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Prologue Chapter 1 – Band on the run

Chloe P.O.V

Previously: I was safe. I was right where I wanted to be.

Famous last words. Well, almost. Jinxing ones anyway. Half an hour later, when Derek and I finally dragged ourselves back to the hotel, the door to our rooms refused to open.

"Locked." Derek muttered.

"No, you don't say." I drawled back, still in a relaxed state from our surprising calm walk, kicking the door lightly.

"Shhh." Apparently he disapproved of me bullying a dead tree. He literally moved me out of the way- standard Derek behaviour. Then I noticed what he really had objected to me kicking. There was something taped to the door, a piece of paper and an envelope beneath it, both of them slightly muddy from my shoe.

"Sorry." I whispered, suddenly alarmed into near silence. Maybe something had happened to the others?

"'s okay," Derek mumbled, slightly distractedly. There was an improvement. Normally he would have already started shouting about drawing attention to ourselves via a door kick. I thought he was being unusually mellow, and, sure enough, a well-timed 5 seconds later, a hushed "Fuck" resounded down the dark, empty motel hallway, probably disturbing the owners of said shoddy motel. Their faults for making the building resemble aluminium tin.

I pulled the first piece of paper from his hand, that wasn't the one he has looking at anyway. A line-art sketch of a van, with a simple tally of 6 inside the box. Then a picture of a ghosty from Pac-man, 2 dogs and a magic wand. Finally, in the corner, what looked like a condom wrapper.

Any other time, I would have laughed. But clearly the message was serious. I translated it to – 'Playing it safe. There are other supernaturals in the area. There is nothing wrong at the moment, but we are headed to the van. Just in case.' I breathed a sigh of relief before reaching towards the envelope, which appeared to have several pieces of paper in. Derek was completely fixated on one in particular but because of the height difference and where we were standing, I couldn't reach it. Jumping onto tiptoes, I leant forward to see, and Derek, finally remembering that I was there with him, handed me the pieces of paper, scrutinising me as I started to flick through them.

The first seemed to be an old note from Gwen. Dated a week ago, it was all written in blood, and stated two words- 'can't trust'. It was signed simply with a letter G at the bottom. Slightly unnerving, but not at all explanatory, so almost totally unhelpful, I moved it to the back.

Next was a dirty laminated sheet that gave the motels nightly charges- that was on the door from the beginning, so I ignored it, and turned to the last page. Well, scrap and it was barely a quarter of an A4 page.

A picture of me. Again. In a newspaper. Again. Not because I had been spotted, but because my Dad was offering a reward, again. Very repetitive, my life. Live somewhere, move, get into some problem, move, get into the news, and move. Like a loop. The next stage of the loop had already been confirmed by Simon. Move.

Derek was staring, not having moved as much as a millimetre since he handed over the information. Waiting for confirmation.

"Lets' go then." Obviously the correct order to give him, as he smiled slightly before pulling me down the hallway, down the creaking, muddy and rancid smelling staircase, and into the car park.

? P.O.V

She was just walking around, next to the werewolf boy and neither of them sensed a third person, someone following them. I had been following them, precisely four paces behind, right from the woods, and the dumb children hadn't noticed.

Sure, I make no noise, but even humans get a sixth sense, and these teenagers claimed supernatural. I wouldn't count on these two to notice a tornado, they're so unobservant. Unlike me. My job is to observe, to maintain a cover. How disappointing, but no matter. The pair were only proving how easy it would be to dispose of them as and when the Boss desired them dead.

I laughed. These two feeble things would only try to protect each other, which would make both die faster.

Chloe P.O.V (Picking up where we left off)

The van was parked directly in the centre of the car park – clearly Kit's clever thinking. If they were parked as close to the exit as possible, it would annoy other drivers (the car park opening was ridiculously narrow) and would also be difficult for Derek and myself to reach if there was a problem. If they parked right up to the building, it would be easy to reach, but they would risk being cornered.

Overtly cautious for people who considered moving again to be only a precautionary measure.

Derek started towards the van in an almost relaxed manner, so I followed.

The engine was off, which seemed to set us both slightly on edge, but we both knew that in all actuality, it was probably because the van was really loud.

Derek turned slightly, moving his left hand, similar to how you would motion a dog forward. An annoying motion, but his usual one for 'All clear, let's get moving' so I chose not to comment.

I started to follow as he wanted, but didn't feel nearly as convinced of our safety as he appeared to be.

I felt slightly watched, but if we were being observed, then Derek would have noticed, wouldn't he?

A soft laugh. I froze, but Derek didn't. That was a new one. I turned towards the direction of the noise, and almost jumped in shock.

"Shit." I hadn't thought there was actually a person there, just me being 'scared little Chloe, afraid of everything', as Tori would so eloquently put it.

At my curse, Derek stopped and turned back to face me, but I barely noticed it, my eyes fixed on the man.

? P.O.V

I guess I must have pushed my luck by laughing, because the Necro turned around to face me, Derek following in her movements like an extended limb. They outnumbered me, but at least I could see both of them. Being invisible to a wolf was highly advantageous.

"So we finally meet." I attempted my best Darf Vader voice, but at her raised eyebrows, I could tell that my skills were completely wasted on the audience of two, one of which was deaf to my voice. What a shame.

"F-finally meet?" Chloe stuttered slightly. I smirked back at her shell-shocked expression, and that apparently helped her to find her voice.

"Finally meet? I don't even know who the hell you are!" My smirk widened into a broad grin, entirely on its own . The girl looked quite amusing to deal with.

"Profuse apologies miss. The name is Corey." I bowed slightly, tipping my hat. "And you don't want to forget it." I watched with a slightly politer smile than before as her expression morphed into one comprising of disgust and annoyance.

"So, Corey, have you got anything to tell us?" She tilted her head to the side, thinking, but it only made her look cute.

"Nahh, just admiring the view."

"Derek doesn't swing that way, so I'm sure admiring is all you'll manage." Derek laughed, but unfortunately for her, so did I. She wasn't going to piss me off that quickly. I had plenty of opportunities to talk, and it wouldn't be my order to drag them to the lab.

Unfortunately, that moment wasn't my opportunity to talk, as the strange device fitted to my belt flashed. It was called a pager, according to the Boss. And it was only used to call me back for information. Not too complicated, I never even had to look at what it said.

"Whoopsies guys. I would love to stay and play, but I am so goddamned whipped, that when the bitch calls, I run." With a final grin and a wink a Chloe, I popped off home, leaving both of the kids looking completely gormless.

Such lovely kids when silent.

Chloe P.O.V

"He's gone, Derek. Been called elsewhere." I sounded relieved, and I was. I thought it would take forever to get rid of him. But the guy left on orders, not even of his own accord. Absolutely brilliant.

"Let's go then. The others are probably wandering why we were standing out here."

Derek took my hand and led me swiftly back to the van.

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