Rebuilding Your Life


''We should get up.'' Harry mumbled into Charlie's chest. His husband only hummed as reply. They had been on the island for three weeks and would return home today.

''Or we could stay here.'' Charlie's voice said sleepily.

''So let's forget about work and Teddy and stay here, forever?'' He traced the outline of Charlie's right nipple and he opened his eyes.

''Fine, but only because of the little tyke, I couldn't care less about work.'' Harry kissed him softly, but Charlie was now completely awake and flipped them around, deepening the kiss.

''This is our last day here, where I have you all to myself, let's not waste one second of it.

Since their last round of passion had only been half an hour ago, Charlie didn't have to prepare his husband and entered him gently once again. He loved nothing more than to take his husband when he was relaxed and lubed up with his own cum.

He captured his lips again and sucked on the lower one. Harry opened his mouth immediately, surrendering to him and letting him devour his mouth. Harry moaned into the kiss.

Charlie's hips fell into a rhythm, slow out and fast in, going as deep as possible. It only took him two trusts to find the spot he was looking for. ''Charlie.'' Harry's eyes were closed, mouth open gasping for air.

Is wasn't long before both men were nearing completion. ''Harry.'' The name fell from his lips in a deep breathless groan and Charlie came first. He collapsed on Harry's body, who came only seconds after him, the warm shooting up his channel had him falling over the edge. Harry stroked Charlie's wet hair out of his face and followed the sleeping man into the land of nod.

Five hours and one long shower later they took the portkey back home, landing in the middle of Grimmauld. They left their luggage where it landed and flooed over to the burrow.

''Anyone home?'' Harry called, the only answer he got was a background whisper of voices. They walked out into the garden and saw most of their family gathered for the usual Sunday lunch. Ron, Hermione and Ginny were in Hogwarts, probably studying for the next exam.

''Harry, Charlie!'' Molly called and walked over. Charlie snorted next to Harry. ''You would think she would say my name first.'' Before Harry had time to answer, Molly had reached him and hugged him fiercely. The hug for Charlie was slightly shorter and he shook his head, but he was smiling all the time.

''How was your trip, you didn't even tell us where you went.'' Molly steered him into a seat.

''Papa!'' He turned his head immediately and took the struggling toddler out of Bill's arms. Teddy tried to hug Harry with his short arms. ''I missed you so much, baby. I love you.'' Harry said, kissing his head and cheeks. ''Wuv yuu.''

He kissed him again, although he had really enjoyed the honeymoon, he was so happy to be reunited with Teddy and the rest of his family. Charlie joined the hug and drowned the baby in his own kisses. ''Dada!''

''Yeah, yeah, happy family and all that. You sneaked away from us.'' Fred accused.

''Did we? I don't know what you talk about.'' Harry said as innocently as possible. ''We took the portkey as planned. Down to this small island in the Caribbean.'' Charlie took over. ''It really was fantastic, perfect weather and everything.''

''Everything? I want to know more.'' George said with a big grin.

''He is talking about the beach and the food.'' Harry answered. ''Suuure, we want details. Since you finally lost your innocence. Talk.'' George didn't stop.

''George! Behave yourself. That is private and between Harry and Charlie.'' Molly seethed.

''You can leave if you don't want to know, I'm sure the rest of us wants to know.'' But he shrank a bit in his seat when he saw the look on his mother's face.

''Bill and I have news for everyone.'' Fleur broke the silence. Harry turned towards her and saw a glowing smile. He gasped. ''No. Are you...'' She nodded grinning like a Cheshire cat.

Harry gave Teddy to Charlie and hugged her tightly. ''I'm so happy for you.'' He kissed her cheek. ''All thanks to you.'' She whispered in his ear.

''What are you talking about?'' Fred asked, unhappy about being left out.

''Fleur is pregnant. We are going to be parents somewhere next year at the end of April.'' Bill announced and Molly shrieked in delight, rushing over to bury her son and his wife in her hugs. The rest of the family congratulated them as well, Charlie took Bill into a one-armed hug, because of Teddy.

''Bill and I want you two to be godparents.'' Fleur said when Molly had released her. Harry gaped at her.

''Me? Are you sure, what about a friend or-''

Fleur interrupted gently. ''No, I want you. Bill more than agrees.''

Her husband nodded. ''She is right, there is no one better.''

''Okay, I would be honoured.'' He smiled back at them, happy that they finally got what they always wanted. His family had managed to find peace and happiness after the long years of darkness and pain.

I promise that there will be a sequel. About their married life between Rebuilding your Life and Surprise.