July's secret ingredient was the book The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks. So, zombies it is...

~~The Journey~~

The year was 2050. Ten years earlier, we'd been warned this day would come. We'd laughed about it, made fun of it and ignored it, like our grandparents had done during the Y2K crisis.

Unlike Y2K, this crisis actually happened.

And now we're paying the price.

As if world-wide nuclear war wasn't catastrophic enough, the ensuing fires and blasts destroyed countless number of laboratories, many of them housing secrets of which most of the world was never aware. Potent, dangerous viruses and flesh-eating bacterium were released into the air. The majority of people—the fortunate ones—died a slow, painful death. Some of us were immune and survived, Edward and myself included.

Then there were those who were survived the scourge, but were not quite immune. The viruses and bacterium took hold of their bodies and transformed them into something unthinkable.



Edward and I were hiding out in my house when the first one we encountered stumbled through the door. We watched in horror as it feasted on the remains of my family. We got the hell out of there fast.

As the world reeled from the aftershocks of this apocalypse, people rushed to secure their copies of The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks. Libraries were trashed, book stores were looted. It became our Bible and people were not above killing to get their hands on one.

We were lucky—Edward always had a fascination with zombies, so he already had a copy. Grabbing what we could salvage, we had made our way east from Forks.

Looking for what, we had no idea.

Information along the road was scarce. Food wasn't a problem at first, but thanks to no electricity, things got rotten real fast. We lived off of non-perishables, but even they had a funny taste, thanks to the radiation.

Consulting our zombie survival guide, we evaded those fuckers as best as we could. We didn't meet up with too many of them in the beginning, but we didn't want to let down our guard. There's no reasoning with zombies.

Something was about to change; I could feel it. Edward did, too. We held each other close at nights, afraid to sleep for fear of being attacked. We became closer than friends. I'm pretty sure he wanted to have sex with me, but I was too afraid. Why, I don't know. It's not like I had other options or a bright future. But he didn't push it and for that, I was grateful to him.

We got through the first few months relatively unscathed, apart from the few attempts of some other survivors to steal our zombie guide. Edward shot those bastards right away. No one messes with his zombie guide.

Edward Cullen never ceased to amaze me. As our journey wore on, I began to see him differently.

Huh, who knew?