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Chapter 8

Mac put the gun down on the kitchen counter and then reached down and pulled Olivia up onto her feet. He hooked his arm around her waist and practically carried her over to the couch where he dropped her down onto it.

"Come on, Mac. Let's not go through this again. Let Olivia go, just leave her out of this." Elliot pleaded.

Mac ignored him as he walked into the kitchen. Elliot and Olivia looked at each other, both with desperation in their eyes, desperate for the other ones safety. They both looked up when Mac walked back over to Olivia with a knife in his hand. He was holding it in one hand, flicking his thumb over the sharp blade as he stepped closer and closer to Olivia.

She quickly tried to push herself up but it wasn't easy and she was only awkwardly standing when Mac grabbed a handful of her hair, making her yelp in pain, and pushed her back down onto the couch.

"Where do you think you're going? I haven't even started with you yet." he said menacingly. He then placed the knife against her throat. "Sharp." he pointed out, like she couldn't feel it.

"Mac, don't!" Elliot shouted.

He winced as he heard a painful ripping sound followed by another pained yelp from Olivia. Mac moved away from Olivia and threw the tape he'd been using as her gag on the floor, the tape he'd just ripped from her mouth. He gripped the knife and hacked through the tape around Olivia's ankles.

Elliot watched, wondering what the hell Mac had planned but the fact that he had a weapon made his heart beat wildly in his chest. If possible it began to beat faster when he saw Mac pull Olivia's legs apart and then climb on top of her.

"Get off me!" Olivia screeched at him, her lip bleeding from the tape that had been ripped from it.

Mac ignored her as pushed her shirt right up to use as a gag, in doing so hooking it around her arms which were forced up above her head. Olivia screamed in agony through the gag. It felt like having her collar bone broke all over again. Tears quickly flooded down her cheeks. She struggled to hold in her sobs, the pain was excruciating.

Elliot began to pull harder at the tape around his wrists, desperate to break free to help his partner. He watched with his blood boiling as Mac grabbed at Olivia's breasts. His heart skipped a beat when he put the knife up against Olivia's chest.

Elliot could feel the tape coming loose around his wrists so he began wriggling his ankles trying to get the tape on them to come loose too. He looked up when Olivia cried out in more pain. Mac was leaning over her, holding her arms down above her head. She had wriggled them so her top was not over her mouth.

"Get off me you son-of-a-bitch!" she yelled at him.

"SHUT-UP!" Mac yelled at her. "You don't get to tell me what to do. I'm in charge here, Olivia!" he yelled at her.

Elliot looked up just in time to see Mac press the knife against Olivia's inner thigh, her scream cut through him like the knife that tore through her flesh. He could see her blood seep through the slash in her trousers. Mac simply laughed as he grabbed the torn cloth in his hands and pulled on it, ripping Olivia's trousers in a way that would make what he had planned for her so much easier.

He slapped his hand down on her bleeding thigh and then held it up to Elliot. "Is it just me or do you think her blood is the most beautiful colour red?"

Elliot watched, disgusted as Mac studied the blood, Olivia's blood, on his hand. He turned to look at the tapes around his wrist, it seemed so reluctant to let him go free to let him help his partner.

Once more his attention was diverted by the sound of a yelp. Mac was slowly dragging the sharp, bloodied knife across Olivia's stomach, a line of crimson blood followed after it, dribbling down Olivia's stomach and onto her couch.

"Get the fuck away from her! You want a real fight then come after me! Or can you only handle a tied up defenseless woman?" Elliot spat angrily at him, desperate to get his attention. It worked. Mac looked up at him.

"Oh I can handle men as well, Elliot. You have to learn that sort of thing when you're put in prison, locked up with so many monsters." he said as he walked over to Elliot and stood right in front of him.

"You're one of em." Elliot pointed out.

Mac swung his arm and punched Elliot hard in the face. He did the same again with the other hand, then again and again and again.

He was so distracted in doing so that he didn't know Olivia was stood behind him, a vase from off her coffee table in her hands. She swung it down as hard as she could against Mac's head.

He stumbled and fell to the ground. Liv grabbed the knife and cut away at the tape. It was just his left ankle to cut through when she felt herself being dragged backwards by her hair. Mac pulled her a few feet away before letting her drop to the floor. She immediately kicked out at him but Mac grabbed her leg and twisted it painfully so.

Elliot reached down and began pulling at the tape the whole time trying to keep an eye on Mac. He could hear him kicking Olivia, thumping her. All she could do was lie there and take it. Mac didn't even offer her a second to try to fight back.

Olivia tried to push herself up from the floor but it was no good. She was a bloodied, bruised mess. All she felt was pain and it weakened her. The blows kept coming one after the other. She waited for the next but suddenly it didn't come, instead she heard a crash.

She rolled onto her back and saw Elliot was out of the chair, he was on top of Mac, punching him in the face over and over. She tried to push herself up, tried to crawl towards the phone. Her whole body felt like lead, it was hard and agonizing trying to move.

She looked over at Elliot, her heart pounding with fear when she heard him growl in pain. She wans't sure how it had happened but she could see blood dripping from a deep wound on his arm. It was then she noticed the knife in Mac's hand. She screamed in panic as she saw Mac swing the knife at Elliot's face. Narrowly, Elliot dodged it.

He punched out at Mac, hitting him in the face again. Mac dropped the knife and it slid across the floor. Elliot reached out for it but Mac punched him in the face, sending him falling backwards. He tried to reach out and grab the knife but a swift kick from Elliot had him flat on his back again.

Elliot pushed himself up and ran over to the knife. He grabbed it just before Mac did but seeing this Mac dove on him. Olivia watched as they both crashed to the floor. They began struggling and she knew the knife was between their bodies.

She heard one of them roar in pain, but had no idea which one it had been. She was about to make her way over to them, to see who was hurt when she saw Elliot push Mac off him. She was so happy to see that the knife was sticking out of Mac's chest. Elliot pushed himself up to his feet and stepped over Mac's lifeless body. He reached down and carefully helped Olivia up to her feet.

They both stood there, bleeding and bruised, looking down at Mac's lifeless body. Elliot wrapped his arm around Olivia, thankful she was ok and thankful this was all finally over.

The End

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