"Do you need some more coffee?" Kate asked her brother.

"You've had four cups already, you can't need another. You must be addicted by now" Blaine answered disapprovingly.

"Pot meet kettle, you're on your fifth cup, and I'll ask again do you want another?"

"Yes please."

She left to order them some more and Blaine watched her with a sigh. He wasn't sure he would have made it through their old high school without her support. He was also sure that her dropping out of Roads Prep to go to the local, so their parents could use the tuition for his Dalton fees, was her own idea even though every time he asked she cleverly changed the subject.

He stiffened; a boy was approaching his sister, and appeared to be chatting her up. It happened a lot when they hung out together, and Blaine never particularly minded, but this boy was very inappropriate and kept trying to feel her up which made the older brother protective gene activate.


"No I really don't want to go out with you" Kate was getting agitated, if this guy didn't get the hint soon she was going to kick him in the area he seemed to be thinking from.

"Oh come on sweetheart you don't mean that"

Sweetheart! Katelyn clenched her fists; he was so going to regret that.

"Excuse me, but if you don't take your hands off my sister I will break your nose"

They both looked at Blaine who'd come up behind them. He was smiling politly at the boy as though he hadn't just threatened him with bodily harm. The boy in question (Jared? Jake? Josh? Whatever) decided to leave quietly rather than start a fight with a boy, who yes was shorter than him but looked like he could do serious harm.

"Phew, thanks for the save" Kate told him.

"Can't I take you anywhere? Anyway don't you have a boyfriend, what was his name...Tyler?"

"No that was ages ago silly, I actually have a date with Ryan King."

"What? Dylan's best mate Ryan? Who's three years older?"


"I'll kill him."