Katelyn walked through the front door, her headphones blaring out 'Turn off the lights' by Panic! At the disco, and almost tripped over her twin brother.

"Jesus Christ Blaine! Are you trying to kill me?"

Then she noticed the tears in his eyes and she immediately folded him into her arms as she'd done so many times before.

"Hey what's happened now?"

It had been a long few weeks, their parent's had been ignoring each other and their children ever since Blaine had come out but three weeks ago Blaine had told them that he had a boyfriend and the dam had broken. They shrieked at each other every night for hours and neither of the Anderson children had slept in ages. Last night had been the divorce bombshell dropped casually at the dinner table.

Blaine sighed "I asked Kurt for some space but I was too embarrassed to tell him why, so he overreacted and called me a waste of space and I know I shouldn't be this upset but with everything else right now it's too much. Oh and Dad pretty much told me too my face that it's my fault that Dylan might die."

Dylan was the oldest Anderson child. Three years ahead of the other two and fiercely protective of his siblings. They all were. Which explained the fury spreading through Katelyn's veins. Nobody hurt her brother.

"I can't go into school tomorrow, I won't make it through first period without passing out from exaughstion or crying." Blaine gave her a puppy dog look "Will you pick up my assignments?"

"Sure" Katelyn readily agreed, it gave her an excuse to have a word with Kurt. She had panicked when Blaine transferred to McKinley. She wouldn't go through what had happened when Blaine was still at Ridgeway again.

Blaine sighed "Sometimes I feel like you're the only person who will love me no matter what."

"Blaine, you could be half crocodile and I wouldn't love you any less. Mom and Dad love you too even if their too stupid to admit it, and it's their problem they can't deal with you being who you are!"

"Why were you so cool about the gay thing?"

"Because I've known since kindergarten, it's not like you tried to hide it." With that she stuck out her tongue at him at darted up to her room.


"Mr Schuester?" Will turned around from his glee students to see a pretty dark blonde hazel eyed girl.

"I'm Kate; I'm here to pick up Blaine's Spanish assignment."

"Oh sure" he reached inside his briefcase to pull out the sheet and handed it too her. "Can I ask why Blaine isn't in today?"

"That's none of your business." Will was surprised to be addressed like that but the girl looked under tremendous pressure so he decided not to ask further.

The rest of the glee club were staring open mouthed at her and more than a few were whispering, "Who is she?"

The girl spun around to face the glee club "While we're on the topic of Blaine, I'd like to address the moron who upset him yesterday." She looked directly at Kurt "Which would be you if I'm not mistaken."

Kurt did not like being challenged and defiantly not in public "Jeez get over yourself he's the one who dumped me without a reason."

"For the record idiot "I need space" means he needs space not he wants to break up. Buy a friggin dictionary" she had her hands on her hips now and that glare let everyone know Kurt was really in for a tongue lashing.

"And if you'd bother to pull you head out of your ass princess you'd realise there's a much bigger picture than your little hissy fit. Our brother went to prison because he went after the people who tried to kill my brother at that school dance and he was stabbed on Monday so now Blaine blames himself for that. Add that to the fact he hasn't slept in three weeks due to our parents constant screaming and you still only have half of our problems of home. Did you know they're getting divorced, because they can't deal with having a gay son? Or that now Blaine has to choose whether to live with a father who wants to send him to a reform camp or a mom who cries every time she looks at him? "

Kate took in the stunned looks around the choir room. "No? I thought not."

"What Blaine needs is for his friends to be supportive right now and to back off if he asks for some time alone. Can you do that? Or was Blaine wrong when he told me you guys were really cool.?"

There was a collective nod. Nobody actually knew what to say to this strong girl who looked tired enough to pass out but would still challenge any of them to a fight.

"Good." The anger melted away to a sugar sweet innocent look and she turned around to leave. "Oh and Kurt, if you ever make my brother cry again I'll do you permanent damage?"

She left then leaving them with no idea what to say except...

"Remind me never to make Blaine cry." Puck said to the room at large letting out a sigh. "She scares me."

There was another collective nod.


"Hey shorty how was school today?" Kate asked her brother as he arrived home.

"Weird but everyone was really nice to me today and Kurt apologised to me like fifty times. It was surreal. Wait. You didn't say anything to them did you?"

"Oh look at the time I have somewhere to be."

"KATELYN! Do you have any idea how embarrassing it is to have your sister chew out your boyfriend? I'm going to kill you."

"You'll have to catch me first!"