Chapter Eight- Three figures.

After lunch, we both had a free study session. Me and Derek did not yet have the massive piles of work that the other kids did, so we decided to go for a walk.

As usual, Tori and Simon had the good sense not to come with us.

Tori had already found some other techsperts (a combination of the words technology and experts, apparently), and was keen to go and compare abilities and also look at some of the higher course-work.

Simon and Matt vanished off with only a cheerful 'see you later', telling no-one where they were going or what they were doing.

Derek and I waited until they were all out of sight before leaving our seats and heading for the nearest exit.

Our walking routine was a very simple one. Just wander around in near silence until we found a good spot to stop. Yes, the majority of the time was spent doing more kissing than walking, but the concept wasn't about that.

It was just time where we were calm, and feeling safe, and together.

We walked around the grounds then into the forest that was situated directly to the left of the school.

It was thick, but had clear pathways; it needed to be simply for the wolves to find places to change, I supposed.

We strolled, hand-in-hand, a good mile into the forest, until we came to a bench.

About to sit, we both paused as we heard voices, clear and understandable, though the people must have been behind a thick set of trees.

"We have to move quickly, Daniel. Before they gather allies."

"Don't be foolish. No-one is as stupid as you seem to think. When the wolf comes running, the sheep flock together. Nothing we can do to stop that."

"Oh do shut up, both of you. You know what needs to be done."

I recognised two of the voices. Too well, and it worried me more than slightly; I had been correct in my evaluation of two people earlier. I couldn't help but whisper to Derek; checking how much he had heard.

"How many people can you hear?"

"Three." I gave him my most obviously confused look, but did not continue; they had started speaking again.

"It's very simple. Stick to the original plan. We just need to construct another separate one for these other people.

They must not have the necro or the wolf in this fight. None of us have come across the others, but Josh says the witch is very powerful."

"That's another seven we have to do away with." Alice was whingeing, and I could almost hear her sigh of the word effort.

I turned back to Derek, who had his 'serious danger' face back in place.

We heard shuffling, leaves moving, and a combination of several peoples' footsteps.

We did not stay to hear anything else.

*_* Break*_*

Back on the main school grounds, we went back to walking very slowly in an attempt to blend in. We were whispering ideas for fear of being heard, but figured it okay as other couples murmured to one another anyway.

The first actual conclusion we cam to was that we needed to get everyone together; we had been through this enough times to know the drill.

Splitting up seemed efficient, but as Derek pointed out, meant that we could end up with two separate groups, and would have no knowledge of the other's progress. Though it appeared slower, we stuck together.

Tori was the easiest to find, sat in the largest IT room, apparently already in the final stages of the coding unit. I nodded along, and let Derek talk. At least he had the faintest clue of what she was on about.

Then Kit, Corey and Byron. (A/N- You've probably forgotten about him by now :/)

They were all sat outside, on a picnic bench, and sadly, it looked like they were doing some sort of grading.

They all seemed more than happy about the interruption, and happily joined our merry band. or not. They were all overtly concerned that we couldn't find Simon and Matt, but that is the job of the parent, I reasoned.

Neither of them were in their room, which made it a lot more difficult than it could have been. We traipsed around for a good twenty minutes, before passing a staircase, which we had already passed at least three times.

This time, I looked at the space under the stairs, and it would be a lie to say that I wasn't a little surprised.

There, standing under the stairs, limbs entwined together and kissing like the world was about to end, was Simon and Matt. The others all continued walking, but I grabbed Derek's arm as he was about to reach the stairs, and he allowed me to pull him back.

Then his jaw dropped in a fairly cartoon-like way, and everyone else finally noticed.

We stood for only a few seconds, before Tori fake coughed rather loudly.

They sprang apart, Matt nearly banging his head on the slope of the stairs.

"Okay, this can be discussed later. We will even make it sufficiently awkward and embarrassing and everything. But right now, we have a problem."

Derek composed himself, pretending nothing had happened, and set off looking for a good location of explain, dragging me with him by the hand.

We found a study room that was very nearly empty, and Derek relayed everything that we had heard. We also explained both of our lessons (and this time I included the punching of the face), and stated trying to piece everything together, whilst the others stared in a dumb-struck and still processing kind of way.

After all, we had escaped, only to have apparently walked into a trap that wasn't meant for us. It was fairly depressing.

"I think I can be of help." A short blond woman entered the room.

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