Takes place in season three and is somewhat of a rewrite of "Pardon my past" I am going completely different direction so the dialogue and even the plot of the story is all new.

Piper comes across a coven of witches and is put under a spell from an old soul that has never forgotten. Prue and Phoebe will need to do some time traveling to find out who and why. Will they make it back or be stuck in the 16th century trapped in other bodies with no control over them?


All my stories will be finished by the first of next year. So don't worry about an unfinished story as I will be jumping back and forth to many of them.

Soul enemy

Chapter 1

Dish best served cold

Prue, Phoebe and Piper were walking down an alley as midnight was approaching and the rain from earlier finely stopped its drenching of the concrete. The few lights reflective in the small puddles as they walked past them.

"I don't understand why we need to find a stupid coven?" Piper asks as she tried to step over a puddle but was unsuccessful.

"Because Leo said there is a witch that might have some power and we just need to verify," Prue replied as she kept her eyes sharp.

"It's that what whitelighters are for?" Phoebe asks.

"My point exactly," Piper chimed in.

"Listen guys I could think of a hundred things to be doing beside walking down a dark alley way, but this is our job so tough it out," Prue said and then stopped and put her hands on her hips," Ok this is going to take forever, Piper you go that way and Phoebe and I will go this way."

"Wait you want me to go alone?" Piper asks as she tried to clean off her shoe on a nearby dumpster.

"You can freeze and she's not a demon," Prue replied.

"Not to mention I don't have an active power, have I ever mentioned that," Phoebe said while looking at one and then the other.

"No never," Prue said and gave her a small smile.

"Fine let's just get this over with," Piper said and headed for the other side of the alley while Phoebe and Prue went the other way.

Piper walked around one corner only to be faced with another alley and more puddles, " What is it with witches and midnight, can't we do things at noon?" she said as she could hear chanting in the distends. She looked behind her debating on getting Prue and Phoebe but decided to use her phone instead but found no bars," Great, ok I just need to observe." she whispered and made her way to the voices. She hid behind a dumpster as five women were chanting and holding hands and could not help but snort. "Like that's going to do anything," she thought and felt something crawl on her leg. She looked down out of normal human reaction and jumped when a large rat looked right back at her. Piper screamed and jumped out of her hiding spot and was now facing the five chanters who what not sure what to think of this new arrival. A woman in her 50s made the first move as the group stood quietly.

"Are you ok?" she asks as Piper was swiping her leg even though the rat already ran for refuge somewhere else.

"Um fine, sorry I didn't mean to interrupt," Piper replied as her cover was completely blown by a rodent.

"It's ok, you can join us if you want?" the woman asks and gave a genuine smile, "All are welcome."

Piper bit her lower lip and stood there for a moment not sure how to react but the woman seemed friendly and she was more embarrassed about being found out then being fried. "No I practice myself but I need to get home. "Um why are you guys doing this in an alley?' Piper asks.

"It is one of the strongest points in the city and it helps our energy when we pray," she replied and turned around to get something off a small table. "Here sense you practice you can have one of these if you like," she said and started to pick up a piece of parchment. "All you need to do is burn it and your wish will come true, but remember –."

"Yeah be careful what you wish for," Piper said and stepped into the circle that was made of salt. The atmosphere changed quickly as her other foot landed inside the circle. The wind picked up and the dimly lit space became much darker as the woman turned quickly on her heels and the once friendly and inviting face became hard and cold as the group began to back up.

"What is happening," one of them said while looking at the others.

"I don't know this never happened before," another replied.

Piper was not sure what to do but the thought of freezing them was first to come to mind and she raised her hands to attempted it. But the woman started chanting and Piper couldn't even move as the words came out in venom.

"Jam tibi impero et præcipio maligne spiritus! ut confestim allata et circulo discedas, absque omni strepito, terrore, clamore et foetore, asque sine omni damno mei tam animæ quam corporis)), absque omni læsione cujuscunque creaturæ vel rei; et ad locum a justissimo tibi deputatum in momento et ictu oculi abeas; et hinc proripias," she said and her face change to a much younger woman with long dark hair but only for a second as she repeated the chant. Piper's dark brown eyes that were filled with life became childlike as her hands lowered.

Prue and Phoebe were making their way back when they heard the commotion. "What is that?" Phoebe asks and without a reply from Prue they both ran in the direction the sound was coming from. "Piper!" Prue yelled while rounding the corner and stopped in her tracks when she saw her sister in a circle and a woman chanting something in Latin but it was hard to make out. "Piper get out of there!" Phoebe yelled as she could see her just standing there as the wind moved around them, carrying with it the echoes of voices. "Prue do something!" Phoebe yelled as the group was becoming more frightened by the second.

"Tabatha stop!" one yelled but stayed put.

"Absque omni læsione cujuscunque creaturæ vel rei; et ad locum a justissimo tibi deputatum in momento et ictu oculi abeas; et hinc proripias," Tabatha said as she walked forward and again her face would change in a flash and then back to hers. Piper began to back out of the circle and was in a daze as the feeling of despair and self-hating was overwhelming. She looked down on the ground as tears rolled down her face as Prue and Phoebe ran to her.

"Piper what's going on?" Prue asks but Phoebe stopped her.

"Don't step in the circle," Phoebe said and grabbed Prue's arm.

The middle sister set her eyes on a piece of glass and picked it up meanwhile Tabatha stopped her chanting and passed out as the group stood there for a moment in disbelief.

"Tabatha!" one said and ran to her side as Prue and Phoebe were trying to make sense of the scene as Piper took the sharp glass and without hesitation sliced her wrist, she cringed in pain but moved the bloodstained edge to the other.

"NO!" Prue yelled and stopped her sister from cutting the other one.

"Stop let me die please let me die," Piper pleaded as she fought against Prue to cut her other one.

"Phoebe help me," Prue yelled as she wrapped her arms around Piper.

The baby sister did not wait for a second order and used her jacket to stop the bleeding and pulled out the glass from Piper's hand.

"Dammit Piper what are you doing?" Phoebe asks as she held her other hand while Prue struggled to keep her grip.

"She is under a spell; we need to get home, Leo!" Prue yelled as some of the group disbanded while the rest helped Tabatha sit up. The woman looked around confused and licked her lips as though she had a bad taste in her mouth. "What happened?"

"You don't remember?" the young girl asks.

"No," she replied and saw the three struggling to keep one from getting up.

"I think you did a spell on her."

"No I wouldn't, I can't," Tabatha replied horrified.

"We should go," the young girl said and helped Tabatha up.

"Leo!" Phoebe yelled as Piper was becoming more violent and in even started to bite her own shoulder.

"Piper stop," Prue said while trying to keep her sister from hurting herself.

Leo orbed in and took everything in at once as the first thing he saw was blood coming from Piper's wrist.

"Heal her," Prue said as Leo leaned down with his hands out.

Tabatha and the young girl were already gone and did not see him orb in as he tried to heal her. "I can't, I can't heal self-inflicted," he said as Piper started to say a spell.

I deserve nothing but pain,

It will not be in vain,

Cuts and blood will flow,

Where my soul must go.

A large cut appeared on Piper's face that started near the top of her eyebrow and down the cheek.

"Oh god, Piper stop it!" Phoebe yelled as Prue cover Piper's mouth to avoid her saying anything else.

"What happened?" Leo asks as his wife bleeds and struggled to get free.

"We need to get her home now," Prue said as exhaustion from fighting with her was taking its toll.

Leo obeyed and orbed everyone back to the manner and into the attic as Prue forced Piper down on her stomach while still keeping her hand over Piper's mouth. "Don't you bite me," she said as Phoebe looked around the room for rope or anything that would keep her from hurting herself any further.

"Here," Phoebe said as she tied Piper's legs together at the ankles.

"I need some tape," Prue said as Phoebe started putting some rope around Piper's injured wrist.

"Phoebe she is hurt," Leo said as his panic was rising.

"Leo I know but we need time to fix this, so this is what we need to do. That coven is more powerful than you thought," Phoebe replied as she gave him a pissed look.

"That is not possible, they are good witches," Leo said as Phoebe managed to get hold of Piper's other arm and tie her hands behind her back.

"Apparently not," Prue said in the same tone as her baby sister mixed with heavy breaths.

Phoebe looked around again and found some duct tape," Here Prue."

The older sister took the small strip and with a quick and fluid motion places it on Piper's mouth. She then stood up as Piper grunted through the tape and tried to get free.

"Leo take her to your bedroom while Phoebe and I figure this out," Prue asks and headed for the book.

"This is wrong Prue, she is bleeding and to top it off she can't get in a lot of oxygen," Leo said as he turned her over. The cut on her face needed stitches and he placed his hand on it to keep it from bleeding.

"Dammit Leo we know but she is under a spell, now let us do our job," Prue replied as she was getting frustrated with her brother-in-law.

Leo orbed Piper to her bed and ran to the bathroom to get the first aid box. "Its ok honey just calm down, it will be ok," he said while cleaning her wounds and putting bandages on them. He moved her to her side to get access to her wrist. "This needs stitches too," he said while doing the best he could.

Back in the attic Prue and Phoebe were looking through the book frantically.

"What the hell did she do?" Phoebe asks.

"It was Latin but hard to make out, something about evil spirit and commanding Piper to leave the circle and some other stuff about hurting herself," Prue replied while turning the pages quickly.

To be continued…