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When you think about it, it was Professor McGonagall who bought them together. The Second-Chance Scheme was her idea, after all.

After the war, the Ministry took a little while to get back on its feet. Wardo Puffskeine, previously of the Education Office, was appointed Minister for Magic. His first new law? That all Hogwarts students were to retake their current year at Hogwarts to learn compulsory skills that were not taught when Hogwarts was under corrupt ruling. The famous Harry Potter, Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger got to retake their final year and get their NEWTs (although it should be noted that only Miss Granger seemed excited at the prospect.)

All death eaters and those thought to be working for the dark side were to be given a fair trial. Those found guilty were given a life sentence in Askaban. No exceptions.

Well, maybe just one - if you were under 17, or wished to retake your final year of Hogwarts teaching, and had committed no proven murders, you could apply to The Second-Chance Scheme. This allowed you to return to Hogwarts rather than be punished. Second-Chance Students were to be resorted, allowing them to make a fresh start. Hogwarts rules stated that Second-Chance was not Second-Class, and all students should be treated equally, regardless of their past. An entirely new beginning.

Draco Malfoy couldn't believe his luck.