The Dance Scene.

Snoring. Thank God. That dick was finally asleep. I slowly got out of bed, trying to make the least amount of noise possible. I grabbed my backpack, and slipped my ballet shoes, cell phone, and leotard inside.

"I just want to dance." I whispered.

Carefully tiptoeing to the window, I gently pushed it open, and slipped out into the beautiful night. The full moon was so pretty.

I grabbed the huge tree in my front yard that Gerard and I always sat in. As I climbed down, I thought of his medium length black hair, and beautiful hazel eyes.

Once I my toes touched the ground I hopped out of the tree. The wind blew strong, whipping my long blonde hair back, and gave me a slight chill.

I zipped up my jacket up a little bit, and ran.

Whenever I saw a car coming I slipped into the darkness a little bit, not wanting to draw attention to myself. While hiding in the bushes of Frankie's house, only a block or so away from the studio, I pulled my cell out. I had 3 new messages from Gerard.

"Mia, I love you. "

"Sweet dreams."

"Are you upset with me, please answer?"

Oh God. My poor angel thinks I'm mad at him. If he knew what happened tonight, he would know that I was actually dieing to be with him. I had to call him.

I started walking again, and dialed his number.

"Hello." His angelic voice whispered.

"Gerard, I'm-"

"Mia! Are you okay?"

"Yes, Gerard. I'm fine. I just didn't answer because…" I stopped, not knowing if I should tell him what happened.

"Mia? What? What happened?" His voice raised with concern.

"Nothing. Nothing. Don't worry about it. Hey, I gotta go. I'm at the studio." I felt bad for not telling him, but I wasn't ready yet.

A silent tear fell down my cheek. I sniffled wiping it away.

"Mia… I love you." He whispered.

"I love you too baby."

I hung up. I couldn't stand to hear him upset, and knowing it was my fault.

I walked up to the door, it was unlocked. Miss Lexus knew I was coming. I love her. I smiled and walked in.

I smiled enjoying the inviting scent, as I turned on the light. Pulling of my sweats, I noticed the cuts on my arms, and the bruises on my legs. Gerard is definitely going to see that. Fuck.

I sighed, and walked over to the stereo. I looked threw the CD rack, and found the American Idiot Broadway CD. This had my 21 Guns solo on it.

As the music filled the room, I got lost in it. I leaped and turned and shut out everything around me.

"Your in ruins, your in ruins, your in ruins."

I held my self in an attitude, and dropped to the ground. My favorite illusion Miss. Lexus taught me. I continued to move in the routine Miss. Lexus and I choreographed. For my finale I finished with 10 Fouetté en tournant's. I smiled at the end, but jumped at the sound of clapping.

"Mia, that was…beautiful." He smiled.

"G-Gerard?" I stuttered. "How do you get in here?"

"You left the door unlocked." He smiled, and walked toward me.

I smiled as he interlaced his fingers with mine. He was wearing jeans, his chucks I wrote Love on, and my favorite black jacket.

We stared into each others eyes. I looked down at his soft light pink lips, and leaned in. I closed my eyes just before our lips met, and melted into him. He slowly took his fingers away from mine, and began rubbing up and down my arms, while my hands ran through his soft hair.

Our lips moved silently together. His soft hands slowly inched towards my wrist, once they did I couldn't help but jump at the pain, breaking our kiss.

"W-What did- Did I do something wrong?" He asked. Concerned filled his eyes.

"No," I looked away from him, fighting tears. "Its not your fault, it was-" I stopped.

"Mia, I'm begging you! Please tell me." He whispered.

"My dad. He…hurt me." I whispered, tears falling down my face. Blood dripping off my fingers.

Gerard grabbed my waist and gently pulled me into his arms. I loved how he smelt, warm and comforting. I sank into his warm chest, letting the tears fall. He rubbed my back, and continued to whisper "It'll be okay, I promise." Flashbacks flew through my mind.

"Mia! You skinny bitch!" He yelled and swung at me.

"Dad Stop! Please!"

"You look just like your mother when you beg. Too bad she's not here to help you." He laughed with that sick-ass grin on his face.

"Fuck you." I snarled.

"What did you say?" He yelled and inched closer.

"I said fuck you. You sick, evil bastard!"

I smiled, and walked away to the kitchen. I bolted to the door trying to make my escape, before a sharp, horrible pain hit my wrist. I released the door handle and fell to the ground. An ear piercing scream escaped my lips. The same pain kept coming, but this time all up my arms.

"That's what you get, bitch! Never try to leave again! Understand?"

I didn't answer, I was in so much pain. I looked at my arms, cuts rain up them, as blood dripped from them.

He walked around toward me, and kicked me in the stomach. "I said do you understand!"

I didn't answer. "Mia! I said do you understand!" He screamed. His veins sticking out of his neck.

"Y-Yes." I choked. Getting another kick to the leg.

"Good. Now clean your ass up." He took a big swig of vodka after he spoke.

I crawled to my feet, tears streaming down my cheeks. I stumbled while I was trying to climb up the stairs.

The water itself burned as I rinsed the blood off my arms. I cleaned as best as I could, and wiped tears off my face. Bloody rags where everywhere, it was like I was having a sick dream I couldn't escape from, where there was only few angels, and lots of devils in disguise.

"I just want Gerard." I whispered to myself, and walked to my room in pure defeat. I had lost to him again.

"Mia?" An angelic voice spoke.


"Do you just wanna stay with me tonight?"

"A-Are you sure?" I asked.

He held my face in his hands. I had a death grip on him, I didn't want to be away from him for a second.

"Yes, I'm begging you." He pleaded, I could see it in his eyes.

I rested my head on his chest, holding onto his waist.

"Come on, lets go." Gerard smiled.

We interlaced fingers, hot pink and black, and turned off all the lights in studio. I loved him so much.

The night was still pretty cold, but Gerard kept me warm, as I gripped his waist the whole walk to his house. Gerards parents weren't home, as usual.

"Gerard?" A voice asked.

"Mikey? Your still up?"

"Yeah, Gerard I'm 16 and its only 3 in the morning... Mia!"

He ran into my arms. I giggled, he was gorgeous too even without his glasses.

"Hey Mikey."

"Are you staying here tonight?"

"Mmhmm." I smiled. I continue to fall in love with the Way's every time I see them.

"Sweet! Can you do something for me though?" Mikey asked.

"Of course. What is it?" Mikey leaned down towards my ear. Why am I so short?

"Can you keep it quiet, if you guys, ya know?" He whispered.

"Mikey!"I laughed, and pushed him playfully.

"Awwh, Mia you know I love you, and I was kinda joking." We kissed each other on the cheek, saying "Goodnight." As we did.

Mikey walked up stairs as Gerard hugged me from behind, and kissed my check. We walked upstairs, with our fingers interlaced. He pulled me into his room, God he was so messy. I loved his room though, it was red and black, with posters covering the walls.

"I'll be right back, I have to change." Gerard said. I frowned, but nodded.

About 10 minutes later, I could finally snuggle next to my gorgeous angel. He had on his black sweats and Ramones shirt. Of course, he had to tease me by pulling his sweats down a little, to reveal his black and red boxers. I turned to my side to grab his hair, and stare into his beautiful eyes. He grabbed my waist and pulled me close to him.

"Thank you." I whispered.

"Shh. I want you here. Next to me, always."

"I love you so much."

"I love you more."

"Whatever." I laughed. "Can I ask you for one more thing?"


I leaned in, and pressed my lips to his. Our kiss was filled with so much passion. He moaned slightly as I slipped my tongue into his mouth. He tasted so sweet, I loved it. He sucked my tongue, and I pulled away gasping for breath. I smiled and rest my forehead on his chest. I pushed myself up to stare into his eyes. I layed back down next to him, and snuggled as close as I could, trying to close any space between us.

His voice was beautiful, and he always knew when I needed to hear it. I drifted asleep in his arms, where I've always wanted to be.