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Genre: Romance

Body heat

Sam sat down on the couch and suddenly Gabriel was clung to his side. Sam had barely seen the archangel curled up on the end of Bobby's couch.

Gabriel let out a pleased sigh, and pressed further up against Sam. Sam raised his eyebrows at his boyfriend's antics.

"Gabe?" He asked, curious as to what the angel was up to.

"You're hot." Gabriel murmured, his check pressed against Sam's chest. "In more ways than one, kiddo."

Sam curled his arm around Gabriel, he could feel the archangel shivering. The room was cold, as there had been a temperature drop during the day, so the air conditioning made Bobby's house cold.

"Why didn't you just adjust the temperature?" Sam questioned. "Instead of curling up on the edge of the couch?"

"Dean told me not to mess with the air conditioning again or he'd shove my blade up my ass." Gabriel explained. "Didn't feel like taking the risk."

Sam shook his head, and let Gabriel curl up against him.

"Gabe, I'm tired." Sam told him.

Gabriel shrugged. "Then lay down."

"I'll flatten you." Sam joked, running his fingers through Gabriel's hair.

Gabriel stood up, and shivered. "Well lie down. Quick!"

Sam lay down and Gabriel crawled over him to lay between Sam and the couch.

Sam slid his arm under Gabriel, to rest his hand on his shoulder. Gabriel rolled over slightly and Sam buried his face in his lover's hair.


Bobby walked in a few minutes later, the two asleep on the couch, Sam's right hand resting on Gabriel's chest. Gabriel's arm was across Sam's chest and the two were both sleeping peacefully.

Bobby smiled a little and tossed a blanked over them. They were so fast asleep they didn't even notice.


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