A short holiday fic from Farscapeland.

Spoilers: Set some time post Kkore war (comics). Spoilers from late S2 onwards. Aeryn remembers.

Farscape doesnt belong to me

Words 397

Promises To Keep (G)

Aeryn Sun, PeaceKeeper Commandant, wife, mother, felt a sudden jolt of recognition as she pulled out the long-forgotten shoulder bag. She could not recall seeing it since her return to Moya, a couple of cycles before. But now memories flooded back from the time when she had fled from Moya and found herself in unexpected places.

She opened the bag to look at and touch the handful of items within. There was a pair of large eye protectors. They were cheap and primitive, but their darkened lenses had been quite effective at shielding her eyes from the unaccustomed brightness of the days on the planet where the renegade Peacekeepers were based. She turned the glasses over in her hands like a touchstone before putting them down.

Next out of the old bag came a book, its pages now brown and its corners what John would call Vorc-eared. She had bought it on a whim in a spaceport about a monen after leaving Moya. Its many pages contained a frivolous, fabricated story, but Aeryn had lost and then begun to find herself again during the weekens of sporadic reading it had taken to complete: Stolen arns between missions, lying beside the ocean under a warm sun.

Lastly came the two garments: It had been hot on the planet, almost, but not quite, dangerous for Sebaceans. On her forays to the sandy ocean shore, these few patches of green fabric had been enough to comply with social norms. When not reading, she had spent those mostly solitary arns sometimes trying to forget, sometimes trying to remember. And sometimes consuming a strange, frozen sweet, a local delicacy, and trying not to let it dribble down her as it melted in the sun. She put down the garments on top of the book and sunglasses and sighed, remembering.

A few grains of sand escaped from the seams of the garments and adhered to her fingers. She looked at them thoughtfully for a few microts. Her time on that beach had definitely helped her come to terms with what had happened and what she should do next. The war with the Kkore had been long and tiring for all of them, and they needed to decide what to do now: She decided to talk to John about the three of them going somewhere similar and taking some time to relax and think.