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Warning: may contain spoilers to manga/anime

-Chapter 1: Fainting Chocolates-

To the average citizen in Konoha, it seemed like a wonderful day. There were no clouds and the sun shone, but a breeze kept the weather cool. It's a perfect day for a walk. Luckily, a familiar bright haired and blue eyed ninja was doing just that. It's also a perfect day to go on a date, which sadly said person was not doing or at least he wished he was.

Naruto had just finished his training with his teammates. He remembered while leaving the field he couldn't help but notice Sakura and Sasuke intertwining their hands as they discussed today's date. Sakura would always be special to him, but he had realized a long time ago that the love he felt for her was different than he thought. In his heart, she slowly became like a sister to her, like Sasuke was a brother to him. They were family, but somehow the family they formed was different now. He couldn't enter their circle, he couldn't share their kind of happiness, and they couldn't share the friendship equally anymore. He was back to being alone.

A heavy sigh passed his lips and he stopped at his destination, the lake. There were memories of Sasuke and him coming to this place when they were still small. It took a long time, but everything about the Uchiha clan and his brother had finally been settled and Sasuke joined their side in the war, which lasted about seven months. Naruto was proclaimed as a hero. This was the happy ending every person wanted, but there was something missing. It's been three years and he didn't realize it until his teammates started to become more intimate. Everyone was eighteen or older and they were all moving on with their lives, finding ones to share it. That's what he wanted now. What did the hero always get at the end of the story? He got the girl. All he wanted was his little special someone who would love him and he would do the same.

"N-Naruto?" A small voice said in an almost whisper.

He turned around to seeing the young Hyuuga heiress standing behind, pushing her pointer fingers together while looking at the ground.

"Hinata, what are you doing here?" He said and flashed a welcoming smile.

"I-I go here after training. I'm s-sorry if I disturbed you." She apologized and bowed, ready to leave.

"NO! No need to apologize." Naruto rubbed the back of his head. "It's a public place. You don't have to leave just because I'm here. Come over here! It's more fun sharing a special place with a friend anyway."

Hinata's face turned a light shade a red. 'I feel stupid for apologizing.'

Naruto quickly forgot what he was sulking about as the two sat down together, enjoying each other's company. He told her stories about his missions and reminisced about the old academy days. She giggled at the funny parts or how he overly exaggerated. Hinata did most of the listening because she preferred to listen to his voice, but she said a few things about Kurunai's baby or her teammates.

The two were so absorbed in conversation that they didn't notice the sun had already set. Naruto flashed one more smile which caused Hinata to blush though this time she kept eye contact and flashed a small shy smile of her own. He felt something strange in chest, but ignored it and they parted ways.

For the pass week the two continued to meet up at the lake to just talk and sometimes they would just sit there enjoying the quiet. Naruto wasn't one for just sitting around and not talking, but there was something about the shy girl's presence that made him feel content.

- Hinata's POV -

I felt my chest swell up in pride and joy. I had been spending the afternoons with Naruto. The person who I admired ever since my pre-genin days and who I fell in love with many years ago. When I talk to him, I'm usually a terrible mess, but recently I have been holding my own.

My current feelings were briefly replaced by pain when I suddenly remembered the fact that he doesn't have any memories of me telling him my feelings. At first it had been a blessing that he didn't remembered, but then I soon realized the empty feeling inside my heart because I didn't get to hear his answer even though I was sure he would have turned me down. Was it better not to know or to know but be disappointed?

I shook my head, trying to clear the turmoil in my mind. It was a good day today and I didn't want self-pity to ruin it. I may not have the courage to make a second confession, but I want to at least have the guts to become a close friend. Being friends was better than being rejected, right?

The house was dark and fortunately father didn't ask why I had been coming home late. I got into my bed and quickly fell asleep with Naruto's smile lingering in my mind and a silly smile on my own lips.

- Naruto's POV -

My arms and legs stretched out as I tried to get comfortable for bed. I could feel my eye lids getting heavy. I thought about my week, remembering how great it felt to spend some time with Hinata. I admit I never tried to get to know her because she always seemed so distant and embarrassed around me. Maybe I'm too much? I've always been told that I'm too blunt or loud sometimes. I guess she didn't mind so much after a while because she wholeheartedly listened to me. I wonder if I talked too much. She didn't seem annoyed though and laughed at all my jokes. My eyes closed and drifted off to sleep with images of Hinata in my mind. For some reason, I didn't mind them and welcomed them.

-Hinata's POV -

I woke up that morning feeling refreshed. I got dressed into my usual outfit, which were leggings and a baggy jacket over a black shirt. I may have grown out my hair but nothing has really changed about my appearance over the years. A blush crossed my face as I thought about the kind of clothes Naruto likes on women.

Looking at the clock, I realized that it was still too early for training so I decided to visit my friend Aka. She'd be up by now studying. She always wakes up so early to study, write, or train. As she would say "There is no crime in being excited for a new day!" Hinata giggled at the thought of her best friend getting off of bed yelling that. Tenten did say, Aki and Lee are destined to be together. I'm surprised that they haven't ended up together yet.

I knocked on the door. As expected, less than a few seconds later loud footsteps came from inside. Aka swung the door open excitedly.

"Oh! It's wonderful that you came to see me!" She said. She gave me a quick bear hug and dragged me into her house. "You must be in a good mood or have some good news if you came so early."

My blush gave it away.

"Oh! It's about a boy! How exciting! Is it about Uzamaki?" I nodded.

"We uh hangout, I guess."

"Like hangout hangout? Or just you two alone hangout?"

"I don't understand the difference."

"Well, friends usually hangout but it's different when those friends are opposite genders. When they're opposite genders and they spend a lot of time together with just the two of them then usually one of them develops feelings for the other."

"But I had f-feelings before we spent time together." I blushed at my blunt statement.

"Which means there could be a chance for HIM to develop feelings."

"T-that's not possible. He has Sakura."

"Who has Sasuke."

"But there are other prettier women…"

"Not really. He has fangirls, but none of them like him for him but for just what he has done for all the countries. Plus they aren't as pretty as you." She let out an uncharacteristic sigh, mumbling something. "I wished I was as pretty as you, Sakura, Ino, or Tenten."

"You are very pretty."

"He doesn't seem to notice though," She huffed in frustration and I was confused on who she was talking about. "Anyway, back to the subject at hand. I think you should for it."

"I-I'm fine the way it is…I think."

"You say that now…"

-Naruto POV -

Hinata blushed slightly and turned away. I wrap my arms around her small waist and she giggles cutely. She suddenly frees herself from my grasp and I playfully push her. It was hard enough to send her falling into the water. I try to grab her hand to save her at the last minute, but end up falling in too. We laugh and I brush her hair out her beautiful perfect face. I feel myself leaning in…

My eyes snap open at the sound of my alarm clock. 'Stupid alarm clock!' I thought and contemplated for a split second to smash it. Never had I hated my alarm clock so much. It woke me up from that wonderful dream about Hi-. Wait, what? Why was I dreaming about her? I must be some sick pervert. That pervy sage's habits must of rubbed off on me. If she finds out she might beat me up like Sakura even though I doubt she would do that. Well the more realistic outcome would be her not talking to me again. There was a strange drop in my stomach. It's probably just hungry. Well I think it is.

Slowly I got ready for training with Sasuke, Sakura, and Sai.

-Training Grounds-

"Hi." Sai greeted as Naruto entered the training grounds. Naruto weakly waved at him. He was not in the mood to be insulted about his…well you know. His dream was still fresh in mind and the thought of Hinata never talking to him again left a bad taste in his mouth.

"Naruto, you look like you're deep in thought? Maybe you're mentally comparing how tiny yours is compared to other guys. Sakura, do you Sasuke's is bigger than Naruto's?" Sai ranted. He finally quit the Root but he still had an awkward sense of humor.

Sasuke threw a punch at him which he dodged flawlessly while Sakura was leaning on a tree completely frozen in shock. A kunai flew pass Naruto. He momentarily forgot what he was thinking about and yelled, "Hey, what was that for!"

"For thinking. You know you end up hospitalized every time you do that." Sasuke smirked. Everyone laughed as Naruto got huffed up, trying to think of a comeback.

Before he knew it training had ended. Sweat trickled down his neck and saturated his shirt. Kakashi no longer joined them for training because he took a job as a teacher at the academy, but it didn't mean that their training got easier. Naruto was exhausted. All he wanted to do was go to the lake and relax with Hinata. He took a long drink of his water then turned to his teammates to say his farewells.

"Hey, I'm off now! I'll see you guys tomorrow!" He said enthusiastically to them. Before he turned his heels to leave, he noticed Sakura feeding Sasuke a piece of chocolate.

"Try this. I made treats last night so Kakashi can use it at the school to bribe the children to study." Sakura explained. She held it up to Sasuke. Naruto and Sakura's eyes opened wide in shock as Sasuke grab her wrists then guided the sweet into his mouth. She felt his warm lips on her finger and blushed lightly as he licked it cleaned. All Naruto could do was stare. He knew Sasuke loved Sakura, but he was always so stoic and tried to avoid being to intimate with Sakura in public.

"Naruto! Stop staring! It's embarrassing." Sakura yelled, feeling slightly irritated that Naruto had ruined her special moment with her boyfriend. She gave him a hard hit on the head.

"Ow! Fine, fine I'm leaving. You guys are getting gross anyway." The blonde rubbed the newly formed lump on his head and walked away.


Hinata sat at the lake, waiting patiently for the happy-go-lucky ninja. She sat with her back straight and her legs neatly tucked under her legs while a small white box rested on her lap. The box had little chocolate pieces that she ate quietly. The sweets melted in her mouth and she wondered if Naruto liked chocolate. Did he eat them on Valentine's Day? Did he get them from girls? She lowered her eyes down at her box, feeling an uncomfortable twist in her stomach. Of course he got them from girls. Naruto's outgoing, cheerful, strong, and extremely kind. He's handsome too with his spiky blonde hair, his charming fox-like grin, and his incredible deep blue sapphire eyes. Hinata stared at the water and let out a longing sigh. He was perfect to her, but she knew that she couldn't have him. She wasn't worthy to be together with the ninja world's hero.

Naruto slowly approached her, noticing that she had a distant look in her eyes. He stood next to her, but she didn't seem to notice him so he decided to sit next to her as he waited for her to wake up from her dazed gaze. The sudden close proximity dawned on him when he started noticing the details of her body. The late sunlight shone on her, making her skin glow. Her long raven hair flowed elegantly down her back while framing her face like a rare painting. Hinata had the air of a princess. It was almost unreal. Did he always find her this attractive?

A long desperate sign awoke him from his thoughts. He saw something unrecognizable flash in her eyes. He felt a small prick in the back of his brain. "Are you alright, Hinata?" He leaned in and asked gently. His breath tickled her ear, creating a strange but lovely sensation.

She jumped surprising causing her box of sweets to knock over. She scrambled to pick up the mess and began to stammer an apology, "I'm s-s-s-orry! I d-didn't see y-y-you there!"

"No, I'm sorry! I didn't mean to scare you!" Naruto hastily said, "I ruined your chocolates!"

Unfortunately for the two only one piece was saved. "It's my fault they fell on the ground. I-I should have been paying attention." Hinata blush as she offered it to Naruto. "It's okay. They're only leftovers from the ones I gave to Kiba and Shino because I made too much last night with Sakura. If you want to try, you can have the last one."

"Geez, Hinata! You're way too nice to me." Naruto scratch the back of his head. He gazed at the piece of chocolate and remembered Sakura and Sasuke from earlier. The treat was between her thumb and her finger. For a split second he wondered what it would feel like if she feed it to him, how her delicate little finger would taste if he licked the rest off-

"WHY WOULD YOU THINK OF THAT KIND OF THING?" His sudden angry outburst startled Hinata. Holding her hands close to her chest, she stepped back with her head lowered. Her heart was pounding and her stomach twisted painfully. Why would she off him leftovers? Of course that would offend him. Plus, she figured he probably didn't want some pathetic homemade sweets from her.

When he got out of his own little world in his head, he realized what he said. "Hinata, I wasn't…I was…" Naruto started, "I really didn't mean all that. I was kind of zoned out and thinking of something else. I'm really sorry."

There was hesitation then she answered in a small whisper like voice, "its okay."

He stepped closer to her. "Hinata?"

She raised her head. He took notice of her flushed face, glazed eyes, and how she avoided looking at him. His heart squeezed and there was a prick in his head again.

"Are you alright?"

"I-I'm fine. You just scared me of bit."

"I'm really sorry." He rubbed the back his neck and smiled apologetically. Trying to cheer her up he asked, "Can I have it now?"

"Are you s-sure? I mean, it's a left over and I'm not sure if you'll like the homemade ones I make."

"Wow! They're homemade? That's amazing. You have to let me try it!" She shyly handed it to him and he plopped it excitedly into his mouth. When he finished eating it, he grinned widely. "This is incredible! I can't believe your teammates get to eat stuff like this from you all the time! I'm so jealous. I wish you and I could marry so you could cook for me every day! You'd be like the perfect wife!"

Naruto put his arm around her shoulders. Hinata's face heated. The world around her began to get fuzzy and spin. Next thing the loud mouth male knew, she had fainted in his arms.

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