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Chapter Nine

Dean had been watching Sam play pool and knew that his little brother was fishing. The way the men's demeanour had changed towards the end of the game sent his stomach churning. What did those guys just say to Sam? He couldn't let Sam find out about what was going on, it would finish him for sure. Dean continued watching as the older inmate that Sam had been playing pool with stopped his brother from walking away. His fists clenched tightly as he witnessed the brief conversation between them and he could feel his heart beat start to accelerate. His unease only increased as he saw Sam part from the man and begin walking towards him, a mix between confusion and determination on his face. Dean took a deep, calming breath, he didn't want to let anything slip that would give Sam cause to worry and therefore dig deeper. He just had to stay neutral and stick to short answers.

Sam sat down next to his brother but didn't look at him. He could sense Dean's apprehension as soon as he had started to make his way over to the table and even though he was still angry he didn't want to get into a fight.

"Talk to me Dean." He said calmly, just loud enough for his bother to hear.

"Talk about what?" Dean answered. He hid the tremor in his voice well but not quite well enough as Sam shifted on his seat, glancing sideward at the hunter sat next to him.

"I need you to tell me what's going on. I know it's more than just falling off your bunk."

"That's all that happened Sammy, end of story, so can we drop it now?" Dean's shoulders started to tense causing him to grunt slightly. His shoulder was still stiff and uncomfortable.

"You know I can't do that, look I'm sorry for snapping at you last night, I wasn't feeling right, but we're brothers and I know when you're hiding something from me." Sam paused to look at Dean's face. His eyes were distant and his skin was starting to pale. "I want to help you Dean, but I can't do that if you keep shutting me out." Sam turned his body towards Dean in a comforting gesture.

Dean didn't respond, he couldn't. His heart was racing now and he was almost sure that Sam could hear the frenzied organ beating right out of his chest.

"I gotta pee." Dean rose from the bench and slowly headed for the restroom, all but praying that his brother wouldn't follow. No such luck. Sam was quickly on his heels, unwilling to let the situation rest. He was positive that his big brother needed help, he just didn't know what with.

Dean entered the guarded toilets and walked straight to the row of steel sinks. He turned the tap on, scooping up a handful of cold water and splashed it onto his ashen face. The shock of the water cleared his head a little and he glanced into the mirror, staring at his reflection for a few moments. He looked like shit. That thought made him snort at the sheer dumbness of it. What else was he supposed to look like after a non-consensual drugging, fierce beating and sexual assault? Sam's face appeared in the smudged mirror behind his own and Dean cast his eyes down. He didn't have the strength to continue this right now.

"Dean?" His name on Sam's lips was soft and pleading. It made Dean's heart break. How could he shield his brother from this when he hadn't been strong enough to stop it from happening in the first place?

"I can't do this right now Sammy….please….don't make me." Those words sent Sam's stomach plummeting. He had never heard his brother sound so broken before in his whole life and it was killing him.

"Let me help you Dean." Sam's own voice was beginning to crack, he quickly coughed it away. It was his turn to be the strong one now, he could feel it.

Dean took a few deep breaths, stabilising himself before looking his little brother in the eye.

"Don't worry about me Sammy…I'm fine. All we need is to find a way outta here. Just concentrate on that…I'll be ok." Dean couldn't hold his brothers gaze any longer.

Sam knew he needed to quit his questioning, for now at least. Dean looked like he was about ready to drop right there on the bathroom floor. Sam hated seeing his brother like this and it made him feel like the world's biggest jerk for the way he had flown off the handle the night before. What the hell had gotten into him? Yeah, he was angry at how Dean had added fuel to the fire back in that damned Sheriff's office, but they only had each other to rely on. He shouldn't have pushed all of the blame onto Dean. After listening to what the guy playing pool with him had said, it looked like they would have ended up in Blackfield regardless of how Dean had acted. He still couldn't figure out exactly what the older prisoner was getting at with that snippet of information but he knew in his gut that it wouldn't be good. Sam decided to do as his brother had asked, for the time being. Finding a way out of Blackfield had been top of his list before he had seen Dean that morning anyway, so until his brother was ready to open up, escaping was back to number one.

"Do you remember the cell number Cas gave us?" Sam asked, changing the subject from Dean to breaking out.

"I don't….umm….." Dean rubbed his eyes, trying to think back to the night in the graveyard. "Sorry Sam, no. After that asshole used the Taser on me, I lost it."

"I'm having the same problem." Sam sighed, with all that had happened over the past few days, the last thing on his mind was a few cell phone digits scrawled on a scrap of paper.

"We need to call Bobby, when do we get a phone call in this place?" Dean shouted into the basin, his hands gripping the edge tightly for support. He was trying to keep it together, but was starting to lose control. He wanted out of that place as soon as possible, but as things were looking, it wasn't going to happen anytime soon.

Castiel stood on a deserted beach watching the gentle waves lap at the edge of the sand. It was dark, the sky an inky blue but a full moon shone brightly amongst an eternity of twinkling stars. This was a corner of heaven which he had never venture to before and he felt sorry about that fact. As he listened to the sound of the warm breeze flow across the surface of the rippling water he wondered how much he had overlooked about his home. He had not found what he was looking for here but didn't want to leave its beauty behind just yet. This was the first real peace he had experienced for a long time and he wasn't ready to let that go. The angel closed his eyes for a moment, taking in a deep breath, enjoying the subtle aromas of the ocean. It was in that moment that something stirred inside Castiel. He had never felt a jolt like it before, the sensation was odd, not quite painful but as far from pleasant as anything could get. The episode was brief, only lasting a fraction of a second but Castiel knew that it was some kind of warning. He had stayed too long and he had work to do. In the blink of an eye the Angel disappeared leaving only his footprints behind in the illuminated sand.

Bobby was getting sick to the back teeth of calling the Winchesters phones and receiving no answer. He had made a few calls to some of his contacts based around Elmwood but they came up short where Sam and Dean were concerned. He was quickly running out of options and had already drank his way through two pots of strong coffee, its effects making themselves know at the base of his skull. Should he get in his truck and drive down there, hope for the best? His brain was telling him that he was just over reacting. That the boys were probably in some cheap motel entertaining a couple of girls after a successful hunt, but his heart was screaming the opposite. Bobby had absolutely no reason to think that the brothers were in trouble but his instincts were rarely wrong. He had to go with his gut on this one, even at the risk of looking like a soft old fool if it turned out his intuition had failed him. He chose to put off the long drive to the middle of nowhere for now and picked up the phone to make a few more enquiries before deciding which course of action he was going to take.. That voice in his head continued to niggle away, driving him onward with his investigation. All he knew for sure was that he couldn't wait much longer, or it might just be too late.

The morning spent in Recreation Room 2 of Blackfield went quickly and soon Sam and Dean found themselves being led back to 'The Pit' for lunch. Dean chose to sit with his brother this time, feeling a fraction more relaxed in his company than he had earlier that morning but there was little conversation between them. Dean was concentrating on keeping himself awake while Sam was studying the mass of dark congealing mince that had been poured onto his tray, trying to figure out which kind of road kill the meat was before attempting to eat it. The ruckus in the lunch room was louder than it had been at breakfast, all the men now alert and going about their daily prison routines, but the Winchesters actually preferred the noise over the clanking of guard's boots echoing off of the walls of the large hall.

Dean ate his meal without paying much attention to it. His mind was elsewhere. He was distant enough that he didn't notice that Sam had left the table they were sharing to dispose of what was left of his food. The younger Winchester scraped his leftovers into the large food waste bin and was headed back to his brother when he spotted his cell mate from across the room. He was getting up from his own table and starting to make his way over to the bin with his tray. Sam waited for him, he thought he might be able to get some answers from the larger man.

"Hey Noah." Sam called once the man was in earshot.

"How's ya first day goin' Sam?" He asked in his deep voice.

"It's going…." Sam replied with a half-smile. He wanted to hide his unease from the man he was sharing a bunk with. "I gotta ask you something man." He added.

"You can ask but don't know if I'll have an answer for ya." Noah placed his empty tray on top of the already healthy pile of dirty dishes and stood next to Sam.

"What do you know about a deal going on between Elmwood and this place?" Sam just came out with it. He thought it would be better not to beat around the bush.

"Not too much, I ain't been here long enough. Heard some whispers but never stuck around to get into it, why?"

"Just something one of the cons said while we were playin' pool earlier." Sam looked back towards his brother who was still sat at the table eating. "Do you think you could ask around? I'd do it myself but not sure how much a guy is gonna tell me ya know"

Noah stared at Sam for a moment before answering. "There are a couple of guys I can talk to, it's gonna take a while though. Let me get back to you on it." Noah clapped Sam firmly on the arm and walked away.

Sam made his way back to the table and sat down next to Dean. He hoped Noah would be able to shed some light on just exactly what was going on but until then he needed to be there for his brother. Dean's tray was empty now, he had eaten everything that had been slopped onto it without a second thought which, strangely enough, impressed his little brother.

"You finished?" Sam said, pulling Dean's attention away from whatever was going on inside his head.

"Yeah," was all the reply he got as they heard the bell sound, announcing the end of lunch.

All the inmate gathered into their groups ready to be taken back to their assigned blocks. Sam and Dean fell in line with the others and were escorted back to B Block as uneventfully as they had been escorted out. The men formed two lines against the walls of the hallway, each standing next to their locked cell doors. The Winchesters were in the dark as to what was going on but the majority of the men knew what they were doing so the brothers mirrored their stances and waited for instructions. The head guard in charge of the day shift began to slowly pace the hallway, looking at every man occupying the space.

"I see we got a couple of new guys with us today so listen up!" He shouted. "If you thought your time here at Blackfield was gonna be some kind of picnic, you thought wrong shit heads. You boys gotta earn your keep."

Sam and Dean quickly got the gist of what their afternoons were to hold whilst locked up in this prison. Work.

"Most of you piss ants know what you gotta do but for the new fish, I got me a list." He held up a clipboard with a few papers tapped to it and started reading off the names. Sam was assigned to work alongside Noah and two other men from the cell next to his own. Their job was to mop the floors of the block, cells and break room. Once a week they would also be expected to mop out 'The Pit', all the blocks taking turns with that back breaking task. Sam glanced towards Noah, glad that he knew someone who could show him the ropes, so to speak. Mopping wasn't an exact science, any monkey could do it but he knew enough not to go in guns blazing. Mopping the inside a prison wrong could land a guy in some serious hot water so he was grateful not to be alone.

Dean was given laundry duty with a few guys that he did not like the look of but he quickly pushed those thoughts aside. He figured that if he was working, the chances are he wouldn't be bothered by any unwanted attentions. He was restricted to folding and grouping the clothes with one other convict, the other two were responsible for collecting the dirty laundry and running it through the machines. Simple.

Sam looked at his brother once the guard had finished dishing out chores. Both would have much preferred to have been put on the same work detail, but life just ain't that kind.

"OK fuckers, get to it."

Sam promptly followed Noah and the other men down the hallway and turned a corner at the end, headed for a storage closet where the cleaning equipment was kept. One of the old timers they were working alongside was trusted with the key to the small room and they quickly set about their task.

Once Sam and his group had rounded the corner and were out of sight, Dean was led in the opposite direction to his brother. The men assigned to deal with the laundry took the same route out of B Block as the inmates had taken to get to 'The Pit' but took a right turning just before they reached the lunch room. The four men followed the length of the hall to the very end where a guard was manning a thick iron gate blocking the entrance to the laundry room. The leader of the group Dean was working with showed the guard a pass with their I.D. numbers and job tasks written on it. The guard studied the card, checking the numbers against the stitched patches on each of the prisoner's jumpsuits before opening the gate allowing the four men entry.

Bobby was stumped. He had been wracking his brains all day and still hadn't come up with any theories as to where the Winchesters could be. It was out of character for Bobby to worry as much as he was but he just couldn't shake the feeling in his gut that something was off. After all of his years spent hunting, he knew better than to brush things to one side, especially when his heart was telling him to pursue whatever in was that was niggling away at him. It was nearly four o'clock in the afternoon and by this time he was about ready to pull his hair out in frustration. He had called nearly everyone he knew that may have some information on the brother's whereabouts. He had checked newspaper articles from the towns surrounding Elmwood on the off chance that the boys had picked up another case straight after the last. He had even gone as far as calling a few hospitals in the area, giving a number of Sam and Dean's false names to find out if either of them had been admitted in last few days. All his efforts over the past several hours had come to a big fat nothing. Bobby was pulled from his thoughts with a long, loud growl rumbling in his stomach. He hadn't eaten at all that day, preoccupied with his search for Sam and Dean but he could not put it off any longer. If he was going to maintain the pace he had set whilst figuring out what the boys were up to, he was going to have to eat. The hunter headed to the kitchen and tugged the freezer door open. Just as he had expected, the freezer was empty. He slammed the door closed, turned to one of his kitchen drawers and pulled out a tatty Bible. He flicked the book open and thumbed through the torn, crumpled pages quickly, stopping once he found a grubby twenty dollar bill that he had hidden inside for emergencies. He folded the note into the back pocket of his fraying denim jeans and threw the Bible back into its drawer unceremoniously before scooping up the keys to his truck off of the counter top and heading for the front door.

As Dean walked through the guarded gate and pushed open the hinged double doors to the laundry room the heat took his breath away. Visibility was also poor due to the steam from the washing machines and pressing equipment and he could see that the men in the large room were having to shout to one another over the roar of the mechanics.

"Hey new guy?" the man who was carrying the groups passes yelled. Dean edged himself closer so that he could hear what he was being told.

"You follow Tommy, he's on folding duty with you. He'll show your sorry ass what to do. Don't fuck up." Dean nodded his head in answer and followed the man through the clouds of steam and into a separate but equally large room where the clean laundry was stored. The walls of the room couldn't be seen. Tall metal shelves that stretched from floor to ceiling were bolted to them, all numbered and stacked with folded washing ready to be distributed back onto the blocks. It was a hell of a lot quieter in that room, although a low rumble could still be heard from behind the doors leading to the main facility.

"OK fish, all ya gotta do is take the shit from this bin, fold it and stack it in the right section." Tommy waved his hand toward a deep container mounted on wheels. It was overflowing with clean garments but that didn't bother Dean. The more work he had to do, the less time he had to think about what was going to happen to him once he was locked back in his cell for the night. Tommy stared at Dean whose face was blank, distant.

"Hey ass hole, did you hear me?" He moved to stand directly in front of Dean leaving only a small gap between them. He was around three inches taller than the Winchester and well built, but not overwhelmingly so. Dean noticed that the man's dark hair was long but not as long as Sam's. He had it slicked back behind his ears, leaving a few strands to fall over his face. The man had a mean look in his eyes and a rough voice which reflected the hardness he had gained from spending time behind bars.

"I heard you." Dean finally spoke. He didn't want to piss the prisoner off but he didn't have the energy to make conversation either.

"What's your name guy?" tommy asked, his tone demanding an immediate answer.


"Well get moving Dean, we ain't got all day!"

The two men set about their task. Dean kept his eyes on what he was doing, Tommy kept his eyes on Dean.

Sam was in the communal bathroom of B Block, mop in hand and half the floor already gleaming. He couldn't stop thinking about the change in his brother. He had never known Dean to act the way he was acting right now and for it to happen overnight sent his mind racing. What the hell had gone on with his big brother? Sam halted what he was doing, the sound of whispering in the hallway drawing his interest. He placed his mop back into its bucket but held on to the wooden handle, ready to continue with his task if anyone happened to walk into the bathroom to check up on him. He strained to hear what was being said outside the doorway.

"Walker said it's a sure thing man, I'm telling you."

"Ain't had this kinda shit for a long time Bill, you sure you heard right?"

"Hey, that screw just told me not five minutes ago. Fifty bucks an hour, hundred for the night."

"No fucking way…You seen what's on offer yet?"

"Briefly…..Very nice."

"OK, break it up ladies, get back to work!"

Sam recognised that last voice. It belonged to the Head Guard who had first welcomed him and his Brother into Blackfield. Sam quickly gathered that shift change must have happened while he had been working so yesterday's guards would now be back on duty. He had listened to the conversation between the two cons out in the hallway but didn't really know what they were talking about. Something about it seemed odd to Sam, what they had said didn't make any sense to him but then again he wasn't familiar with the prison lingo. He was going to have to ask Noah yet again. He was sure his cell mate would grow tired of his constant questions soon enough but until that happened, the large man was the only link he had. Sam resumed his mopping and finished the second half of the bathroom floor just as a bell sounded the end of the work period. Noah appeared in the doorway and promptly ushered Sam out of the room, heading to the storage room to return their empty buckets. Sam wanted to ask Noah about what he had overheard as soon as he saw him, but he figured that it would be better to bring it up when they were alone. There were too many prisoners within earshot and he didn't want to draw any attention to himself. Once the cleaning cupboard was locked back up for the day the men all returned to their cells, lining up outside of their door just like they had all done earlier at breakfast. It was time for dinner which meant time for more road kill.

Dean and his group appeared from around the corner not long after Sam had gotten into position in front of his cell door. The younger Winchester studied his brother as he moved to stand opposite him. Sam didn't notice any change in his demeanour. He wasn't sure if that was a good thing or not. He subconsciously balled his hands into fists, frustration gripping him tightly and starting to show itself. He quickly realised what he was doing and forced his hands to relax resting them against the sides of his body. He didn't want Dean to see his control slipping. He just wanted to know what was going on. Sam felt like he was a kid again, always shielded from the truth. He had worked hard to get on an even level with his brother and he couldn't understand why Dean was keeping him in the dark. Another bell resonated through B Block prompting all the inmates to turn and begin the walk to 'The pit' once again. The daily routine was already starting to get on Sam's nerves and it was only the second day. He needed to get him and his brother out of Blackfield soon or they were both going to go crazy.

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