darcascos bowed and went to do his jobs. They arrived at the office door and knocked before Gwendal gave his permission to enter. There in the office, Gunter, Yozak, Gwendal, Murata and Conrad have been already present. Yuuri's eyes wide opened and he let go of Wolfram's hand and ran to Conrad.

"Conrad! It's been a long time since I see you" the young Maou smiled.

Conrad smiled his infamous smile and replied, "It is. I'm glad you're well, Heika."

Yuuri pouted and crossed his arms, "It's Yuuri. You're my Godfather, Conrad."

Conrad just chuckled and he ruffled Yuuri's hair lovingly. Wolfram watched from the side with jealousy and ready to yell at his wimpy fiancé for cheating on him with his little big brother. But, a cough from Gwendal, interrupted them and all eyes focused on the tall dark haired demon.

"So, we are meeting here because of some problems"

"What problems?" The young Maou looked curious.


Conrad nodded his head understood and started to explain. "Well, I just back from the border and we all know this whole fiasco was caused by Big Shimaron."

Yuuri interrupted and looked confused, "Wait! What are they doing in here, Shin Makoku?"

"It seemed your attackers were sent by King Belal. He wanted you to die" Conrad said.

"Belal? Why? Why he can't just let it go?" Yuuri looked sad and he looked at the room occupants and felt arms encircle his waist. Wolfram smiled and hoped his fiancé would feel his support.

"It's seems Shibuya, King Belal really hates you. He had come to decide to just kill you and eliminate you as his enemy" Murata said and his glasses glinted. Yuuri fell into silence and slumped onto Wolfram's chest. Wolfram tightened his hug on his fiancé.

"It looks like they still didn't know the Maou is still alive. When, they thought they had killed you that time, they cause the uproar at the border just to weaken our defenses. The first time they caused it was because they wanted to distract us and let our guard on the Maou loose" Yozak said. He eyed at the young Maou. The orange haired spy hated it when people were trying to harm the young Maou. He had come to love the double black and he vowed to protect him.

"So, what should we do now?" Wolfram asked. He looked at Gwendal questioning.

Gwendal opened his mouth and spoke, "Since we didn't know about their next plan, we should tighten the security in the castle and I want you and Conrad to protect the king."

Wolfram and Conrad both nodded their head. Murata walked towards his friend and patted Yuuri's shoulder, "Take care Shibuya. We didn't want to lose our Maou." He said seriously before he exited the room and made the youngest Shibuya, scared.

"That's it. You all can dismiss" Gwendal said to conclude the meeting.

Yozak and Conrad let the blond soldier comforted the young Maou. Meanwhile, Gunter just kept his mouth shut the whole time because he was thinking of the plan to protect His Majesty from King Belal's threat. He would never let the misfortune befallen on his beloved Maou, again.

Wolfram and Yuuri were back to their room and they sat on the bed quietly. Wolfram eyed his fiancé and wondered what should he said to calm the double black.


A word from Yuuri startled the blond demon. "Yes, Wimp?" Wolfram said playfully to ease the young Maou's troubled heart.

"I'm not a wimp!" Came the automatic reply from the double black.

Wolfram chuckled and Yuuri blinked his eyes, confused. Long forgotten the problems.

"What? Why are you laughing?"

"Nothing. I just wanted to distract you from the problem. You look like you wanted to cry" Wolfram said and he smiled softly.

"Hey, I'm not going to cry! … And thank you Wolf." Yuuri smiled and thanked Wolfram for trying to help him to forget the problems.

"It's nothing. Beside, you're a wimp to begin with"

"Stop calling me that!"

Yuuri shut his mouth and laughed. Wolfram blinked and looked at Yuuri like he was going crazy.

"Ugh… Yuuri, are you okay?" Wolfram worried at his fiancé sudden lunacy.

"I'm okay Wolf. It's just you always manage to sidetrack me and makes me forget about my worries"

Wolfram blushed and coughed, "Well, you're my fiancé and it is normal for me to protect you"

"Thank you, Wolfram." Yuuri hugged the blond demon to express his thanks.

Wolfram blushed harder and he hugged the double black back, "You're welcome. I'm so happy when I got you back. I'll never let you go again and I'll protect you from all the difficulty"

Wolfram tightened his hug and whispered softly into the young Maou's ear, "You know, Yuuri…"


"I just want you back and I'm glad that you're back safely into my arms"

Meanwhile in Big Shimaron. King Belal's castle.

"So, you said, the Maou is still alive?" King Belal asked his soldier.

"Yes, Heika." The soldier answered while bowing his head low.

"How? You said that he already dead at that time!" King Belal yelled at the soldier in front of him. The anger started to engulf him.

"W-We were wrong. We never expected that a villager would help him" a young soldier stuttered on his words, feared on the King's wrath. King Belal ignored him and made a decision to punish him.

"Guards!" King Belal called his guards and they came quickly.

"Yes, Your Highness" the two guards stood in front of the king.

"Take him to the dungeon!" Here came the order from the king.

The helpless soldier was only able to ask for forgiveness and his voice sank into the palace.

"Hmph! Such a fool!"

"Now, what should I do?"

King Belal paced from right to left while thinking of another plan to kill the Maou. 'Hmm… I should ensure that this time he will die. Maybe I should call esoteric magicians and let them handle the task. They can do what they seem fit and torture the Maou till he dies.'

The cruel king laughed evilly and he called upon his guard to execute his plan.

"Well, well, well… you're not lucky this time, Maou Heika."

And yet again, another catastrophe was going to befall on the young Maou of Shin Makoku.


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