The following Morning

The apartment was eerily quiet which was expected, the man who stayed within its walls was by a large margin very private, no one knew him except for those he worked for. Clark Kent sat on his couch after switching off the television; he was disgusted by the amount of costumes queuing up to sign their independence over to the government. During the reign of the Lords many of those costumes had withdrawn to whatever rocks they had crawled from to begin with, and now here they were pandering to the government, joining them in their quest to subdue what made them who they were. They were creating their own destruction.

Clark sighed before turning to the newspapers that held the same information as the television he had recently switched off, it was legislation and no one was going to be able to avoid it not when the Metas signing up would be scouring the globe for those of them on the run. He knew it was the Thanagarian's fault, he knew it was down to her that everything had become quickly sour, before they could exist but now there was no tolerance left for them.

During the invasion he had helped, he helped in order to prove to the populace that he was to be trusted; he wanted to convince them that his way was the best way, try to save them from the mistakes they were making. Just like the invasion it had failed, he had been captured along with the others and had briefly if reluctantly aided them, but left them midway once he knew they had been successful...he didn't want to be associated with traitors and there was two of them now.

He had more important things to consider now, he was looking for someone.

Ever since the majority of his powers had returned, Clark Kent had been on a search. During the political reign of the Justice Lords, Lord Superman had been acquainted with Lois Lane a relationship which had been complicated and strained, not just because he kept her safely locked away from the dangers of the world. Upon his return to his home dimension he had of course returned to the apartment he had set up for her, although he had arrived as Clark Kent in order to conceal the loss of his powers. Upon reaching the floor that she stayed on he noticed the guards were missing, and subsequently that Lois was missing too.

For a long time he hadn't concerned himself with worry for her, she was of course a very assertive woman and was more than capable of defending herself, but in truth he wasn't so concerned about that. Now that for the most part he was Superman again, he had been attempting to find her, in subtle ways of course such as searching newspaper columns for a style than matched hers, or asking around for her as Clark Kent who had disappeared after Lex Luthor had been permanently silenced.

Clark tossed another paper onto the table as he began flicking through another, he wasn't sure why he needed to find her but he felt compelled to do so.

Finally losing patience he ignored the rest of the papers and stood up, beginning to pace the room as he glanced at the clippings on the wall. Various articles and interviews involving the growth and development of Mercy Corporations, he knew all too well that even though Lex was no longer running the industry, his mark was no doubt well and truly printed upon their policies.

Mercy Graves was running the Corporation and she of course had been more than merely a chauffeur to Luthor.

He'd contemplated a few weeks ago getting involved in the company, perhaps attempt to unsettle it or scare it into submission, but he knew he didn't have the power or the influence to do so just now. That and the world was looking for him with far more vigour compared to the other former Lords, except maybe the Thanagarian.

As he let his eyes wander over the mural of clippings and pictures, he decided it was best to keep a very strong watch on Mercy and the actions of her company...especially with their new Meta army growing.

Mercy Corporations, One hour later

"I don't care what Lex would have done! He isn't part of this company anymore, hell he isn't part of anything!"

Mercy Graves tapped her pen against the table in irritation while holding the receiver to her ear. She sighed with annoyance as she listened.

"Look, just do as I ask and get the job done. Call me back in twenty minutes with an update."

She slammed the receiver into its cradle and slung her pen onto the table.

"Moron, Urgh!"

Before she could even contemplate what she wanted to do next, the buzzer on her desk signalled that the secretary needed to speak with her.

"Go ahead." Mercy drawled shuffling some of the papers on the desk around looking for the information she had been given two nights ago.

"Dr Frederick said he needs to see you urgently."

She pushed the intercom button grasping the papers she needed. "Did he mention why?"

"No, Ma'am...just that he needs to see you, something about the M-project."

Mercy sighed "Tell him I'll be there in ten minutes." She released the button and when she did so strung a line of curses.

"Damn Scientists can't seem to do anything without someone right behind them!"

As she left the small monitor blipped and the news report snapped onto the screen.

'We have estimated that at least thirty Meta's including non-meta humans have signed up since yesterday. The populace can only hope that the tyranny of the Justice Lords isn't repeated.'


AN/ Okay so that's the end of Aftermath. I'm honestly really excited now that the prequels are over and I can get on writing Avocacy Part One. Hopefully I won't take too long in getting the story going in the direction I want but I will probably write some other things in between just to break things up all that jazz :)

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this :)