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Summary: Dash and Kwan find a school photo. They scan it onto Dash's Dad's computer and start having a little too much fun on Photoshop. Will they threaten a certain someone's secret?


"… I dunno. Whadda you wanna do?"

"I dunno. Whadda you wanna do?"

Sigh. "I dunno. Whadda you wanna do?"

This exchange had been going on between Dash and Kwan for a few minutes now. The two football players sat on the foot of Dash's bed, trying to decide how to spend the rest of their homework-free Thursday afternoon.

"… I dunno… Whadda you wanna do?"

Dash looked around his football-themed room, trying to find something interesting to entertain him and his friend. Team banners, posters, and other sports-y paraphernalia decked the walls and hung from the ceiling. Trophies were displayed on the otherwise empty bookshelf, on top of the bureau, and a few were even located on the paper- laden desk. Footballs of every color and size known to man sat on pretty much any other counter-space Dash could find.

Dash shrugged, "I dunno… We could toss the football around some more…" He held up the relatively normal looking, non-colored football that he had been holding in his lap. "Sound good?"

Kwan looked at the football and sighed, "We've already tossed that around for two hours. Besides, it's getting darker outside, and I'm not sure that your mom would like it if we tried throwing it in the house..."

"Yeah, you're probably right." Dash looked at his alarm clock – 8:12 – and then outside to confirm his friend's reasoning. It was getting darker outside, and Kwan didn't have to be home until ten-o-clock. What could they do with almost two more hours? "Uh, we could watch a movie. How does that sound?"

Kwan started to nod his head in agreement, but paused. "But didn't you say that your mom would call us to dinner around nine? I don't like my movies being interrupted."

Dash groaned. "You're right. Well, we could play a video game! What about Halo or Portal? You like those games!"

Kwan shook his head, "Yeah, but I own almost all of the good games that you have! I played all of those yesterday after homework! Now, if you had any new games, I would love to play. But you don't. So... Now what?"

They sat in silence, each of them trying to think of any way how they could spend time, when suddenly, Dash had a little idea. "Hey, I'm gonna get my IPod, and then we can figure out what to do from there! Maybe we can find something to do that'll last us until dinner time."

Kwan nodded. "Yeah, that sounds OK."

Dash stood up, making the springs on his bed squeak, and he wobbled over to his cluttered desk. After a brief examination, he found the location of his IPod.

"Got it! Let's go downstairs."

He quickly swiped the music player off of the desk, but in the process, he accidentally knocked over a pile of papers. Dash looked at the unorganized flurry of papers that were now scattered all over the already quite messy floor.

"... Darn it."

He and Kwan looked at the clutter for a while, neither one of them wanting to pick it up. Dash even considered leaving the mess there to pick up later. But then Dash cringed at a different thought: What if his mom decided to do one of her room check-ins, and his room wasn't neat enough? What if she picked up the papers for him? And what if she read a few of them…? Dash tried to remember what could've fallen off of the desk. He cringed again. His mom just couldn't be allowed to read even a little bit of that embarrassing school junk. His essays for Mr. Lancer's class always turned out to be extremely cheesy, and he would never hear the end of "My Worst Fears: The Dark" from his parents…

"Come on, Kwan, help me pick these up!"

Kwan quickly got up and started helping his friend. Sure enough, that pile of papers was just school junk. Kwan didn't understand why Dash didn't just throw the essays out, but he didn't dare question his larger-than-himself friend.

After spending about five minutes squatting on their knees, picking up about five un-stapled essays, the two boys spent a few more seconds searching for a few miscellaneous scraps that were also caught in the downpour. Dash looked under his desk just to make sure that he had gotten everything, when a little slip of paper caught his eye. He reached under the desk to pull it out.

"Hey, Kwan, look at this!"

It was Mr. Lancer's class photo, the one taken towards the beginning of the year. The most noticeable thing about the photo was how all of the football players were huddled together, pretty much all of the girls were hanging all over each other, and all of the nerds were as far away from everyone else as they could get. Dash smirked. Typical. Who wants to be near those freaks, anyways?

Kwan grabbed the picture from Dash's grip."Oh, yeah, I remember that picture! Where'd this come from?"

Dash shrugged and snatched the photo back, "It must've fallen off of my desk with all of the other papers. It was under my desk when I found it."

"Cool." Kwan, having the attention span of a peanut, looked at the picture for a whole three seconds, stood up, and started heading out of the room. "Now let's go downstairs!"

Dash started standing up to follow his friend, but one of those rare brilliant ideas suddenly came to his mind. "Kwan! Wait!"

Kwan froze and looked at his friend, who was now staring at the photo with evil sparkling in his eyes.

"What is it, Dash?"

"I know what we can do!" He almost sang, waving the picture up in the air above his head lazily, almost dropping it again in the process.

"What?" Kwan asked hesitantly, not sure if he really wanted to know what sickeningly evil scheme his friend was planning.

Dash jumped up and skipped over to Kwan, waving the picture in his friend's face, as if that would help make his point.

"Blackmail material!"


Forty minutes later...

"What else can you think of, Kwan?" Dash asked his football friend.

Kwan scratched his head and studied the screen in front of him.

Dash had previously scanned the class picture onto his Dad's computer, and uploaded it to Photoshop, only to discover that the picture was too grainy to work with. Just when the two were about to give up and go play video games, Dash came up with another brilliant idea.

After digging around the house, the teenagers had found last year's yearbook, and now had many different pictures at their disposal. On the computer screen, the Photoshop document was opened up to Mr. Lancer's class page, and the two boys had already spent a little more than a half-an-hour of their afternoon giggling and squealing like girls at a sleepover, trying to make their fellow students look as embarrassing as possible.

So far, Spike was showing off a fashionably sharp Hitler stash with a bowtie and a sad excuse for a rainbow clown wig. Valerie's curly hair was shaped into what appeared to be an afro. Sam was wearing Paulina's pink shirt as well as some hot pink Painted lipstick and some of Star's blond hair. Paulina was, in turn, wearing Sam's black shirt, along with Devil horns and a pitchfork. Mr. Lancer was completely bald, including no eyebrows, and had a purple-tinted nose.

Kwan considered the picture again, and shrugged, "I don't know… But, look!" He pointed ecstatically at the screen, "We haven't done Fentina yet!"

Dash gasped, "You're right! How did I forget to do him? Oh, this'll be fun!" He started selecting some tools and messing around with Fenton, when Kwan tapped him on the shoulder, stopping Dash.

Kwan looked as though he wanted to say something, but wasn't sure if he should. Finally, he spoke up nervously. "Um, Dash? You've been messing everyone else up on Photoshop… and since I've just been standing here watching, can I do Fentina?"

"No, not Fentina!" Dash whined, keeping his eyes on the screen, "He's my favorite nerd punching bag! You can do Foley when I'm done!"

Kwan should've stopped asking right then. After all, his friend was bigger than him, and anything that he said that could annoy Dash was like waving a sign high up in the air that said, "Hurt me now!"

But Kwan didn't think about the possible threat, and continued. "Please, Dash? I'll give you one of my football trading cards!"

"No," Dash growled.

"What about one of those special rare ones that you don't have?" Kwan pleaded, "One of the collector ones?"

Dash inhaled sharply and frowned. "Fine," He mumbled, unable to resist Kwan's offer, "We'll do Fentina your way!" He slowly and bitterly stood up out of the office chair, and Kwan quickly slid into the previously occupied seat.

"Thank you! Now, what to do, what to do…"

Neither of the two boys had known a lot about Photoshop. They weren't tech-y nerds like that Foley kid. But they did spend a bulk of those previous thirty minutes experimenting and figuring out what some of the basic tools did, and where to find some of the settings and colors. Kwan thought back on his recently updated Photoshop repertoire, and selected a tool to use.

"Let's make Fentina have long hair!"

He went to the painting tool, and selected black. He tried as best as he could to make Danny's hair long, like a girls.

Kwan heard a giggle come from behind him.

"Wow," Dash laughed, "He looks like he has a mullet!"

Kwan looked at Fenton's new hairdo, and laughed as well. "Yeah, he does, doesn't he? Although that wasn't quite the look I was looking for. I was going for something more like Paulina's…" Kwan selected the 'Undo' button, and clicked it until the mullet was gone, and all that was on top of Danny's head was his normal, raven-black hair.

"No, Kwan, that looked funny!" Dash whined some more, "Don't erase it! Let me see that!"

Dash tried to rip the computer mouse away from Kwan, but Kwan refused to let it go, "No! I just thought I could do something funnier!"

"Give it here!"

"NO! You said I could do Fenturd!"

"But you're doing it wrong!"

"No I'm not!"

The two wrestled over the computer mouse for a few moments trying to take possession of it, like a mini game of capture the flag. Dash was obviously winning, his size alone being an advantage, but Kwan still kept up a good fight. Dash waved the mouse high in the air, and Kwan was unable to reach it. He would jump up and down in a vain attempt to grab it, but to no avail. After scrambling around the office trying to take a hold of the mouse, Kwan finally decided tackled Dash from behind. The two fell to the ground in a cacophony of shouts and cursing, Dash's head just narrowly missing impact with a leg of the office chair. Now Kwan was on top of Dash's back, and had his friend in a head lock. But despite his efforts, Kwan was still left empty handed. Regardless, he still desperately fought for control of the mouse.

"Give it here!" He cried, trying to take it from Dash, who had used his awkward position on the floor to his advantage, and had smartly placed the mouse under his stomach.

"No, Kwan! Why should I?" Dash yelled, pushing his fellow football player's arms out from around his neck and throwing his friend off of his back.

"Remember, trading cards? Collector's edition?" Kwan gasped for breath, "Those are the ones with the shiny ink everywhere!"

Dash sighed and reluctantly handed Kwan back the mouse. "…Fine." The two sat on the floor for a while, catching their breath. Finally, they got up and huddled around the computer screen.

"Zoom in on his face!" Dash ordered

"How do I do that?"

"Give it to me!" Dash took the mouse again, and then, after another round of girl fights and fussing, gained control of the keyboard. "See, you do this… And then you press that right there and select his face… Then press this other little thingie right here, and then… Bam!" Dash beamed proudly at his success. On the computer, Fenton's grinning nerd face filled almost the entire screen. Dash handed to mouse back to Kwan again. "There you go! Now, quick, do something to him before I throw up from looking at his face for too long."

"Let me think! What to do to Fenturd…" Kwan rested his head in the palm of his hand and drummed his fingers against his cheekbone. After a few seconds of thought, Kwan lit up.

"I know!" He exclaimed, "Let's make him look demented!"

He selected Danny's irises, and went over to the filling tool. He then proceeded to make Danny's eyes red.

"Cool!" Dash laughed, "He looks creepy now!"

Kwan smiled for a while, happy that he finally did something right. He looked at the screen, grinning proudly at his work, but his smile slowly disappeared. It was replaced with worry. "Yeah, but it's kinda scary looking… I don't like it. It's starting to freak me out now…" He then changed Fenton's eyes to a bright, almost neon shade of green. "There we go! Better! See? Still spooky... Whoa..." He wiggled his fingers while moaning like a ghost.

Dash groaned and mumbled something that sounded an awful lot like "What a loser…" Kwan was about to say something in protest, but Dash cut him off.

"Give him really long eyelashes!" He suggested.

Kwan took the paint tool again, and did what his friend recommended.

Dash laughed again. "Oh man, I'm so glad that my dad is on a business trip… He would flip out if he knew how we were using his computer!"

Kwan looked at his handiwork. "Yeah, this is fun. Look at those eyelashes! We should try this more often when your Dad's not around! But..." Dash gave him a cold stare. Kwan continued regardless, "I think that the eyelashes sort of counteract with the dementedness. It isn't nearly as funny."

Dash looked at the picture and shrugged, seeing his friend's reasoning. "Yeah, I guess you're right... Delete them."

"Uh, Ok." Kwan did as he was told.

"Now try making him look like a vampire! Make him all pale, like those people in Nightlight-"

"Twilight…" Kwan coughed.

"- like those people in Twilight…" Dash stated, acting as though he had never been corrected. "Find the tint-y tool thing, and make him pale. Maybe we can add sparkles later when we actually figure out how!"

Kwan obeyed, and he tinted Danny, making him look sickeningly grey.

"Good job!" Dash patted his friend on the back, "Now he looks like he's about to up-chuck!"

Kwan nodded in agreement, smiling at how silly Fenton looked. He then took a quick glance at the computer clock – 8:52.

"Hey Dash! Let's do a few more things before your mom calls us in for dinner!"

Dash looked at the clock, too, and nodded, "Yeah, it's almost dinner time. Let's do one more thing before my mom comes in and sees what we're doing on my dad's computer... We could get in trouble if she finds out."

"Um, how about we try… Um, what about… Um…"

Dash rolled his eyes. "Try giving him old man hair!"

"Ok!" Kwan selected a rough outline of Danny's hair, and then went over to the filling tool. He selected a white-ish grey, and filled in the hair. Kwan was about to start laughing at Danny, when he froze. He sat still, with his mouth gaping.

"No, not like that, Kwan! That's not old dude hair!" Dash yelled, not even taking a second to glance at the computer screen, "You messed it up! … Hello? Kwan?" Dash, having noticed Kwan's vacant stare for the first time, waved his hand up and down over his friend's eyes. "Kwan! Are you even listening to me?"

Kwan just nodded slowly, still in shock.

" were supposed to make it look thinned out with some grey hairs with maybe a bald spot… Kwan? Hello? Are you OK?" Dash asked slowly, getting a little freaked out by Kwan's odd behavior. "What are you looking at?" Dash followed Kwan's line of sight, and finally looked at the computer screen. His eyes grew wide as dinner plates.

"But… But…"


"Fentonia…?" Kwan stuttered, "He's… He's…"

They both yelled in unison, "Fenton is Phantom!"


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