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Chapter 4: Chasing and Chances

A week had passed after Hinata gave Naruto the chocolates. Ever since then the young heiress had become more open. When the hyper young man teased her, she would bravely, as bravely a shy girl could, tease back. They spent time together outside of their lakeside by going to lunch at Naruto's favorite ramen bar or strolling around the park. There were times when they'd spend some time in Naruto's home if the weather got too hot to be outside. The more time that passed, the more Naruto found himself losing his self control. He would occasionally brush Hinata's raven locks behind her ear, lay his head on her lap when they relaxed at the lake, and even hold her hand because he 'forgot' to let go when he guided to some place.

They both knew that their little gestures were more than just friendly. Naruto knew he was openly flirting, but wasn't sure if Hinata was doing the same or just comfortable with him. Hinata on the other hand, had acknowledged that Naruto's actions meant something more than what she expected they were (after late hours of debating herself). What the young woman wanted to know where his feelings currently stand. For all she knew, he could find her slightly attractive but not someone who he wanted a relationship with.

Hinata stared up at the night sky, wondering if she should do something-something that would define what their current relationship is. She closed her eyes as her stomach twisted uneasily at the remembrance of her confession. A sigh slipped passed her lips, forgetting the fact that she was laying beside her secret love on the grass. The hokage-to-be frowned and rolled onto his side, so that his weight was on his right arm.

"Something on your mind?" He asked worriedly, noticing the distant look in her lavender eyes. Hinata had always listened to him whine about his problems and worries. Recently he realized that he had never heard her complain about anything, she was always just comforting him.

"Oh, n-nothing." She lied and looked away.

"That's not true. Why'd you sigh?" He pressed.



"I was just thinking…" She stopped. Her heart was racing as she thought of excuses to tell him. 'Should I confess again? What if I read all the signs wrong?'

Naruto edged closer to her. He was determined to have Hinata see that he could be depended on when she needed someone. "You were thinking…"



"It's a nice out tonight."

"Hinata!" He whined. Naruto had scooted even closer to the Hyuuga girl with his upper body weight on his arms and his head looking down on her. "Don't change the subject!"

"Naruto-kun…" She whispered, still looking away but this time adorned with a full blush.


"T-that's it."

"You were thinking about me?" The blonde's curiosity rose. "What about me?"

"I l-like spending time with y-you." She looked at him shyly and it was his turn to blush.

"Yeah, me too." Naruto smiled sheepishly before asking, "Do you think about me often?"

"W-what?" The Hyuuga heiress stuttered in surprise. Before she could answer him, he continued.

"Because I think about you all the time," He paused as he began unconsciously leaning in closer, "I can't get you out of my mind. There's something about you, Hinata. You make me…" He stopped with his lips hovering over Hinata's just a few inches away.

The young woman's breathing halted as she anticipated what was going to happen next. Without knowing it, she lifted her head, closed her eyes and brushed her lips lightly on his. Suddenly realizing her bold move, her eyes snapped opened and she pulled away. Noticing her retreat, Naruto gently cupped her cheek as he guided her toward him again and passionately crushed his mouth onto hers.

"…feel different." He finished breathlessly when they separated.

-Sakura's POV-

I just came back from my mission and was completely exhausted. Thinking I could just go to Sasuke's house and relax for awhile, I was disappointed when he told me to find Naruto. "Why? I just got back. He can wait!" I complained. I draped my arms around his shoulders, pulling him into a loving hug.

"He said he had a dream." Sasuke stated vaguely.

"I don't-"

"About the day he fought Pein." He interrupted. I was still didn't understand why I had to go talk to the knuckle head so urgently, but I was beginning to slightly get interested. Slowly, I removed myself from him and gave the conversation more attention.

"What did he see?"

"He said a girl confessed to him, but he doesn't know who it was." Though I knew Sasuke knew that Hinata confessed to Naruto, due to the fact I told him, I'm sure he had his own set of questions about the event.

"He must have done something to trigger the memory. Does he know it was a memory?"

"Yeah. He's pretty convinced it wasn't a dream."

I sighed, finally comprehending the gravity of the situation. "I'll go see him." Giving Sasuke goodbye, I put my scandals on and headed my way to Naruto's. It didn't take me long to get there, probably less than fifteen minutes. I knocked on the door, yawning as I waited for a response. To my surprise Naruto opened the door fully dressed and look more enthusiastic than usual. He was usually sleeping at this hour and when interrupted, greeted his guests with a sour attitude.

"Oh hey, Sakura!" He greeted happily.

"What's got you in such a good mood?" I asked then immediately regretted it as I remembered Naruto and his love for telling stories about himself.

"Just cause." My teammate responded, startling me with his unusual vague answer. "Why are you here? Didn't you just come back? I thought you would run to Sasuke as soon as you came back!"

"Shut up. I did see him as soon as I got back, but he sent me over saying that you needed talk to me." I said impatiently. I wasn't in the mood for his teasing. "Come on, let's go for a walk because I'm afraid if I go inside and sit down, I might fall asleep."

I climbed down the stairs of his apartment building as he was busy locking his door. It doesn't take long until Naruto caught up with me and we headed towards the park. Silence filled the cool night air and I took a deep breath before I broke it. When was it ever quiet when Naruto's around? I should really relish this moment but I need the rest more.

"So are you going to tell me what's going on?"

-Aki's POV-

Who ever knew flirting could be so exhausting? I've been hitting on and being hit on all day at the stores, local hangouts, and bars. Aka was right when she said any man would want me, but I don't want just any man. I need a man with a title. Many would say that was shallow and mean, though I have a good reason. If I ever want to bring honor back and somehow get respect from my father, I need a guy who will impress him.

Feeling extremely frustrated, I found a bench to sit down on. I take a piece of paper with a list of has successful male names my sister wrote down for me earlier to help me out. The first on the list was Sasuke Uchiha, but he already has a girlfriend. She's the Hokage's apprentice, so seducing me him wouldn't be such a good idea. The next one was Neji Hyuuga. Aki showed me a picture and actually got a chance to meet him today. He was outrageously handsome. He's an anbu member, part of a powerful clan, and a genius. Even with those qualities that would make him the perfect husband, he's simply untouchable. He ignored all my advances then told me to leave his sight once his pretty little female teammate arrived.

There were many other names on the list like Shikamaru Nara, Chouji Akamichi, and Kiba Inuzuka. These were guys with big clans. I shook my head. No, I need someone more…important. Looking at the list again, I see something like faded writing. Aki had written down someone's name and erased it. The light of the streetlight help me manage to read it when I held it up. It read: Naruto Uzamaki. That name seemed familiar.

"So are you going to tell me what's going on?" A girl asks, I jump a little in surprise but realized she wasn't talking to me. I shifted my eyes for a quick glance. There were two people sitting behind me at the opposite facing bench. I could make out that the girl had cherry blossom pink hair and the boy had sunny blonde hair.

"I just," the boy hesitates. It was really bad to ease-drop on people, but it was clearly not my fault that they chose to sit so close to a stranger. "Remember when I fought Pein? And I went in Kyuubi mode?"

Kyuubi? Pein? I ask myself, trying to figure out why those names sounded so familiar.

"Naruto?" The girl encouraged him to continue. It came to me suddenly. The name on the list was Naruto Uzamaki, the Ninja World hero! No wonder his name sounded so familiar. The village talked about his famous battles with resurrected dead ninjas, the Akatsuki, and other said-to-be unbeatable ninjas. Even though he's the kyuubi container, because of his good deeds and devotion to the ninja alliance he became highly respected. I remembered hearing many others say that they wouldn't be surprised if he came the next Hokage. This man had the title my father would certainly be impressed with. This man was the man I'm planning to win over.

"I had a dream. No. I remembered something important. I'm sure I did. During the battle there was a girl." Naruto finally continue. At the mentioned of a girl, I suddenly became immensely interested in the conversation. I closed my eyes, pretending I was asleep in fear they might catch me listening to their conversation and leave.

"What did she look like?" pink haired girl asked, but her tone sounded like she already knew who it was.

He didn't seem to notice her tone and replied, "She had long flowing hair."

"Is that all you saw?"

"Yeah." I heard him blow out some air through his mouth-probably to blow away his bangs, a habit I've seen many young boys do when they couldn't do something. "Sakura, do you know who she is?"

"Yes, but-"

"What!" He yelled loudly at her. The bench shook and there was a loud smacking sound. I'm guessing she just punched him and I tried not to flinch when imaging the pain.

"Yes." She said sharply. "But ever since you lost the memory of that battle, she asked those who knew what happened not to tell."

"Why?" He sounded disappointed.

"Because she's," she paused to think for the right word, "shy."

"But if she loves me so much wouldn't she want to know what I thought?" I could almost hear him pouting. "I mean she was brave it enough to announce it in a middle of a battle!"

"That's what I wonder too, but all I know is that the only way you can find out who it is, is to remember or for her to tell you."

"But I really want to know!" He exclaimed, but then continued in a much more hush tone that I had to strain to her the next thing he said. "Because I think I kind of like this one girl but I keep thinking of the girl in my dream. I'm just really confused."

"You like someone?" The female said with something that sounded like heavy interest and almost startled.

I didn't hear anything for awhile so I guessed he gave a nod of some sort. Then I heard footsteps that indicated they had parted. Waiting until their footsteps got quieter, I finally left in what I guessed was the boy's direction.

-Naruto's POV-

The night felt colder than usual as on the damp grass in front of the lake. This was where Hinata and I spent time together and I couldn't help but think that the decrease in temperature was because she wasn't here to provide body heat. My face grew a hot as I suddenly remember our kiss from earlier today. After that kiss we didn't say anything even when I walked her home.

I sighed loudly. I really couldn't get her out of mind lately.

"Hey." I turned abruptly to the sudden noise. A girl around my age smiled back at me. My eyes widened as they drank in what was in front of me. She had a certain beauty about her. Her pale skin contrasted with her sunset red hair. Her rosy lips were full and stretched into -what I was probably imagining- a provocative smile. Her auburn eyes flashed with a mysterious glint in them. She looked strangely familiar.

"Oh hi." I responded lamely back.

"I overheard your conversation earlier." She blushed lightly, looking away. "Do you really want to find that girl?"

She's biting her lip and playing with a strand of her hair, but this time she turns her eyes back to me. I'm momentarily distracted by this. I don't question why she was eavesdropping or why it should even concern her. I stood there and forgotten what she asked.

"Well do you?" She asked again, drawling out the vowel in the first word.

I tried to utter an answer. After a moment I cough to clear my head and tried again. "I do. She saved my life and no one ever loved me enough to declare it like that." My toned suddenly turned serious, almost emotional. "All my life I had to fight to keep people that are precious to me. I didn't know there would come a time where someone would fight and be willing to die for me because I'm that precious to them."

"So what would you do for her if you met her?"



"Anything." I said with determination.

She doesn't say anything as if contemplating. She takes a deep breath before asking, "What if she wanted to you give her a chance?"

"A chance?" I didn't understand. Did she mean that the girl wanted to prove herself or something?

"A chance for you to fall in love with her like she fell in love with you."

I froze. Of course she would want a chance. It was like when I was in love with Sakura and all I wanted was an opportunity for her to like me the same way. I had tried long and hard to gain that chance; out of anybody I would know what that's like. Then I thought of Hinata. In a way didn't she give me a chance? I've never been so close to actually getting the girl I liked. Could I really just turn completely around and give my attention to someone else?

"Do you already have someone you're dating?"

Was I dating Hinata? We kissed but did that make it official?

"Since it's taking you so long to answer I'm guessing you don't know where you stand in the relationship her, but if there's enough room to doubt I think she's the right choice for you. If you're hesitating then it's not love yet. You heart is still open." The girl steps closer to me and drapes her arms on my shoulders seductively. She whispers, "Give me a chance to be the only who fills your heart."

My eyes widen in disbelief. "Y-You?"

"That's right. It was me. I was the one who saved your life and declared my love to you."


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