Rebuilding Your Life

The First Week

He woke up in his old bed in gryffindor tower, but it didn't feel like old times, it was almost as if he had outgrown it, like the bed was to short for him somehow.

He lay their for a minute or two until Ron came running in ''Harry, wake up, wake up, it's Fred,''

''I'm up, what are you talking about, Fred is dea-''

''No, he's not, come on, he's in the hospital wing.'' Ron dragged him out of bed and down the long way to the other side of Hogwarts.

''Mum had this brilliant idea, she duelled Bellatrix, she used an old family spell to paralize her and an similar spell was used on Fred, it took five Medi-Wizards but they managed to take it off, he's alive, Harry.'' Hearing this Harry broke out into a run, he had to see it before believing it completely.

They entered the wing and Harry fell a step behind Ron, who let the way and just like he promised, Fred was sitting up in his bed, looking a bit beat up, but otherwise fine.

''Hey'' it was all he could say, but it was enough, Fred smiled at him and opened his arms, Harry doved into them gratefully, he sobbed on his shoulder, he was strong for so long, he needed to let it go. ''It's okay, baby brother, I'm fine and the battle is over, over and won.''


He stayed an hour chatting with his family, before he left to tell Mrs. Tonks the dreadful news.

He didn't want her to find out from the paper or the wireless.

Since the night of his final departure from the Dursleys, he was clued in to the wards of the Tonks house. He walked up to the frontdoor and knocked, Andromeda Tonks opened the door a minute later ''Harry, come in, I heard the battle was won, is Remus sending you? Where is Dora?''

''Mrs. Tonks, I'm really sorry, but Remus and Tonks won't-'' ''No, no, don't say it, just don't.'' She sat on the couch, crying for her lost family, Harry could only offer silent comfort.

He heard a wailing sound from upstairs and after waiting for her to react for five minutes, he went upstairs, he entered the nursery and saw a tiny baby squirming in his cot.

He had tears streaming down his face, so Harry did the only reasonable thing, he pick the infant up, cradling him to his chest, swaying slightly ''Shh, little one, shhh.''

He wasn't sure that Teddys grandmother could do anything right about now, so he called for Kreacher and asked him to prepare a bottle.

Feeding him brought some special warmth to Harry, something he didn't exspect.

Burping him, after Kreachers instructions, he sat with his little godson in the rocking chair, lulling him back to sleep.

He stayed at the house for three more hours to make sure that Andromeda was able to look after her grandson, he ordered Kreacher to keep an eye on her from time to time, better be safe than sorry.


He went back to Hogwarts, Fred had been released, with strict bed order, they decided to stay the night their. On monday morning they went to their respective homes, before seeing to the repairs of the burrow.

Harry went to Grimmauld, most of it was just layered in dust and thrown over, the death-eaters hadn't taken the time to destroy, they had obviosly left when their search for the three of them came up empty. He cleaned the master bedroom, the bathroom and the kitchen, both with magic and manual.

Dinner was eaten at Shell Cottage and apart from a little irritation he felt towards Charlie, the evening was spent happy and laughing at the twins jokes.

He really didn't know how to react towards this new Charlie, when they had met before his fourth year, the dragon-tamer had been sweet and funny, but now he was always so cocky and arrogant.

That definitely wasn't the man he had been crushing on for so long.

The rest of the week flew by, he had cleaned up the rest of the house pretty quick with the help of Winky, who now worked for him.

He visited Andromeda every second day for up to two hours, he watched over his little godson, while she prepared the funeral.


He was awoken rudely by Winky, ''Master, has to get up, now, Kreacher is needing your help, with little master.''

Taking a minute to get really awake, he rethought what he had been told, before throwing some clothes on and apparating to Tonks house.

She was sitting on the couch, head in her hands, while Teddy was crying at the top of his lungs.

He walked over and picked him up, trying to get him to calm down.

''This is hopeless, Harry, I tried it all already there is nothing you can do, he is always crying, all the time, he even refuses to eat. You take him, I give up, I can't do this alone, when Dora was little I had help in Ted, but now...'' She stood up and went upstairs into her bedroom, closing the door behind her.

Teddy screamed, sobbed and wailed throughout the night only falling asleep when the sun come up to replace the fullmoon.

When Andromeda came downstairs for breakfast, he had made up his mind, well, truth be told, his decision was made the moment she left the room last night.

''I'll take him in, Winky is preparing a nursery at my house right now and Kreacher is packing his stuff, '' She just nodded. ''The only thing I need to now is, if he has another godparent?''

''Yes, my daughter choose her best friend, of course.''

Harry nodded, he had exspected this, whoever this woman was he would have to find a way to get along with her, for Teddys sake. He would get a family, he would be loved, no matter what.

''Charlie Weasley.''

''Huh, what?''

''Charlie Weasley is the other godfather.''


Gathering his little charge he left, he stood in front of the fireplace, waiting for a sign that she would want to say goodbye. Nothing came.

He flooed straight to the burrow, he needed to talk to Charlie.

The moment he entered the kitchen, Molly took Teddy and cooed at him, Fleur and Ginny doing the same over her shoulders, after chasing Bill and Ron from their seats, with a simple look and lots of poking respectively.

Charlie snorted, he looked at Bill and said ''You are so whipped, man. Why did you marry again?''

Harry cleared his throat, ''We need to talk, Charlie.''

''Oh, is that what your calling it these days, well then Harry I wouldn't mind us talking.'' He purred.

''Restrain yourself, Charles, why didn't you mention that you are Teddys other godfather, why haven't you visited him yet?''

''You are what?''Molly asked.

Charlie stayed silent though, so Harry continued ''Listen and listen, good. I won't repeat myself.

Andromeda is incapable to raise him, today, if Molly is willing to babysit, we will go to the ministry and gringotts, to change custody and our wills. We will live at Grimmauld, I will stay at home looking after him, you will find yourself a new job, here in the U.K., we will be his parents.

I don't care about your private life, just keep it quiet, your conquests will not come to our house, Teddy will never meet them and you better try to stay out of the paper.''

He looked at him, ''Anything unclear? No? Perfect. Molly, can you look after him for a few hours?''

''Yes, of course, I would love to.''

''Thank you, Charles, I will pick you up in an hour.'' With that he apparated away.

Bill turned towards Charlie ''Who is the whipped one now?''

Which had Percy, Fred, George, Ron and Ginny laughing out loud, while Fleur and Molly tried to hide a smile. Arthur just clapped him on the shoulder in sympathy. Hermione scowled darkly.