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Back at the Lemons' lair, the two computer monitors at either end of the hallway that contains the jail cells have just finished playing the advertisement for Ace Petrol as well.

"Well, it's official," Holley says, "They are in fact 'making lemonade.'"

"Indeed," Fin says. "I hope the chaps at C.H.R.O.M.E caught that. We could be the next 'stars' of one of their commercials what with the apparent potency of it."

"I hope not. I'd rather not have nano-robots in my petrol that will control me against my will that you very much!"

"We may not have much of a choice Holley," Finn says. "Conserve as much fuel as you can. We don't want to give them a reason to give us the petrol though they may give it to us anyways."

"Got it," Holley says. She sighs, "I hope Mater will be alright…"

"So let me get this straight… the Fabulous Hudson Hornet is alive, Mater, Holley, and Finn have been captured by the Lemons to exact revenge, and they've invented some sorta mind-controlling gas?" Lightning says after Doc has finished explaining what C.H.R.O.M.E has found out about the Lemons' plans.

"Pretty much," Doc says.

"Just checking that I'm not going crazy," Lightning says with a sigh.

"Yeah…It is a bit much for anyone to go through," Doc chuckles.

"You're tellin' me!"

"Sir," Parr says, "What agents do you want assigned to this case?"

"I want Lassetire and Rantf as back up. I'm going in with Lighting."

"But sir- You haven't, well you know, been in the field in a while," the Buick says.

"Spyin' is like drivin'. Once you learn, you never forget. I'm going in. Is that clear?"

"Yes, sir!"

"Doc," Lightning says, "Are you sure you want me comin' with you? I mean I don't really have any training or anything."

"Lighting, you remember what I taught you 'bout racin' right? Some of those moves I taught you?"

"Yeah, but you never taught me enough to let me win against you," Lighting says with a slight chuckle.

"I taught you some of those moves not to help you with your races, but to keep you safe. I always had a sneaking suspicion that one day my exploits in the world of spying would catch up to me. Since you were the car that was the most visible to…everyone really, I decided it would be best if I taught you some ways to defend yourself. Course, I couldn't exactly tell you what I was doing so I showed you them in the guise of racin' tips," Doc explains to Lighting.

"What, were you gonna go all Car-ate Kid on me and yell 'Wax on! Wax Off!' or somethin'?" Lighting teases the old racecar.

"Something like that," Doc chuckles. "Parr? I want you to contact the fellows that made Torque's disguise. We're gonna need more than just the holo-disguises as the Lemons apparently have gotten their tires on a HDD."

"Yes sir!" Parr says and then drives out of the room.


"Yeah, Doc?"

"While we're waitin' on the disguises," Doc says, "I want to give you a little refresher on some of those moves I taught you." He pushes a button on the floor. A large garage-style door opens to reveal a large hanger, perfect for practicing and training. Doc drives into the hanger, with Lightning right behind him.

Holley and Finn are shaken from the silence they have fallen into, each trying to figure out a way to escape their current predicament, by the sound of the doors to the cell block opening. They both drive forward, looking to see who is coming.

"Mater!" Holley exclaims, happy to see him unharmed, though he is flanked by two cars, Acer and Grem.

The tow truck doesn't even glance at her. The Pacer opens the cell door next to Holley's and Mater drives willingly inside.

"Mater?" Holley says, concerned.

"I wouldn't bother there sweet thing," Grem says. Holley glares at him. She does not appreciate demeaning nicknames. The AMC Gremlin just chuckles, "He can't hear you. It's a wonder what those bots can do you know. Plug up your hearing, make you do a commercial for the stuff, stop an engine…"

"You wouldn't dare…" Finn says.

"You'll just have to wait and see, won't you?" Acer laughs. Once the door to Mater's cell is locked, the two cars drive out of the cell block.

"Mater? Can you hear me at all?" Holley yells, hoping that what Grem had said wasn't true.

No response.

"Brilliant," Holley says through gritted teeth. "We have got to find a way out of-"

"Stop," Finn interrupts. He motions with his eyes for Holley to look in the mirror in the cell directory across from Mater's. Looking closely, Holley sees a dim flashing light coming from Mater's undercarriage.

"Bugged?" she mouths.

Finn nods. "I believe so," he mouths back. "Try getting your computer working and then we'll go from there."

"Will do." Holley drives to the back of her cell, out of the range of the security cameras in the hallways and gets to work.

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